Episode 004: A New Way Of Giving

Today’s holiday bonus episode comes from one of the more meaningful blog posts I’ve written, “A New Way Of Giving.”  I try to share it every year as we approach this season that focuses a bit more on service, kindness, and love towards others.

The question of this episode is – what do you do when you come across someone asking for money? Do you try to quickly judge the sincerity of the request before giving? Do you avoid altogether? Do you give food instead of money? Do you give to organizations instead of people?

Deciding how to handle this question led to one of the more meaningful shifts in the way I deal with strangers, especially those in need, and to some of the most touching moments of human connection and vulnerability. This episode is about sharing how my thoughts have evolved on this subject over the years, and why I now do something that I would have thought was unthinkable before….I try to give to all who ask of me.

But in doing so, I do my best to make sure that money isn’t the only thing they receive….find out what I mean by listening to the episode.

And if you like it, please consider sharing this episode and help spread some holiday joy.

Much Love,

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