14 Feb, 2014

What is Love?

This video is so worth reposting. I just love it. The Girls With Glasses show made this a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day (and they kindly invited us to join in!) Enjoy. And, you know what love feels like to me at this very moment?  A dear, dear [...]

29 Aug, 2013

I Wish We Could Do it All Over Again…

This video made us both cry tears! It's SO, SO sweet! A 96-year-old man saw a songwriting contest advertised in the newspaper and decided to write a song for his wife who had passed away one month earlier.  They were married for 73 years!! This dear man sent in his [...]

27 Aug, 2013

Love in the Adirondacks & Our Favorite Hiking Gear

On Saturday we went from this... To this... :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  Last year we loooved our overnight hike in the Adirondacks so much that we had to do it again. I think this will be one of our summer traditions as long as we live on the East [...]

22 Aug, 2013

The Husband or Wife List

                                                                                    Photography by Kylie Whiting So.  Huffington Post Live. [...]

11 Jul, 2013

Jordan + Jessica – A Love Story of Two Widowers

I just had to share this video here today.  This love story is so beautiful.  It reminds me so much of how Danny and I felt when we first met. And, I'm so thankful for Sarah Hendrix for sending this along.  Sarah is a dear, dear woman whom I've never [...]

2 Jul, 2013

What is Love ? (A Post for Moms)

I hope you guys are in the mood today for a good discussion.  Danny and I discuss this topic all the time...because it's something that seems to come up almost on a daily basis from readers, friends, family...and it's all over blogs and social media. We'd love to talk about [...]

24 Apr, 2013

Do Not Base Your Relationship on Pain! Eeks!

Dear readers, I often hear of people joining up together or bonding together as a couple because they have experienced similar pains/trials or have similar baggage.  They feel they understand what each other has gone through, which is oh-so-comfortable.  This negative part of their lives can easily become the main [...]

8 Apr, 2013

Don’t FIND a Soulmate, BECOME a Soulmate!

Hello Everyone! I've been doing some spring home projects (like a crazy person) to make this place a little more efficient.  Anyway, it has been so ridiculously fun.  I may actually write a post about a few organizational tips for small apartments.  Because I guess as a New Yorker, we [...]

21 Feb, 2013

Yes to LOVE!

This time of year brings back so many ridiculously awesome memories as Danny proposed to me.  Ahhhh......I had never felt more excited, happy, & loved in my whole life!!!  :)  :)  Well, I just saw this video today of a marriage proposal - and I just HAD to show it [...]

14 Feb, 2013

Thinking of You All This Valentine’s Day…

I'm thinking of you all this Valentine's Day.  My heart is so full as I'm wondering... Are you in love?  Do you wish you were?  Are you in a happy relationship?  Are you being treated kindly?  Are you stuck in something that isn't doing you any good?  Are you in [...]