Episode 003: Greater Love Part 2 – Letting Go of Fear

This is Part 2 of a 3-Part series on learning to develop greater love, and it’s all about learning how to confront FEAR!

Talk about a 4-letter “F” word…fear is one of the more common emotions we battle when someone or something we look to for a sense of security doesn’t come through for us. Our brain and our body almost immediately go to a place of fear: fear that we’re not good enough, fear that we’re not lovable, fear that we’ll never be happy or at peace without this person treating us the way we hoped or this circumstance working out the way we planned.

The fear we feel is unique to each of us, and it’s always a manifestation of what we most value in life, whether that is companionship, financial security, being respected, thought of as beautiful or kind, or whatever else we put up on a pedestal and look to as a source of worth.

In today’s episode, I share what fears came to my mind when my first marriage started to crumble, and what it means to challenge those fears and return to place of (and belief in) inherent worth.

Fear is a total vulnerability and connection killer. Which is why, if we’re truly intent on developing greater love, we have to practice the skills that will allow us to let go of that fear, and return to capital “L” Love.

So, have a listen to the episode, and let me know in the comments what fear you are going to challenge, and one way that you can do that.

Much Love,

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