6 Oct, 2016

Is Married Life Without Kids Fulfilling?

Someone asked me recently if married life without children could, indeed, be fulfilling.  She was anticipating that she might be in our shoes soon and wondered what it was really like. Well, I can say YES, we feel fortunate to say that our lives have been extremely fulfilling. I don't [...]

2 Sep, 2016

September: A Month That Has Truly Changed My Life

I apologize to our followers on Facebook, because I shared most of this post over there. Sometimes I get carried away with writing on our Facebook page, and my dear mother-in-law once said, "You practically wrote a post! You should have posted that on the blog!" I think she's right.  [...]

24 Aug, 2016

Lesbians, Bikinis, and Feminist Professors

When I was 18, I got myself on a plane and flew from AZ to the east coast with my own money and enrolled in Randolph-Macon Woman's College. (I went sight unseen as I couldn't afford the college visit. I went off the catalog!) It was the red brick liberal [...]

27 Mar, 2016

An Easter Message

From Danny Hello all! Mara and I just wrapped up 3 weeks of work in the U.S. - traveling to Brooklyn, Vegas, and Salt Lake City to host events on Saturdays, and working with our creative team in the middle of it all. It's been amazing. Thank you to those [...]

19 Feb, 2016

That Feeling When You Want To Tell The Whole World….

(by Danny) I can still play out in my mind the lovestruck feelings and thoughts that would overtake me after each weekend I spent with Mara. There was such a feeling of the miraculous and the incredulous. There was so much celebration of life when we'd speak or write or [...]

15 Feb, 2016

How I Eliminated the Fear of Flying

I quite enjoyed flying in my very late teens and early twenties (my first plane ride was at 18, thanks to my brother who paid for my flight.) Airports were one of the most sophisticated places I'd been. As a young girl, I felt important just going along to pick [...]

25 Jan, 2016

In The Arena

You all know that I'm a huge fan of Brené Brown. I first heard of her sometime after my divorce. Life was actually incredible during that time (which shocked even me) as I had been putting into practice all the stuff I talk about on the blog for a few [...]

15 Jan, 2016

In Case You Feel You’re The “Toxic” One

We have the best readers here. So thankful for the great comments that come in. Many have asked, what do you do if YOU are the toxic one in a relationship? Your questions have led to this post.  --- To any soul who feels they have messed things up- or [...]

8 Jan, 2016

My Goals & Dreams for 2016

So here they are...my goals for this current phase of my life. And this is what I'm feeling about 2016 so far: It feels exciting. I feel hope. It feels rewarding. It's fulfilling. I feel grateful to feel passionate about something and I don't take that for granted. I feel [...]

6 Jan, 2016

Is There Good In All Things?

(By Danny) The phrase "everything happens for a reason" is a phrase I don't really like. Perhaps there is truth in the phrase, but if there is, it is a very poor way to express it. It is often spoken by someone who has experienced pain, but with the benefit [...]