16 Jun, 2016

What Do You Do When The World Feels Scary?

(By Danny) Last evening we received a letter I think many can relate to this particular week: Hi Mara & Danny,  In light of everything that's been happening this week (and this month, this year, this decade, this lifetime), what do you do when the world feels like a scary [...]

3 May, 2016

Letter To A Reader: Healing After Miscarriage

  (By Danny) To anyone experiencing miscarriage or loss... ----------- My Dear Friend, I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear this. As soon as I read your email my mind immediately went to the night we went out for dinner and first heard the news you were [...]

12 Apr, 2016

Questions Our Church Friends Ask Us

Q: How do I navigate tricky church/faith issues while raising kids? Danny: I’d talk to them honestly about the concept of idolatry.   We were recently listening to an On Being podcast where Dr. Louis Newman was being interviewed on the practice of repentance. He had this very concise and [...]

27 Mar, 2016

An Easter Message

From Danny Hello all! Mara and I just wrapped up 3 weeks of work in the U.S. - traveling to Brooklyn, Vegas, and Salt Lake City to host events on Saturdays, and working with our creative team in the middle of it all. It's been amazing. Thank you to those [...]

19 Feb, 2016

That Feeling When You Want To Tell The Whole World….

(by Danny) I can still play out in my mind the lovestruck feelings and thoughts that would overtake me after each weekend I spent with Mara. There was such a feeling of the miraculous and the incredulous. There was so much celebration of life when we'd speak or write or [...]

6 Jan, 2016

Is There Good In All Things?

(By Danny) The phrase "everything happens for a reason" is a phrase I don't really like. Perhaps there is truth in the phrase, but if there is, it is a very poor way to express it. It is often spoken by someone who has experienced pain, but with the benefit [...]

23 Dec, 2015

A New Way Of Giving

From Danny (all pictures are from the streets of Peru and Bolivia) I used to carry around an awful burden. It was the burden of needing to be “all-knowing" regarding who was and was not "worthy" or truly in need of my charity. For understandable reasons, many of us are encouraged [...]

20 Nov, 2015

A “Language Of Love” Can Change A Life

From Danny To me, there are few skills more important than learning how to use a "Language of Love." It's amazing to me how just a few simple words, sincerely spoken, can change a moment, a relationship, or a community. What is a "Language of Love"? Well, Mara and I [...]

26 Aug, 2015

Wise Words From Funny Man, Stephen Colbert

Photograph by Sebastian Kim of GQ (By Danny) Have you seen the recent GQ article featuring Stephen Colbert? We had two readers send it our way, and for good reason, too. It shows a side of Colbert most people probably don't know exists. It speaks of deep joy being born out [...]

7 May, 2015

5 Year Anniversary & Untold Details About Our Beginning

(from Danny) Five years ago today, Mara and I got married! Holy Cow! I can't believe how time flies and how so much LIFE can happen in such a short period of time. Our last night in the Galapagos we shared a wonderful meal together as an early celebration of [...]