11 May, 2017

Love is in the Air: 5 Ideas for Keeping the Spark Alive

Ok, how about something fun today. Remember these posts? haha. Here's the 5th one in this series. Know that these are not a to do list or intended to add stress or anything. They're meant to be fun and light-hearted and full of ideas to get your mind turning. (See the other [...]

30 Aug, 2016

How to Love Again – With No Fear

Someone once asked me: How on earth were you not fearful of dating again, after your divorce? A few reasons: 1. I valued the experience of marriage.  Marriage was the birthplace of so much growth and change for me. I know growth and change can come from ANY of our [...]

25 Aug, 2016

When You Meet Someone Amazing – And Then You Choke!

Have any of you met someone unbelievable, like truly your DREAM guy or girl, and then you just absolutely choke?  Perhaps you begin to not feel comfortable in your own skin; perhaps your personality and openness goes into hiding; perhaps you feel unlovable and not good enough. <breathe, breathe> And [...]

3 Mar, 2016

5 Phrases We Call the Language of Love

Instructions for the Language of Love:  1. Use when trying to face relationship conflict in the healthiest, most peaceful/loving way. 2. Use when trying to communicate something difficult. 3. Use when faced with a partner or child or human being you love whom has completely betrayed you or disappointed you. [...]

25 Feb, 2016

I Have Never Known Such Kindness

I will never stop being amazed by the kindness of this man I get to call my husband. I have never known such kindness. I'm so, so thankful for it every day. Here are some examples while traveling... I realized some of my belongings were not in my bag (in [...]

15 Jan, 2016

In Case You Feel You’re The “Toxic” One

We have the best readers here. So thankful for the great comments that come in. Many have asked, what do you do if YOU are the toxic one in a relationship? Your questions have led to this post.  --- To any soul who feels they have messed things up- or [...]

26 Oct, 2015

Midwife Reminiscence

I used to walk through the charming streets of Brooklyn to local midwife offices, often on the ground floors of brownstones. It was my dream idea of a prenatal visit and I figured, why not get to know the midwives now, before I get pregnant (so I won't have to [...]

2 Oct, 2015

Do You Ever Wonder This? (Regarding Intimacy)

How many of you have wondered dark in the night -  Am I enough? Am I enough to be desired? Does my lover feel connected with me enough? Do I offer enough vulnerability and connection in return that is strong enough to sustain a relationship, love, loyalty, fidelity, desire?  If [...]

29 Sep, 2015

Things That I Thought Would Change My Marriage

1/  Looking prettier or being more desirable. 2/  Being cooler or more interesting or engaging. 3/  Encouraging my spouse to get help when at times he wasn't interested. 4/  Finding a way to get him to love me. 5/  Me learning to be silent and engage less because he had [...]

24 Sep, 2015

Feeling Disconnected? 16 Topics to Spark Vulnerability During a Date

Once a reader mentioned that she'd love some ideas for what to talk about or how to connect with her partner while on a date. I think it's totally a worthwhile topic to discuss because it's easy to have all the conversations dominated by topics related to kids, work drama, [...]