6 May, 2016

Mother Your Center

When I was in my twenties, new to infertility and barely learning how to make myself a priority, a mentor taught me this: You must mother yourself. If you think you want to be a mother, you must learn to mother yourself first.  That advice stopped me cold in my [...]

3 May, 2016

Letter To A Reader: Healing After Miscarriage

  (By Danny) To anyone experiencing miscarriage or loss... ----------- My Dear Friend, I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear this. As soon as I read your email my mind immediately went to the night we went out for dinner and first heard the news you were [...]

11 Apr, 2016

How I Went from Feeling Dead (for Years) to Feeling Alive

Oh man, the title of this post gets me. To think that I used to feel dead... And now to know that there was a way out. Oh my heart.  THIS is why I started this blog. I figured someone out there might feel stuck, too. And I wanted to [...]

30 Sep, 2015

What I Do About Pending DOOM

Oh goodness, do you all feel DOOM creeping up on you sometimes? I don't mean to speak lightly of this - as I know in life there are so, so many life-and-death situations out there that are truly difficult to face. But I'm talking about all those smaller issues in [...]

29 Sep, 2015

Things That I Thought Would Change My Marriage

1/  Looking prettier or being more desirable. 2/  Being cooler or more interesting or engaging. 3/  Encouraging my spouse to get help when at times he wasn't interested. 4/  Finding a way to get him to love me. 5/  Me learning to be silent and engage less because he had [...]

23 Sep, 2015

How To Save Your Marriage – Advice From A 6 Year Old

Have you seen this impassioned plea from a 6 year old girl for her parents to stay together? Oh my goodness! She gives some pretty good advice, and does it with such level-headed calmness and awareness, it's amazing! "Are you ready to be his friend?" "Just try your best." "I'm [...]

14 Sep, 2015

6 Happiness Tips From the Founder of Positive Psychology

 (Highlighting photos again today from Russ Moorehead on Instagram) I recently read a wonderful book by Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology. The discipline studies HAPPINESS. (Can we get an amen?) There is a part I think you will like. 25 years of research says there's a way to kiss good-bye [...]

14 Aug, 2015

My Current Tightrope

I want to share something I am doing personally RIGHT NOW. TODAY. AND YESTERDAY. to help me thrive more in this current life that we have. I am currently working hard on this, let me tell you. Because I have so much to overcome. We teach that often during a [...]

13 Aug, 2015

Learning How To Live This New Life

A new family has just moved into our apartment in Brooklyn. They have a child and a dog. That once was going to be me. They'll meet friends for playdates at Prospect Park. They'll sleep with a wall between them and the magic of Brooklyn all around. They'll sit by [...]

10 Mar, 2015

No Time, Worn Out, Feeling Stuck

I'm writing today for the mothers and fathers who have young children and are completely worn out. The husbands and wives who work until late at night and have no time for each other. The families who are at their wits end with trying to keep everything together. My heart [...]