13 Jul, 2017

Body+Soul Swoon

Souls nurtured. Bodies enlivened from the inside out. Hope restored. Empowerment on fire. ahhhhhh..... This is the essence of Body+Soul Camp. And we are so, so pleased to announce that we are at it again. :) Our next 7-day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador will be: November 26 - December 2, [...]

12 Dec, 2016

The Time We Ate A Pig In The Andes

One of our favorite people in Ecuador is Rodrigo (above). He is a leader in his indigenous Quechua community. And he's dedicated much of his time and life to continuing traditions among the Quechua people. Rodrigo speaks English perfectly, so he's been able to work as a local guide for [...]

6 Jun, 2016

Our Holiday in The Valley of Longevity

Last week, Ecuador was beautiful. We went on a 4-hour Ecuadorian road trip and saw a new area we haven't seen before: the small town of Vilcabamba - known as the Valley of Longevity. I'm so thankful for this week. It was good for my body & soul. The property [...]

5 May, 2016

Officially Announcing: One More Retreat in Ecuador!

People asked for it, so we're officially announcing another 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador, October 9-15, 2016. Registration is OPEN now. We are so excited!!! This will also be our last retreat in Ecuador before moving back to the States. It is our greatest honor to provide the space for you [...]

25 Apr, 2016

Fasting for Ecuador

This coming Sunday (May 1), we are going to join in a fast with thousands of people in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia who will be forgoing food for a day and donating their savings to the relief effort in Ecuador, as they just experienced a catastrophic earthquake on the coast. [...]

22 Sep, 2015

No Regret in the Andes

Hello to those thinking of our retreats... Big Announcement: This October 11-17 retreat is likely to be our LAST Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador.  There is a chance we might do another in 2016. But we need to put all our energy towards some other big projects (for all of you) before we [...]

31 Aug, 2015

Top Questions from Our Retreats

How did you learn all this? (Meaning the stuff I teach.) I learned it because of infertility. And my first marriage. And divorce. And living in NYC and being in touch so deeply with humanity. I learned because of years of feeling like I had what I called, "The Piece [...]

25 Aug, 2015

Words From Two Continents

One of the most ridiculously amazing results of these retreats is COMMUNITY. We are forming community by bringing people together. And I'm telling you, that is one of my greatest joys. Also, the community part is one thing that is hard to describe to people until they come and experience [...]

21 Aug, 2015

In Their Words…

OK, you've heard enough of us talking about our retreats. Well, today I get to share with you some words directly from the participants of the last many retreats.  You can see for yourself that something INCREDIBLE is happening. And who are these people?  They are New Yorkers, west coasters, [...]

20 Aug, 2015

A Day of Our Sabbatical

Many people ask me...What are your days like? Here you go. Only variances would be errands, lunch dates, and nooners.  :) 8:00 am - Sila wakes us up and wants to go outside. Danny usually lets her out. (so nice of Danny! I get to stay warm in bed.) 8:20 [...]