13 May, 2014

Love Story: Thank You For Being My Soul Mate

Dear Readers - after some hiatus from the occasional sharing of some of our Love Letters, we've decided to try to sift through the 500+ pages of emails to yet again share some of our favorite little tidbits. For those new to the blog and unfamiliar with the previous letters, [...]

9 Sep, 2013

Love Story: Companionship

Danny, Oh my...I am sitting in church.  I am completely convinced that I am the happiest person in this room right now.  I tried ever so discreetly to read your email at intervals during ward council this morning. But it was hard to conceal my smile. My heart is pretty [...]

4 Sep, 2013

Love Story: A True Miracle From Day One

Dear Mara, I couldn't agree more with you...this has felt like a true miracle from day one.  I'll admit that some of the shock of it has started to wear off because every day...and especially after meeting you and finding out you're REAL...it becomes a reality instead of a pipe [...]

4 Sep, 2013

Love Story: You Just Feel Like Home To Me

(Note from Mara:  This post was supposed to go live earlier today - - but it didn't.  Oops! I guess I made a mistake.  It was supposed to post before Danny's response.  Ah well.) Feeling super lovey today as I prepared this post.  I just melt to pieces every time [...]

4 Jun, 2013

Love Story: Telling Our Friends

(these are some photos taken from very early on - soon after we met.) A few more snippets from our Love Story... (We were awaiting our second meet-up...this time in Boston.  :) ****************** Sweetest Mara, Oh...it's a good night, isn't it?  I hope you've enjoyed yourself tonight.  I was with friends [...]

26 Apr, 2013

Love Story: A Little Snippet

 Photos by Melanie Mauer, Bryant Park, NYC  Here's one little snippet from the next part of our love story. At this point, we had still only seen each other just that ONE single time in person (ha!), though we were already completely in love due to loads of email correspondence over [...]

29 Nov, 2012

Love Story: A Long One, But It’s So Good I Couldn’t Resist. :)

The continuation of our letters...after meeting each other just one time... Darling, It's amazing how much each day is full of so many smiles and good thoughts.  I think it's making the time go quickly. You should know that even though we are so far away, you have such a [...]

20 Nov, 2012

Love Story &…Yes I Want To Be Your Wife :)

Photo by Justin Hackworth, Soho, NYC In response to Danny's last email.  :) Danny, Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha.  SWEETHEART!  I can't stop laughing out of pure joy.  I am more excited now than I have ever been in my life!!!  I wish you could have seen me when I read [...]

14 Nov, 2012

Love Story: Did He Just Say That? :)

Photo by the talented Justin Hackworth :)   So happy to have these photos of us in New York. Dear readers - this 'Love Story' is really just getting going.  I mean, it's been what, 4 weeks since we met by email?  And now this... ****************** Mara, Oh my goodness, you [...]

25 Oct, 2012

Love Story: You Are The Best Thing (by Ray LaMontagne)

 (Photos by Justin Hackworth, the man!  Soho, NYC) New?  You can start up this 'Love Story' here.  :)  Danny, How is it possible that what we have now could be even better than the last three weeks? I am so in love with you that I can hardly stand it.  Oh [...]