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“I get so overwhelmed with trying to put into words what I experienced and the PROFOUND impact it had on me and my life. Thank you doesn’t suffice. I am forever changed after being in Ecuador. I look back on that week with the most tender feelings. When people ask me about it, I find myself at times not wanting to share all the deep, moving, life changing details because they are so sacred to me. The course of my life is on a completely different path because of the love and knowledge you shared with me. And I couldn’t be happier about where I’m headed now.”

Tiffany Kimble – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Oct. 2015

“A year’s worth of marriage therapy did not come close to being as full of light and hope and possibility as two hours of mentoring with you.”

Coaching Client

“When I first saw the (retreat announcement) post, I immediately thought that it sounded awesome but “so not me”. I had never done yoga, meditation or even a juice cleanse. However, over time as I kept coming back to the blog, the idea started to appeal to me. I asked a lot of questions and ultimately pulled the trigger about eights days before. Friends and family all thought I was just a little bit nuts heading to a country in South America all by myself to try things I had never even wanted to do on my own!

But what I found was this was about nurturing your heart, mind and soul. It didn’t matter what I had not accomplished or tried in my life back home but rather, what was I going to do in my life going forward and these were the steps I was taking to put myself on the right track. Everyone was so open and honest and supportive. Love just emanated off of everyone. You saw in others what they could not see in themselves and you saw things in yourself that you did not realize were there. It was a beautiful experience and one that I have highly recommended over and over again.

What most surprised me about returning was how one week in this environment allowed to make significant changes in my life. Easier things like not drinking caffeine and eliminating foods from my diet but also how I interacted with my husband, friends and coworkers. I look back with only the fondest memories of those days I spent at the retreat, doing nothing that felt familiar and loving every minute of it.”

Nicole – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014 & Aug. 2015

“It’s hard to know where to start!  So I guess I’ll start here, if you’re thinking about attending one of these events, stop thinking about it and just DO IT.  Trust me.  You will not regret it.  It’s worth every ounce of sacrifice it takes you to make it happen (financially, time-wise, etc.)  I attended the Chicago retreat back in May and then the Ecuador retreat in August and both of them were just amazing experiences.  Seriously, I loved the event in Chicago so much, I couldn’t wait to go back again and have the full week long experience.  It’s just that good.  Mara and Danny are such beautiful people, you can’t help but be inspired to better yourself and your life just by being in their presence.  And the people who you meet at these retreats?  Equally as beautiful.  Everyone is there for different reasons and yet the same reason, to learn, to grow, to be the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be. You won’t be the same after one of these events, and I mean that in the best way possible!”

Sarah – Choose Happiness Retreat, Chicago & Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Aug. 2015

“Before coming to Body+Soul Camp, I kept questioning myself as to why I was really traveling all the way to Ecuador for it and what I really expected to accomplish by doing it. As the days progressed, it became more than clear that this ‘camp’ and what Danny & Mara do, is an essential life lesson for anyone & everyone. From the yoga & meditation, to the amazing food, ‘Love’ classes, one-on-one time with Danny & Mara, and excursions around the city, this retreat has everything you need to return to your everyday life not only changed, but empowered & refreshed.”

Guest – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Feb. 2015

“Best. Trip. Ever.  I’ve repeated those words dozens of times in reference to my experience at the ABAL detox retreat in Ecuador. I jumped on the opportunity as SOON as the retreat was announced. I did so because I knew it was time for me to take a leap and do something HUGE for myself. And I’m so SO glad to have invested the time and resources to attend. It was an amazing and life affirming experience. It was a week+ of healing, encouragement and joy. It was the best gift I could have given myself at the time. I came back home rested, grinning from ear to ear and 100% certain that all was well and that I had the choice to continue to be well and to just-keep-getting BETTER. It was so worth it. The crescendo continues :o)”

Fatimah – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014

“My experience at the body & soul camp was nothing short of amazing. It provided a week of peace and inner work away from my daily life. Mara and Danny provided countless tools and information that have had a profound effect on me and my relationships. The raw foodist Tony, and the yoga instructor and healer, Alex, have left me in awe at their wonderful gifts and words of wisdom. I am constantly thinking about the concepts and ideas they have provided me and am growing so much from it. I can also say that going with a group of people motivated to improve their life’s creates an incredible environment for conversation and growth with your fellow attendees.

I walked away with amazing friendships with not only Danny and Mara but also the entire group! I was struggling to connect the dots in my life and the Body & Soul camp has been life changing. During the week I would face challenges that were overcome with the information we were being taught. It was a miracle to see the work in action! I will never forget my experience at Casa Mojanda with the incredible staff and beautiful scenery.”

Jill P. – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Aug. 2015

“The retreat in Ecuador changed my life and helped strengthen me in order to survive, thrive and be of service. Love you!!”

Tiffany – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Feb. 2015

“Danny and Mara, Thank you for giving me what I didn’t know I needed.
Thank you for telling me everything that I needed to hear that I didn’t know.
Thank you for showing me love I didn’t know existed.”

Lisa – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014

“I cannot help but smile even just writing the two of you an email, now that I actually know you in person.  It feels so much more real, and special to me.  And I am just so very grateful to the two of you.  For everything that you do.  You have literally helped me to change my life in so many ways, so much so that I didn’t even really clearly see it until during the Chicago retreat when I realized that maybe I had come a lot further than I thought.  And the gratitude I have for the two of you and the work that you are doing just overflows.  I want to find ways to help, to get more people to read the blog, to get involved, because it’s all just THAT GOOD.  But enough about that, for now 🙂

The work I’ve done, mainly inspired by things I’ve learned from the two of you, has gotten me to the place where making hard decisions is possible.  And there are no good words to describe my gratitude for that.  There really aren’t.  I never thought this was a place I would be.  Where I could set healthy boundaries, and stick to them.”

Sarah – Choose Happiness Retreat, Chicago – 2015 & Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Aug. 2015  

“WOW!! I don’t even know where to begin. I truly loved every minute in Danny and Mara’s presence. There was so much peace and love pouring out of each of them, I could have just sat and looked at them and left a better person. But of course… they did so much more than that:) They created a space where everyone felt connected and vulnerable and open and I learned so much in just two short days that will forever enhance and better my life and the way I choose to interact with the people in it. For that I will be forever grateful!”

Jana Chambers – Choose Happiness Retreat, Salt Lake City – 2015

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have experienced this retreat with you and thank you for all your time and devotion you put towards it.  I am amazed at your love for everyone.  You’ve inspired me to be a better person and have a new outlook of love towards all.  It definitely has helped take the anxiety of life/church/people down a few notches.  Thank you, thank you! You two are great examples to me.”

Heather B. – Choose Happiness Retreat, Phoenix – 2015

“Danny and Mara were the most wonderful retreat hosts. Their presence spoke love and peace. The entire room radiated joy. I had already been on my spiritual journey of really seeking to love myself and choose happiness before attending their retreat, but the insights I gained while with them were invaluable! The way ideas and principles were presented, although not new, were presented in a way that just made everything click for me! I will be forever grateful to Danny and Mara for the gift they are giving to the world and for the blessing it was to attend their retreat. Their love and example has made me a better person!

I feel like I’m STILL on a high after the retreat in October and feeling the positive effects of it.

I can now say that I am grateful for my struggles, hardships and pain because it led me to two of the most sincere and kind souls I have ever met. All my love!”

Kami – Choose Happiness Retreat, Salt Lake City – 2015

“Go to this event. It will be the best thing you do for yourself. I’m serious. Call me if you need convincing. I will convince you.”

Alicia – Choose Happiness Retreat, Salt Lake City – 2015

“2 days were definitely not enough!! Our 2 days with everyone was so, so special.”

Jennifer – Choose Happiness Retreat, Chicago – 2015

“I just want to say a big giant THANK YOU. You guys, there are not enough words of gratitude that I could offer up to you. This trip truly did change my life. I was talking to my mom on the phone sharing a lot of what I learned and I told her that it just felt like a light bulb was turned on in my brain. Even in the few short days of being home, the amount of freedom and joy I feel in recognizing my power over my emotional well being is so empowering. You guys have truly given me a gift that is priceless. I know I can be a bit reserved, but now that I was a sponge absorbing all that I could learn, and if money were no object, I would do the trip every year, that’s how important I think what you two are doing is!”

Kayla – Body Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

“This retreat saved my life. For so long I have been denying myself and others true peace. I let self-doubt and expectations rule my life. As soon as I walked into the retreat, I felt this intense spirit of peace, acceptance and love that I had never before experienced. That increased over the next two days as I soaked up the energy and learned the incredible truths taught by Danny and Mara. I now feel in control of my happiness, no longer held back, and able to build the life I know I deserve. There is nothing that compares to this awakening of what life truly is and can be. This information is priceless, given in an environment of true love and acceptance. I recommend this experience with all my heart and soul.”

Rebekah Whitesides – Choose Happiness Retreat, Salt Lake City – 2015

“You guys really are as amazing as you come across in your blog.”

Christa – Mentoring Client

“I’ve been wanting to just write you a quick note to let you know how things have been going. I told myself that I would just start with baby steps and be patient. So that’s what I’ve been doing and I can’t believe how much better I’m already feeling with just a few small changes! It’s only been 2 weeks since I’ve been home from the retreat and I’ve noticed such a difference already.

I kind of wondered before I went if it would really be that much different from everything I’ve read on your blog (is that rude??). And a lot of your blog posts really helped me so much, but I can honestly say that actually going to the retreat made such a difference!! Hearing you explain it all in person and really feeling so much love from both of you is something that you just have to experience in person. I’m guessing that most people have never experienced such a beautiful thing!

Obviously I still have a lot of work to do, but I still feel so hopeful and empowered! Even my husband said that I should go to a week long retreat in Ecuador one day!! I would LOVE that. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that the whole experience of the retreat was SO worth it. You both really did an amazing job of making it totally applicable to real life and also helping me to believe in myself. I can’t thank you both enough!!”

Jordana – Choose Happiness Retreat, Phoenix – 2015

-“I don’t have words about the impact you’ve made on me. This day was life changing. I’m feeling so empowered to share this light and love.”

-“It was one of the most beautiful weekends of my life. I loved every second. Thanks for inspiring me.”

-“Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with love. My experience this weekend was life changing.”

-“Through mentoring with you and coming to this retreat, you have saved my life.”

-“You have blessed my life 100%.”

-“Such a beautiful day with you all. I’m still floating ❤️

-“I have been filled with new hope and purpose today.”

-“You’ve changed everything for me in the most wonderful of ways and I can’t express in words what that has done for me.”

From Several Guests – Love Boot Camp, Las Vegas – 2016

“What you and Danny have taught me has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. I cannot even express how grateful I am for the opportunity It was to meet you guys. THANK YOU again! Keep sharing what you love to share, because…. You guys are glowing with happiness and you are saving lives!  The world needs you!”

Candice – Choose Happiness Retreat, Salt Lake City – 2015

“THANK YOU! You and Danny have literally changed my life. I’ve never felt more connected to myself and as a result to the people I love. Your retreats work. Oh my gosh do they work.”

Vanessa – Love Boot Camp, Las Vegas – 2016

-“I came here because a former guest told me that because of the retreat, she doesn’t think she’ll ever need therapy again for the rest of her life.”

-“I feel HEALED.”

-“Every experience has been the cherry on top of a cherry on top of a cherry.”

-“This has been better than I ever imagined.”

-“I could have left after the first class and it would have been worth it.”

From Several Guests – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – April 2016

“Thank you for helping me to shift my view. It is truly a game changer and has cultivated so much peace in my heart.”

Joan – Love Boot Camp, Salt Lake City – 2016

“What most surprised me about returning was how one week in this environment allowed to make significant changes in my life. Easier things like not drinking caffeine and eliminating foods from my diet, but also how I interacted with my husband, friends and coworkers.”

Nicole – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

The stuff I’ve learned at the retreat and practiced like crazy continues to get me through the smaller stresses of life now. It’s truly amazing stuff. The message you two share has the power to change the world and I am grateful every single day that you put it out there and that I was somehow lucky enough to find it.

Courtney – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

“If you are thinking about going to the retreat my advice is to go for it! Sometimes doing new and foreign things can be scary. But I guarantee you it will be so worth it. It’s the perfect setting to take time away from from your busy schedule and work on improving yourself. ”

Liz – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

“I’m on cloud nine. There’s something so amazing with my energy that everyone, EVERYONE, wants to know what the heck has happened. And, I can’t wait to tell everyone. I want so badly for everyone I know to learn from you.”

Christine – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2016

“Please know that my husband and I credit much of the good in our lives to you, Danny and Mara, and are still so grateful for our retreat experience.”

Amy – Choose Happiness Retreat, Vermont – 2015

I want you both to know how much everything I’ve learned from the two of you has helped me so much during this last week, where things have turned on their heads so dramatically. I have so much gratitude for the courage and conviction with which you have both taken time and personal sacrifice to get the message out there, that people really truly can change and live better lives, even if their circumstances don’t change a bit.

So thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know what the end of this part of my story will be, but I know that whatever it is, I will be OK, and that is a miracle to me.”

Sarah – Mentoring Client

“I was sitting in church yesterday and couldn’t help but feel very blessed. I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that our paths crossed. I felt so much love for your tender acceptance and love in the way you guys teach people. I felt so much gratitude for how I have changed. I sat there in church feeling so content with my life and I truly felt LOVE from the inside out!!!! Instead of waiting for the love to come from the outside in and feeling sorry for myself, waiting for my kids or husband to say and do all the right things to make me feel good about myself. WOW what a concept?! Now I feel LOVE coming from myself and no more need to feel validated from others. My thinking has changed in so many ways!! It truly is amazing. I feel content and feel peace. I am also a work in progress. You guys said we would still have rough days, and of course, that is what life brings us. But yesterday on Mother’s Day, two of my kids started to fight about something so dumb. But I felt that peace come from within and I was able to stay calm and handle the situation, which ended in the kids being sent to their rooms for a moment. Then there were apologies. Before my trip to Ecuador, I would of ended up in my room crying and feeling like I was a failure. You both have given me my life back in a way that I never thought was possible. I feel free!! I feel nothing but LOVE and GRATITUDE for you both!! Thank you for teaching me that I have the power within myself!!

I can’t stop telling my kids and people around me about my experience in Ecuador. My family can definitely see a change and they say all the time how much nicer I am. I can truly say that I LOVE MYSELF!!”

Michelle – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2016

“This retreat is an awakening. About yourself. Your relationships. Your choices. Your potential. Every part of you will be awakened through this retreat.”

Christine – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2016

Thank you for the amazing session today. I’m still processing everything, but it was very worthwhile and I “felt” what you were conveying to me.  

I also think you are worth every penny because unlike my therapy sessions in which my therapist really tries to get me to figure out a lot of stuff on my own, you just flat out tell it like it is. There were a lot of lightbulbs going off for me today! Wow.

From the first time I was introduced to your blog I had this feeling that you would be in my life someday. I know that probably sounds strange but everything you’ve written or said, resonates with me.”

Loraine – Mentoring Client

“Thank you both so much! My heart is so full of joy right now (and my head is so full of things to process and mull over!) Thank you for being so present and engaging and sharing your stories with me. I am truly grateful.”

Emily – Mentoring Client

“I don’t know where to begin and how to fully express the deeply special experience that the retreat was for me. I loved, LOVED, LOVED the retreat. I learned so much. But really, the thing that I will hold in my heart forever was your love and acceptance.”

Michelle – Choose Happiness Retreat, San Francisco – 2015

“I am so thankful to have had such a beautiful spiritual experience with people who are not from the same faith background as myself! It really was one of the most amazing things to experience. People can have great spiritual experiences with others in their shared religion but for me it was WAY more inspiring to connect with people who don’t share my specific faith. It was truly profound.”

G. – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2016

“I can’t put into words what you have done for me today. What an amazing gift to have met you. Thank you so much for talking to me. I really needed to hear what you said. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Patty – Mentoring Client

“I had pretty high expectations for my time at the Body+Soul Camp, and went into the trip hoping for a “life-changing” experience. Not only did the trip meet my expectations, it far exceeded them. I felt so incredibly safe, loved, and cared for. It was such a gift to be able to create margin in my life to process and heal, as well as plan for healthy ways to handle all the things life will bring across my path. Without a doubt in my mind, this trip was worth the financial investment, the time investment, and the emotional investment.”

Kayla B. – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Feb. 2015

“This was the very best money I have ever spent on myself. 2016 looks brighter than I could have ever imagined because of Mara and Danny!”

Joan Dunn – Coaching Client

“I wanted to write to let you know how much you both inspire me every day.  Every. Day.  Since the Chicago retreat in June I have worked hard to practice everything I learned. I guess what I really wanted to tell you both is how much love I have for you and for what you do and have done for me.  You have transformed my life in countless ways. Mara and Danny—you shared the tools with me but it’s up to me to use them.  I may need a reminder now and then, boy, do I ever feel better when I do. Thank you!”

Jennifer – Choose Happiness Retreat,
Chicago – 2015

“I have a hard time even putting into words how much my life and heart have changed in the past year. You two helped me find that path and reinforced it a thousand times over at the retreat! I can’t thank you enough!”

Courtney – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014

“I’m back home now, excited and able to live with love at every turn. The first day at the retreat changed my life’s course; by day six, I knew I could steer my life in any direction I chose. I wholeheartedly believe Mara and Danny’s approach can be grasped by anyone who desires it.”

Christine Jimenez – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – March 2016

“I just loved meeting you two in real life and feel so glad that I made the leap to come to the retreat even though it was a huge sacrifice to do so! It has already changed my life and my marriage! You’re right – lots of things have shown up for me to practice the principles with, and I am not doing it perfectly, but wow, what a difference to operate from a place of love! All I can say is I wish I could hang out with you every day! :)”

Kami – Choose Happiness Retreat, Salt Lake City – 2015

“Of all the praises I could sing about Danny and Mara’s retreat, the most meaningful to me is that it has forever improved the way I engage in my life – both inwardly and outwardly. I have come home with a certainty of my worth, a heart full of love for myself and others, and the tools and intention to put all things into the perspective of my true identity and purpose. I felt supported and loved in every moment by every person and every aspect of the retreat. What a gift. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my life.

“I feel like I could speak for hours about all the things I loved about this retreat. Danny and Mara’s classes and individual attention and support were the most influential aspects of the retreat for me personally. It was incredible to receive pure truth from two people who live what they teach and share their message with sincere intent. The fact that it all took place in a setting where we were loving our bodies with good food, yoga, meditation, incredible support from the other participants, and beautiful views – that just made the messages more amplified and poignant. You’ve created a beautiful thing here and I’m anxious for more to attend and have the experience too.”

Shannon – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Feb. 2015

I really don’t know how you do what you do, but you helped my husband and I so much today. We talked more openly than we have in, I would say, 20 years! You were both inspired to say the exact things that we both needed to hear, and as I have said before, you are worth every penny! Your approach is so unique.

L.J. – Mentoring Client

“What an amazing retreat! The Body + Soul camp is truly a nourishing experience for your mind, body, and soul. With delicious and nutritious food, healing yoga and meditation, classes about love and living, and connecting with inspiring human beings, I felt my whole self renewed from the inside out. The icing on the cake (or should I say the nut spread on the kale?) was being able to do it all in the gorgeous Andes while getting a taste of Ecuador’s rich culture.”

Amanda R. – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Feb. 2015

“There is little that can be added to the amazing and beautifully written testimonials that have already been shared, but I’ll certainly try. I went into the retreat knowing I would be given the opportunity to step away from the daily grind, pause, and reflect on my life and for that I’m truly grateful. What was more impactful to me, however, was what was to come after the retreat. Danny & Mara teach in one of their classes to “ask” for the opportunity to put what we learned into action, as that is the only way we can truly know if we’re taking steps in the direction we are hoping to head in. Little did I know that so much of my world as I knew it would be considerably different only weeks upon returning from the retreat and I would have a significant opportunity to truly put the lessons and tools I left Ecuador with into good use. The ability to handle life’s hardest situations with grace, love, and mercy is a priceless gift that Danny and Mara shared with me and I will always be grateful to them for their wisdom and guidance they so humbly make available to us all!”

Marissa A. – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Feb. 2015

“I feel like I’m STILL on a high after the retreat in October and feeling the positive effects of it. I can now say that I am grateful for my struggles, hardships and pain because it led me to two of the most sincere and kind souls I have ever met. All my love!”

Tiffany Kimble – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Oct. 2015

“I loved all the classes Mara and Danny taught. As a reader of the blog, I wondered what it would be like to meet Mara and Danny. Those two are so genuine and authentic. They really have such a powerful message to share and are such lovely people. If you are thinking about going to the retreat my advice is to go for it! Sometimes doing new and foreign things can be scary. But I guarantee you it will be so worth it. It’s a new year and I know the retreat will help you in some way to accomplish your goals. It’s the perfect setting to take time away from from your busy schedule and work on improving yourself.  Thank you Danny and Mara, for doing these retreats!”

Liz – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014

“I see life differently now; even one day after the retreat. The way I want to engage in life is all based on expressing love and light to others. And honoring the love I feel for myself, too.”

Guest – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014

“If you are on the fence about attending a retreat, I would encourage you to just take the risk and do it! I flew by myself from Alberta, Canada to Phoenix to go and it was SO worth it. I was so nervous I was shaking when I first got there, but I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself in my life! Because I follow the blog I had an idea of what the retreat would be about, but I had no idea how much better it would be to hear Danny & Mara explaining it in person. They make everything they teach so specific and applicable to real life so I felt like I knew what I needed to do to start making changes right away. I think one of the best parts of the retreat for me was the exercises we did to give and receive real love to each other. It was such an incredible experience to feel immediate healing and connection! Experiencing that love in person was a big reason why I felt so hopeful and empowered and was one of the most beautiful and meaningful things I have ever done! Even just 2 weeks after I got home I already noticed positive changes in myself. Attending this retreat really was life changing for me!”

Jordana – Choose Happiness Retreat, Phoenix – 2015

“I loved this retreat experience because it gave me self affirming life skills that have helped me become my better self each and every day!”

Guest – Choose Happiness Retreat – 2015

“Everything was perfect! I really could not have asked for a better experience. I was sad when the retreat was over–but it was the experience of a lifetime, and I walked away with so many tools and resources that I know will aid me for the rest of my life. I have already seen the positive results from what I learned from Mara and Danny! Of course I still have my off moments/days, but I feel like I’m in a much better place to handle these feelings now. I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the retreat and meet Mara and Danny in person.”

Nisha – Choose Happiness Retreat, San Francisco – 2015

“Life changing! The principles we learned with Danny and Mara come into play everyday and can truly improve your life.”

John Moore – Choose Happiness Retreat, Vermont – 2015

“I just haven’t been able to stop talking about you two and all the things I learned and the wonderful way that I felt. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!! You have changed the direction of my life and I’m forever grateful.”

Quinne – Choose Happiness Retreat, Phoenix – 2015

“Going to the two day retreat was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  For so many years I’ve struggled with past hurts, current sadnesses, and an unknown future and from the very first time I read Mara and Danny’s blog I felt as if they had the tools that I’ve needed all along. After talking and learning from them in person, I felt hope and excitement for the future (knowing that it’s going to take time and much effort to get to where I want to be). One thing that I think is the best part of it is that I felt completely loved and accepted by these two people that I had never met. I’ve never had that experience in my entire life.  It truly is a very powerful and beautiful experience and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Guest – Choose Happiness Retreat – 2015

“Talking with Danny and Mara was a really gift. Their presence is so compassionate that it was easy to dive right in to all the questions I had for them regarding my personal struggles and some of the areas in my life that need resetting. Mara and Danny’s warm advice was full of substance and backed by practical guidance that I can apply to my life directly, and their enthusiasm gave me a much needed dose of courage and confidence. Their approach is both simple and profound—and thus truly transformative. My recommendation is to bring a notebook to each session! ”

Marie – Mentoring Client

“I’m so happy you’ve made these retreats an ongoing thing. What you guys teach is so important and so life-changing! It’s crazy for me to think where I might have ended up had I not heard that teaching when I did. It set me on such a beautiful path, even in the midst of some really challenging circumstances. I think the magic of you and Danny is your ability to take these amazing spiritual truths that have existed throughout history and across cultures, and teach them in such a clear and loving way, a way that just gets straight to the heart of our lives today. I’m honestly not sure those deep truths would have ever resonated with me if I hadn’t heard them the way you two teach them. I’m deeply grateful for that!”

Courtney – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014

“Several months ago I would have thought my situation was overwhelming and unbearable, and I would have tried to bear the burden of it all, ultimately exhausting myself… but interestingly, I’m very at peace and know that the retreat and all of the many wonderful lessons I learned are to thank! God truly knew what I needed when he sent me to Ecuador, preparing me for this trying time that honestly, hasn’t been that earth shattering (man those tools really work!).  And the silver lining is that by choosing to love myself first, I made a strong statement that I feel was the “aha” moment in my relationship. Of course, ultimately, my partner’s success and desire for change lies completely in his hands and but I know that regardless of HIS choices, I will be OK. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say: thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you both do.”

Marissa A. – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Feb. 2015

“Thank you for a wonderful WONDERFUL experience at the retreat and for leaving your stamp of kindness, virtues, good living, and love on my very being.

We’re back in the states & back at work but I for one still have a HUGE smile plastered on my face and tons of gushy loving happiness in my heart. My juicer’s been put to work since I got back, my coconut oil’s been a ‘pulling, my train rides have been occupied with meditation, Mattias’ song has been on repeat in my mind and I even squeezed in a quick yoga session before work today.

Things are good.

I can’t thank you enough for organizing such a special experience and taking care of us all like family.”

Fatimah – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – Sept. 2014

“The greatest healers in my life: Mara (teacher, blogger, listener, believer), Danny (teacher, listener, open-minded intellectual), Tony (raw foodist chef, juicing God, unique and calm spirited healer) and Alexandra (yoga teacher, listener, teacher, body conscious, gifted HEALER). If you’re looking for a life-changing experience…These are your guys!”

Jill P. – Body+ Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

“I wish I could find an excuse to come again. 🙂 Everything I learned is still changing my life! What a blessing you two are.”

Kayla – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

“Been a few weeks since the retreat and just wanted to reach out and say thank you. My wife and I have truly been blessed in ways we didn’t know since having the opportunity to come learn from you both. Hard to put in words in an email how it has changed me and how much brighter life seems when looking out a clearer window.”

From a Husband – Love Boot Camp, Salt Lake City – 2016

“You owe it to yourself (and your loved one) to check out these events! They are all about love (every type of love) and this will be a life changing experience. I managed to talk Danny & Mara into coming to Chicago last year and learned so much! Please check this out – you’ll be so glad you did!”

Sally Smith – Choose Happiness Retreat, Chicago – 2015

I see life differently now; even one day after the retreat. The way I want to engage in life is all based on expressing love and light to others. And honoring the love I feel for myself, too.

Shannon – Body+ Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

“My mind and body got nourished for a week in the ultimate self-pampering experience.”

Amanda – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015

“I think back on my time so fondly. I wish I could do it all over again, every day for the rest of my life! I can’t tell you how I feel, how excited I am about working more with these concepts. I’ve definitely had moments of going back to the those lesser identities but I feel like I have something to hold onto when that happens – virtue – instead of just flailing about and sinking lower and lower into the abyss…of unconsciousness.”

Jessica – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2016

I don’t even know what else to say except THANK YOU times a million!!!!!!! I am so thankful that our path’s crossed, truly. I was so ready for this. I have done SO MUCH work over the last 8 years to heal from the pain of infertility and failed IUI’s that occurred in 2007. I truly believe that that’s where my faith crisis began. Very dark times, and I’ve been feeling them creep up again as of recent. I’ve had many healers and spiritual mentors that I’ve worked with, but none have taken me this far, until now!! When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

A.J. – Mentoring Client

We just finished listening to your recorded mentoring session together this evening. Both of us plan to listen to it again (and again!) to really get the most out of the recording and let it sink in but boy has it struck a chord in us already. 

You most definitely answered our questions and gave us a lot to think about as well as adding some really powerful perspective!

We want to thank you for your thorough and thoughtful responses/advice. You hit every nail on the head in respect to what we’ve been dealing with and going through. Can we also say just how supported we feel by you two, your compassion shines through every interaction.”

Marie & Thomas – Mentoring Clients

Talking with Danny and Mara was a really gift. Their presence is so compassionate that it was easy to dive right in to all the questions I had for them regarding my personal struggles and some of the areas in my life that need resetting. Mara and Danny’s warm advice was full of substance and backed by practical guidance that I can apply to my life directly, and their enthusiasm gave me a much needed dose of courage and confidence. Their approach is both simple and profound—and thus truly transformative. My recommendation is to bring a notebook to each session! 

Marie – Mentoring Client

“Several people at work on Monday morning said that I looked amazing and was glowing! That never happens after vacation.”

Gloria – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2016

“I know if sounds so cliche, but your retreats and your amazing message CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I always knew there had to be more to life, that God wanted me to be happy. And you guys gave me the tools. Your LOVE and belief in me transformed my life!!”

Michelle – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2016

I had a wonderful time speaking with you this week and I’m so happy my wife found your blog. The conversation was hugely valuable for me and I can see that she has already begun transforming as she begins this amazing journey process of introspection. You and your wife have a delightful calm sanity that I don’t see very often, and I sincerely look forward to speaking with you again. 

Mentoring Client, Regarding Infertility

“As I sat here tonight listening to you two, I kept thinking, ‘Is this real life?!’ You two are so thoughtful and brilliant. I kept thinking I was listening to a Super Soul Sunday episode, but then the people on the show kept saying my name and talking specifically to me and about my personal challenges. It was AMAZING! I was like a bobble head the entire time I was listening, my head would not stop shaking in agreement to all that was said. I had so many light bulbs turning on for me.”

Joan – Mentoring Client

“Just thinking of all the amazing opportunities I had in 2015. Attending your retreat in Phoenix is definitely at the top of my list.”

Jordana – Choose Happiness Retreat, Phoenix – 2015

“Just wanted to let you know that the whole experience of the retreat was SO worth it. You both really did an amazing job of making it totally applicable to real life and also helping me to believe in myself. I can’t thank you both enough!”

Guest – Choose Happiness Retreat, Phoenix – 2015

“We loved every single minute of our time with you. We learned so much and felt so loved. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to cross paths again one day. And our group! We couldn’t stop talking about how amazing and inspiring and courageous everyone was. Wow – so amazing.”

Michelle – Love Boot Camp, Portland – 2016

“What a great day! Dave and I can’t thank you enough. It was a great way to spend our anniversary.”

Stacy – Love Boot Camp, Portland – 2016

“What a beautiful experience. The retreat unfolded to be the most open, thought-provoking, tender, safe and wonderful space for connection, acceptance and healing.”

AML – Body+Soul Camp, Pennsylvania – 2016

“I can’t recommend this workshop enough. I came away with some serious soul satisfaction and it has impacted how I love my people. If any of this sounds up your alley, don’t hesitate and just go for it!”

Vanessa – Love Boot Camp, Las Vegas

“I don’t say this lightly, not a day has gone by where I haven’t considered practices I learned during my time in Ecuador. It really did change my life. I have not struggled with anxiety or panic attacks not even once since returning. So much freedom comes from knowing how much power I have over my choices and emotions. So thank you!!! I am such a huge advocate of the work you two do.”

K. – Body+Soul Camp, Ecuador – 2015