Let's Change The World Together

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We’re available to speak at your inspiring conferences, workshops, and retreats.

We tell our stories of transformation…to give hope to others that they, too, can transform—that they, too, can heal and live with more radiance and joy. Because life is too dang short to not figure this out. Peace for everyone, please!

We are Mindset Shifters, Love Skill Teachers, and Vulnerability Facilitators

We deliver smart, engaging, personable content that gets our audience nodding in agreement – because we are able to hone in deeply on the human experience, the pain points of life. We then teach people our specific and very successful methods for uprooting old, sabotaging patterns in favor of healthier Love Mindsets and new Love Skills. 

Our audiences leave with HOPE and a new plan of action that they can begin immediately.

Why is this such a big deal? Because making a shift towards love will affect literally everything in life (marriage, family, self-worth, job, business, health, community). Transforming your life really is all about returning to LOVE.

We Facilitate Deeper Healing & Community Building Through Group Interaction. 

We specialize in facilitating group “Experiences”, if your format will allow. We believe the best learning is experiential learning! So we offer group Guided Meditations (with music), Language of Love Exercises, Affirmation Activities, and Vulnerability Experiences. These are extremely healing activities and they all can take place with small or large groups of people. People absolutely love these experiences. No doubt, your audience will not forget these interactions and will feel a connected sense of community within minutes!


  • Retreat Groups
  • Conferences
  • Relationship Workshops
  • Couples
  • Singles
  • Women
  • LGBTQ Communities
  • Church Groups
  • Parents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teenagers
  • Businesses


  • Utterly improved relationships (due to more vulnerability, understanding, and personal healing)
  • Reduced stress
  • Healed relationships with children/siblings/parents/coworkers
  • A framework for HOW to actually be happy (finally)
  • Game-changing leadership with employees
  • New strength and skills to face the hardest stuff of life (difficult relationships, divorce, infertility, loss, lack of fulfillment, challenging business interactions)


  • Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Singles Events in Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; and New Jersey
  • Keynote Events in Reykavik, Iceland; Manhattan, NY; & Brooklyn, NY
  • Women’s Retreat in Washington D.C.
  • Opening Keynote at LGBTQ International Conference in Provo, UT
  • 7-Day Retreats in Otavalo, Ecuador
  • 1 to 3 Day Retreats in: Pennsylvania, Vermont, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Vermont, Austin, Brooklyn, Portland, & Las Vegas
  • Singles Retreat in West Virginia
  • LGBTQ Workshop in Phoenix, AZ
  • Progressive Mormon Event in Las Vegas, NV
  • Youth Conferences in Brooklyn, NY & Cuenca, Ecuador


“Danny and Mara were the most wonderful speakers for our weekend women’s retreat! They were authentic, engaging, and so generous with their time as they spoke about self-worth, gratitude and compassion. At the end of each session, they continued to speak with individuals and share their hearts (even one night until 1am!). As an event organizer it was a pleasure to work with them. We were grateful for their message of love yet sad when the weekend was over; they truly became one of us!”

– C. Magidson,
Women’s Retreat Host in Washington D.C.

“You guys were so inspirational… a high point for many of our attendees.”

– John Gustav-Wrathall,
President of Affirmation and Organizer for the International LGBTQ Affirmation Conference

“I was lucky to snag Mara and Danny as the keynote speakers at a singles conference in the hills of West Virginia. They were absolutely glowing with love from the moment they arrived. They spoke 5 times throughout the three day conference. Each time was more sincere, encouraging, humorous, and inspiring as the next. Anytime they were not speaking, they could be found interacting with the event attendees and getting to know as many of them as possible. It seems as though empathy is a first language for Mara and Danny. They are great examples of vulnerability, strength, and compassion. While I firmly believe that it would be difficult to recreate the set of circumstances to make our event so special, I can confidently say that any conference or event would benefit from the presence of the Kofoeds.”

– Kathryn S.,
Singles Conference Organizer in West Virginia