6 Oct, 2016

Is Married Life Without Kids Fulfilling?

Someone asked me recently if married life without children could, indeed, be fulfilling.  She was anticipating that she might be in our shoes soon and wondered what it was really like. Well, I can say YES, we feel fortunate to say that our lives have been extremely fulfilling. I don't [...]

1 Sep, 2016

5 Year Anniversary: What I’ve Learned From Sharing My Voice

This September, I will have been writing blog posts here for FIVE YEARS!!! Starting with this post.  The experience has been extraordinary to me. I can't thank you enough for being a part of this. We've experienced a lot together, huh? I wouldn't trade it for anything.   -------- Today, [...]

5 Mar, 2015

Moving Forward!

To the best readers ever (yes, we may be a bit biased!): We have loved having this blog over the last 3 1/2 years. We love it because... We KNOW it's possible for people to heal, to change, and to truly be happy. We believe that with the right tools, [...]

25 Feb, 2015

A Post About Comparing: The Message is Greater Than We Are

from Danny (photos taken from a hike with Danny's parents and nephew in the Cajas Mountains outside Cuenca, Ecuador) I’ve said this: “The Message is Greater Than We Are”, over and over, nearly every time we’ve had an opportunity to address a group. And if ever I haven’t said it, [...]

24 Feb, 2015

Getting Personal About the State of This Blog

I've been wanting to fill you all in on why I didn't blog for awhile. But you know, after taking a break I just needed to dive in some where, so I did. And I never got back to this post. But today I'd like to share more about my [...]

12 May, 2014

Interviewed By…

UPDATE: There was a glitch with the broadcast of the radio show on Monday, but you can now listen to it at the link below. On our anniversary we were interviewed by the loveliest radio show hosts, Ashley Rogers and Michel Blanchard, for a show called Overseas Radio Network. They [...]

28 Apr, 2014

A Collaborative Post on Cup of Jo

Today a collaborative post I did with Joanna Goddard is up on Cup of Jo. This is such an honor for me! I must say, I was so surprised when Joanna's name popped up in my inbox a few months ago. She wanted to interview me. She had read my [...]

28 Apr, 2014

I Finally Have a Press Page

Hello dear readers!! Hope you all have been WELL. We have been entrenched with getting our new lives set up here in Cuenca. It has been wonderful and we're so glad we're here. Each day has been a complete adventure. In the evenings Danny & I turn to each other [...]

3 Jan, 2014

21 Tips for Alt Summit

Alt Summit in Salt Lake City is just around the corner, less than a month away.  Perhaps you're going this year?  I hope so!  Danny and I are going and we'd LOVE to meet you. By the way, Danny and I are BOTH speaking at Alt this year!  We're thrilled [...]

13 Sep, 2013

My Assistant, Sarah Hendrix

I just wanted to introduce you to someone who has been an absolute gem to me in the last bit. Her name is Sarah Hendrix and she has been helping me behind the scenes.  She'll do a bit of research on something if I need it, or reach out to [...]