24 Aug, 2016

Lesbians, Bikinis, and Feminist Professors

When I was 18, I got myself on a plane and flew from AZ to the east coast with my own money and enrolled in Randolph-Macon Woman's College. (I went sight unseen as I couldn't afford the college visit. I went off the catalog!) It was the red brick liberal [...]

13 May, 2016

What It Feels Like From The Other Side

I've noticed a few things have changed since I went public about my transition with Mormonism - and I thought it would be an interesting topic. I hope so! (Added: I know that others may feel the exact opposite of me on these things. And I do respect that completely. I once [...]

12 Apr, 2016

Questions Our Church Friends Ask Us

Q: How do I navigate tricky church/faith issues while raising kids? Danny: I’d talk to them honestly about the concept of idolatry.   We were recently listening to an On Being podcast where Dr. Louis Newman was being interviewed on the practice of repentance. He had this very concise and [...]

11 Apr, 2016

How I Went from Feeling Dead (for Years) to Feeling Alive

Oh man, the title of this post gets me. To think that I used to feel dead... And now to know that there was a way out. Oh my heart.  THIS is why I started this blog. I figured someone out there might feel stuck, too. And I wanted to [...]

27 Mar, 2016

An Easter Message

From Danny Hello all! Mara and I just wrapped up 3 weeks of work in the U.S. - traveling to Brooklyn, Vegas, and Salt Lake City to host events on Saturdays, and working with our creative team in the middle of it all. It's been amazing. Thank you to those [...]

6 Jan, 2016

Is There Good In All Things?

(By Danny) The phrase "everything happens for a reason" is a phrase I don't really like. Perhaps there is truth in the phrase, but if there is, it is a very poor way to express it. It is often spoken by someone who has experienced pain, but with the benefit [...]

7 Nov, 2015

Lots of Love As I Shift From Mormonism

You ready for this?  I'll start off by saying that this post is meant to be a celebration! Yes. It's about a journey and about a life. It's about great PEACE, JOY, and finding TRUTH. It's also a celebration of connection. I write this post with a desire to connect [...]

14 Aug, 2015

My Current Tightrope

I want to share something I am doing personally RIGHT NOW. TODAY. AND YESTERDAY. to help me thrive more in this current life that we have. I am currently working hard on this, let me tell you. Because I have so much to overcome. We teach that often during a [...]

13 Aug, 2015

Learning How To Live This New Life

A new family has just moved into our apartment in Brooklyn. They have a child and a dog. That once was going to be me. They'll meet friends for playdates at Prospect Park. They'll sleep with a wall between them and the magic of Brooklyn all around. They'll sit by [...]

6 Apr, 2015

How Can You See What Your Life Is Worth?

(by Danny) In honor of this Easter weekend, Mara and I just finished watching one of my favorite animated movies - The Prince Of Egypt. While watching, I was reminded of just how much I love the song "Through Heaven's Eyes" in the soundtrack. I understand that when something like [...]