Episode 005: Greater Love Part 3 – Love for the Sake of Loving

This is Part 3 of our 3-Part series on learning to develop greater love, and it’s all about learning to love for the right reasons!

You see, too often we “love” from a place of fear. We’re worried about whether or not our affection or kindness will be returned. And if it isn’t received and returned in the way we planned, we see that as a reflection of our value and worth as a human being, and may even begin to shut down our attempts at “love” because it’s just too risky. We withdraw, and healthy vulnerability comes to an end.

What if we could love from a place of wholeness – not because we’re seeking wholeness in someone’s reaction to our love, but because our love is a reflection of a wholeness we already possess and embody? What if the only side-effect we sought from a loving interaction was the inner-joy one feels when they personally embody this all-conquering virtue?

This is the greatest secret. It turns out, loving from a place of wholeness is its own reward. It’s what Mara and I call “Love for the Sake of Loving,” and we hope today’s episode helps you take a positive step towards healthier love in your life and relationships.

Your biggest supporters,
Danny + Mara

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