15 Dec, 2017

Episode 005: Greater Love Part 3 – Love for the Sake of Loving

Part 3 of a 3-Part Series - today we talk about learning to love for the right reasons. When we love from a place of fear, it tends to create distancing and withdrawal from those we claim we love the most. It's because our worth is on the line. It turns out, loving from a place of wholeness is its own reward. It's what Mara and I call "Love for the Sake of Loving," and we hope today's episode helps you take a positive step towards healthier love in your life and relationships.

7 Dec, 2017

Episode 004: A New Way Of Giving

Bonus Holiday Episode: What do you do when you encounter someone asking for money? Do you try to quickly judge the sincerity of the request before giving? Do you avoid making eye contact? Do you give food instead of money? Do you give to trusted organizations instead of people? Today I share what led me to quit deciding who was and was not "worthy" of charity, and to simply give to those who ask (if I have something to give). At an earlier point in my life, that would have felt like the most irresponsible thing to do...but I'll relate the life-changing shift in perspective that helped me come to that conclusion - and the secret ingredient to making this actually work. Hint: I do my best to make sure that money isn't the only thing they receive. Find out what I mean by listening.

7 Dec, 2017

Episode 003: Greater Love Part 2 – Letting Go of Fear

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series - today we talk about the second step in developing greater love for yourself and others: learning to let go of fear. That 4-letter "F" word is a real vulnerability and connection killer, and if we want to learn how to return to a place of wholeness and love, we have to learn how to challenge it when it makes its appearance in our lives.

30 Nov, 2017

Episode 002: Greater Love Part 1 – Inherent Worth

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series - today we talk about the first step in developing greater love for yourself and others: understanding inherent worth and the power to change.

30 Nov, 2017

Episode 001: What Is “Love”?

In our first episode, we lay the foundations for what we mean when we use the word "Love" in our writings and workshops. Love is a tricky word, and means different things to different people. We explore those definitions, and focus on the higher forms of Love that lead to greater happiness and healthier relationships.