30 Jan, 2015

A Heart at Peace

By Danny Last week on the post One Key To Developing Compassion for the Offender, somebody had a great question/comment. You can read the full comment here, but it can be summed up as follows: "If we don't call people out on bad, rude, unkind behavior, then I feel like [...]

24 Dec, 2014

Peace & Hope on Christmas Eve

Handel's Messiah at Trinity Church on Wall Street was spectacular. It was everything I had hoped it would be. It seems the heavens opened up for a bit while this incredible choir sang lyrics that truly offer so much hope and peace to the world. And you can't beat sitting [...]

13 Jun, 2012

Kicking Clomid in the Butt

[This was from my gmail journal from just before I started the blog.  I used to record thoughts in my gmail with the subject "Journal".  I recently I remembered that I did that & thought I'd do a search to see what I could find.  The beginning of this excerpt [...]

18 Nov, 2011

Peace is Closer Than We Think

(From Danny...) We all struggle at various times to feel real peace and love, especially when life gets a little tough.  Hopefully we've noticed at least a few times in our lives where the Divine has stepped in and helped us, either temporally or spiritually.  Many of us are more [...]

23 Oct, 2011

Q & A: What To Do When You Don’t Get Pregnant

(From Danny....) There was a wonderful comment to yesterday's post on "The Little Trials" that posed a question worth answering on a Sunday in a larger post.  The question gets to the root of the attitudes we need to develop when facing something difficult.  If you have additional insights, please [...]

21 Oct, 2011

Q & A- What to Do if You’re in an Unhappy Marriage

(From Danny....) So I guess it's my turn to post.  By way of introduction, it now goes without saying that I have married a truly remarkable woman.  Whatever praise or gratitude many of you have expressed in your comments and private emails is only exceeded by the praise and love [...]

7 Oct, 2011

Mother’s Day for an Infertile Woman

Mother's Day is very much celebrated in the Mormon church and on those Sundays, a couple of people from the congregation are usually asked to speak on the subject of Motherhood. A few weeks before this last Mother's Day, I was asked to speak in church on that date. At [...]