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For peace seekers, personal development geeks, & those who want to make LOVE your life’s purpose.

Next Date: November 26 – December 2, 2017

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7 Days in the Andes of Ecuador.

Reach heights greater than you imagined.

This is more than a vacation.

It’s about elevating your life.

We believe it’s within everyone’s power to rise up and turn things around – again and again – no matter what we’ve faced. And it has everything to do with Love, which is within all of our capacities. Practicing Love in more radical ways is the only way out. It’s the only way to be free, to be at peace, to feel joy. It’s now our life’s passion to be on this path with as many people as possible. So we’ve developed this retreat – because we’re in this to join with you in healing our lives and changing the world!

Experience The Most Exquisite Self-Care for the Body+Soul

(So that you can return to your life FULL & ready to triumph.)

  • 7-Day Detox
  • Raw Food ’til Dinner
  • Daily Yoga
  • Morning Oil Pulling
  • Daily Green Juice
  • Daily Love Classes
  • Experiential Workshops
  • Daily Meditation
  • Andes Hikes
  • Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

Immerse Yourself in LOVE

Because love is how we heal.

Love Classes

Learn a NEW way to Love.

Ahh…it is love, my friends, that helps us to heal our lives. And so we believe it is worth the time, resources, and effort to get GOOD at it. This retreat will offer that opportunity to you tenfold.

The entire week will inspire you to deliberately embody love in new, radical ways. You will feel a oneness with love in ways you’ve probably never imagined! (Just ask any retreat alumni! ha.) All of this love and good health will change your vibration. You’ll get to take that vibration back to your life -and even better, you’ll be taught all the skills you need to maintain that vibration over time. This is the greatest gift you could give yourself – and the greatest gift you could give to those you love.

Our guests report that after the retreat, they CAN’T WAIT to go back to life and face whatever challenges await them – as they have NEW TOOLS to help them thrive in it all. Feeling empowered in your emotional well being is priceless.

Class Topics:

Cultivate Self-Worth from Within

Identity. Identity. Identity. Learn how to tap into more self-worth and confidence by learning how your identity plays a role in your overall happiness and strength. Learn how to create a positive identity for yourself and become the kind of person you want to be for yourself and others. It makes all the difference. *This is the first class we always teach. Our concept of Identity lays the foundation for everything we talk about on the blog and is the foundation for the happiness in our own lives.

The Nitty Gritty of Choosing Happiness

Think again. Happiness is not dependent on circumstances. You have power over the way you experience the world. We believe choosing happiness is necessary to begin a new and improved life. We’ve figured out some practical tips and strategies that have worked for us for ten years and they’ve now helped thousands of people. So we can’t wait to teach them to you. We want to help you develop the muscle memory required to start choosing happiness in your own life, both in small and large ways. And yes, we want to help you not only conquer your challenges, but be grateful for them. (Crazy talk?!) Yes. The best crazy talk ever. This stuff has changed our lives and we know it can do the same for you.

Heal and Transform Your Relationships

If you want it, come and get it. Ebbs and flows are normal, but it is possible to take your marriage or partnership to the next level of joy, connection, intimacy, healing, trust, and respect. Sound good?! Believe us, it can happen. And the journey itself can be the most rewarding and liberating of your life. Relationships can be bliss.

Learn the Language of Love

The Language of Love is universal, and not limited to lovers. It is vulnerability in its most beautiful form. It is seeing the worth and humanity in another human being, and speaking to that humanity to empower someone instead of manipulate them. It is learning how to use respect and kindness, even when setting boundaries, even when having difficult conversations. It is speaking with love, not fear. It is love for the sake of loving, and it will transform your life.

Forgiveness: The Birthplace of Healing

It’s time. Forgiveness is essential to true happiness and pure love. Holding on to disappointment, offense or bitterness impedes our progress in every way. Learn to let go—no strings attached—and finally allow yourself to be liberated. External forces have no bearing on our happiness so don’t live that way. Learn to heal guilt, disappointment and bitterness and move on untethered. It feels so good to feel light again.

“I am forever changed after being in Ecuador. The course of my life is on a completely different path because of the love & knowledge you shared with me. I couldn’t be happier about where I’m headed now.”


The Daily Detoxing Plan

Increase Your High Vibes & GLOW.

Here’s the deal with Body+Soul Camp:

A healthy body is the healthy soil for life and vitality to grow. So in honor of health and the power it has to change our lives, Body+Soul Camp is truly a knitting together of all of the Love & Happiness principles we teach with the principles of eating whole foods, drinking green juice and smoothies daily, and eating more live/raw/whole foods. There is nothing that can compare with showing love and respect to the body and the spirit – all at the same time. It’s rejuvenation and healing at its finest.

This concentrated effort can save you time, efforts, and money by addressing healing from so many angles. And one of those angles is our plan to detox together in Ecuador…

For the week we will jump start eliminating addictions to sugar, processed foods, unhealthy fats, junk foods, chemically laden foods, refined foods, caffeine, packaged foods, sodas.

We hope the week will help you learn some healthy habits that you can take home with you. Healthy, non-inflammatory food can often help you kiss good-bye to fatigue, aches and pains, stress, sleep issues, acne, skin problems, migraines, bloating – or even depression and anxiety. We’ve seen this in others. We’ve experienced it ourselves.

Get ready to feel alive and glowing!

Daily Detoxing Schedule:

  • Oil Pulling – this Ayurvedic tradition cleans the mouth and teeth and removes toxins that accumulate overnight. Side effects: a brighter/whiter smile and healthy gums!
  • Lemon Juice Cleanse – provided each morning, this helps to alkalize and cleanse the body, and start digestion.
  • Morning Green Juice – juiced fresh each morning, this provides a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients! Having a juice breakfast during the week will also allow your body to extend it’s “fast” and maximize the period of detoxing.
  • Mid-Morning Green Smoothie – MORE GREENS, blended with tropical fruits. 🙂 Hello, fiber. You’ll take in more vitamins and nutrients before noon than most people get in a week!
  • Delicious Raw Food Lunch – menu curated by a raw food chef and prepared by our experienced Ecuadorian cooks. Lunch will be 100% LIVE/RAW food for the most ultimate detoxing meal. You’re going to be AMAZED!
  • Healthy Cooked Vegetarian Dinners – prepared by the local chefs at the property. Their food is super flavorful, healthy, hearty, and delicious and will be made without the gluten or dairy.

Let’s get clear: You will love the food experience! Don’t think our cooks will be serving you carrot sticks! The meals will be filling, delicious, and abundant and will include soups, main dishes, salads, and side dishes. The week will truly be a celebration of food. The plan is to light you up from the inside out – and it works.

I feel confident you can do this, even if you’ve never eaten this way before. The plates will be full of so much goodness that you might even get tricked into thinking you’re eating an indulgent meal. You will walk away with a completely different lens on what it means to eat yo’ vegetables. (Trust me, you’ll be asking for recipes, which we will be happily giving to you in your Resource Guide.)

And, raw brownies may be involved. 🙂 The best news: these delicious meals and whole food desserts won’t zap your energy, they’ll add to it in leaps and bounds. And what’s even better, these meals will be prepared with a lot of love – for your ultimate nourishment and healing.

Dinner will feature some cooked vegetarian dishes by the cooks at the property. We know cooked meals are certainly a part of life – and they can also be chock full of whole foods and plants. We want to show you how diverse and flavorful a meal full of vegetables can be. You’ll get to try some Ecuadorian specialties and soups as well as Mexican, Indian, and Asian dishes – and it will all be served with so much kindness from the incredible Ecuadorian staff.

Healing Therapies

Go DEEP into healing your soul & emotions.

I’ll just say it – I wish every single person could experience this retreat!

You will experience workshops and experiences that are designed to help you clear out negative beliefs and energies – and bring in positive vibrations. You will be practicing new ideas IMMERSED at the experiential level opposed to just reading or thinking about them. It’s like a spring cleaning for the mind and spirit.  

Every person that has attended has loved the experiences and felt that coming was one of the best things they’ve ever done. We’ve heard again and again from our retreat alumni: “I want to come again! I want to come every year! I want to send my spouse! I can’t wait to tell everyone about this!”

Many of the activities will be led by Alexandra, our extraordinary yoga & meditation teacher. She also is a Gestalt Psychologist, an Ayurveda Educator, and an intuitive/inspiring group facilitator who has trained around the world. She will be very connected to each person during the retreat! You will experience greater strength, greater coordination, greater power, more peace, more clarity, more connection to your spirit, more intuition, more light, more connection with others, and more love. (Trust me on this!)

Some of the experiences include:

  • Daily Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Exercises – these are specifically designed to cleanse and support your body during the detox, to cleanse your mind and body of negative emotions, and to bring a positive energy and vibration to your body.
  • Affirmation Therapy – A beautiful group exercise that will help you to begin to deeply believe in your beauty, worth, and potential.
  • Dance Therapy – It’s so fun, I promise! You’ll have the opportunity to let go, laugh deeply, and to move with power and confidence within your body. (No need to be a dancer!)
  • Vulnerability Therapy – Here you get to actually practice vulnerability instead of reading about it. No, do not let that make your palms sweat. 🙂 I promise that it’s doable and an extremely meaningful experience for your soul that you won’t forget.
  • Speaking A Language Of Love – Believe me when I say you will have love flow out of you like never before. You won’t even have to try.
  • Grounding & Gratitude ExercisesThese will be utilized daily to help you return again and again to feeling peace in the present moment, no matter what might be weighing heavily on your mind/heart.
  • Forgiveness MetaThis will take place in a Yurt – a dwelling common in the Andes and often used for spiritual gatherings and ceremonies
  • Aromatherapy – We’ll use the aromas of essential oils to bring us into focus and to create memories of empowering moments.

Additional Healing Experiences:

  • Individual Mentoring Walks with Danny & Mara – like we used to do with our original “Walks in the Park” in Brooklyn. But this time it will be with a waterfall, Andean views, and possible llama sightings!  
  • Healing Massage – one for each guest will be provided during the retreat (additional are usually available upon request).
  • Soaks in a Japanese Hot Tub – soak outdoors in water warmed by coals, with GORGEOUS Andean views all around.
  • Nightly Movies/Documentaries – to reinforce the healing of both body and soul.

“I had pretty high expectations for Body+Soul Camp & went into the trip hoping for a ‘life-changing’ experience. Not only did the trip meet my expectations, it far exceeded them.”


Community + Connection

Experience what we all crave.

Have you experienced utter oneness with a community in awhile? Do you want to experience that in all it’s magical glory (we’re talking the greatest, highest connection possible)? Well, this retreat will offer that to you in the most extraordinary ways. And I can tell you it’s so meaningful to experience that connection – to put down the phones and the stress and just experience sisterhood and brotherhood face-to-face, to be heard, and to witness the humanity of others. 

We facilitate experiences so that the coming together of a community is natural, easy, and real. And we go to efforts to make the retreat a sacred, safe space for all – where all people are welcome and loved, no matter what.

One of the biggest benefits of an event like this is you get to connect with a tight-knit group of like-minded people and do the program TOGETHER. This group atmosphere fosters relationships, security, support, group-learning, momentum, confidence, and love. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to do a detox and to do something new and unknown when you’re surrounded by people who are in it with you. And not only that, you’ll feel INSPIRED by those around you. You’ll learn from their light and goodness, too – and you’ll find that everyone around you will play a part in your healing journey.

Are you an introvert?

No worries! We have free-time hours each day when you can take a break. There are areas outdoors to catch some sunshine or you can read a book by the fire. And during our group activities, you are not required to share unless you’d like to. It’s our goal for EVERY person to feel comfortable and loved – just as you are.

Charming Accommodations

Heart Soaring Views. Adobe Architecture. Ecuadorian Arts.

The rooms at Casa Mojanda are in little cottages and they are so beautifully done, well kept, and comfortable. Plan on hacienda style rooms with thoughtful details and an incredible Ecuadorian arts and crafts collection throughout the property that will make you ooh and ahh. A fun note: The owner is a former Brooklynite and used to live in Brooklyn Heights on Orange Street!

Many of the rooms have multiple individual beds and will be shared among 2-3 retreat guests. There are some rooms available for couples, with a shared bed. Each room has it’s own bathroom and shower.

“What most surprised me about returning was how one week in this environment allowed to make significant changes in my life – like how I interacted with my husband, friends and coworkers. I look back with only the fondest memories of those days I spent at the retreat, doing nothing that felt familiar and loving every minute of it.”


Cultural Experiences in Ecuador

Traditional Rug Weaving, Arts & Crafts, the Otavalo Market

We’ll have a few group outings together:

  • A Visit to the Otavalo Craft Market – this is a world famous indigenous market with blankets, pottery, rugs, sweaters, woven bags, jewelry, baskets, ponchos, alpaca items, hammocks, hammock chairs, wood carvings, and soooo much more
  • A Group Hike at Mojanda Lakes – this is a high elevation hike with epic views, led by a local indigenous guide. The strenuous level is low and the wow level is very high. 🙂
  • A Textile & Craft Tour – a local guide will take us to the country’s most esteemed local weavers, basket makers and artisans.

Location, Airport, Transportation

Um, did we mention this all takes place IN THE ANDES?

Body+Soul Camp is hosted at the lovely eco-lodge called Casa Mojanda, in the hills above the town of Otavalo. The nearest airport is the Quito International Airport, which is 1 1/2 hours from the property.  

Your flight to Quito is not included in the price of the retreat. However, we do provide all ground transportation to and from the airport. We use safe and trusted English speaking drivers that we’ve been using for all of our retreats.

Start Time: The retreat will begin with a dinner at 6:00 pm on the first day.

End Time: The retreat will end at 1:00 pm on the last day, just after lunch.

Often our guests will stay an extra night in Quito upon arrival or departure, in the event that their flight time requires an extra night stay. We can recommend a hotel near the Quito Airport, if needed. After the retreat, our guests are such good friends that they often spend some time together in Quito while they are awaiting their flights.

What if I have never traveled alone?

There is power in doing something alone. There is power in taking a leap. There is power in saying that you want and need to do something for yourself and that you are actually going to follow through and do it. You may be nervous, but we suspect you will feel an overwhelming amount of pride, joy, liberation, and love for yourself for overcoming this fear.

“I’m back home now, excited and able to live with love at every turn. The first day at the retreat changed my life’s course; by day six, I knew I could steer my life in any direction I chose. I wholeheartedly believe Mara and Danny’s approach can be grasped by anyone who desires it.”

-Christine Jimenez


There’s more! Check here for more Body+Soul Camp goodness.

Will this work for me?

We are very confident in the results people are experiencing because of this retreat. We’ve done this enough to know that what we teach at these events and the experiences we’ve curated are EXTREMELY effective and helpful for people. We have distilled our VERY best principles and techniques that CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE and we are CONFIDENT that if these principles are applied, you WILL be able to make some beautiful shifts. But it does take work on your part and we hope that the retreat will help jump-start that energy and momentum and excitement you will need to begin implementing changes in your life once you return home. Get excited. Have hope.

Are there any prerequisites to Body+Soul Camp?

No. You do not have to attend Love Boot Camp first, for example, nor attend any of our online classes. Body+Soul Camp stands alone in terms of content. Most people that come have read parts of the blog, however, but this is not necessary. A few people have come completely blind (meaning with no experience with us prior), based on recommendations – and they have completely loved it!

Also: for those who register, we will send a Welcome Packet with some optional reading material to get you inspired as you await your epic trip.

Should I attend Body+Soul Camp or Love Boot Camp?

This depends on the experience speaking loudest to your heart and the commitment you are able to make at this point in your journey. I will say that just about everybody that attends our 1-Day event is hooked and they want to attend the 7-Day event ASAP. Many have been able to do just that. Here are some thoughts to help you decide:

  • The 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador is a fully-immersive program. This retreat is for those who want to heal in many ways. It’s truly a jumpstart to a new life. It focuses on healing both the body and the soul, which is why the deepest healing can take place as the two are SO extremely connected. The retreat in Ecuador is also an extremely spiritual experience as our Spiritual Healer, Alexandra, works closely with each guest. No doubt, you will be in awe of your experience with her. Also, Ecuador! The setting is unforgettable! There is something about making a commitment like this – and buying a ticket to fly across the world. ALL of it is a message to your life that you are worth it; that you are ready to make a change.
  • The U.S. based 1-Day Love Boot Camps are part of our introductory jump-start program. With multiple cities to choose from throughout the year, you can find one closest to you. These events will be best for those who cannot carve out time for our longer events, or whose budgets don’t allow for an overnight experience at this time. These events will be INTENSIVE and you’ll receive a lot of our curriculum as well as a good dose of community for the day. Many guests come to this event TWICE because they had such a positive experience. People have gone out to have extreme successes in their lives because of this event.

Is there any one-on-one time with Danny and Mara?

The Ecuador Body+Soul Camp allows us to schedule a hike to a local waterfall with every one of our guests. Also, for 7 days, Danny & Mara are out and about with the guests, teaching classes, leading discussions, answering questions, chatting one-on-one, and having long, epic conversations at every meal and in between activities (ok, and also in the Japanese hot tub. Some of the best conversations take place there.)

Who usually attends these retreats?

The common denominator is people who love self-improvement and want to get better at healing their lives. And that makes for quite an awesome energy from the minute people arrive.

We’ve also had beautifully diverse groups of people. Both men and women have attended. Married people. Single people. People in dating relationships. Mothers/Fathers. LGBTQ  people. People who have chosen not to have children. We’ve had a few recently divorced people. A few who are in life transitions and maybe even in between jobs. The age group, so far, has been in the 20s-50s range and we welcome all ages! We have many guests from the East Coast – and many from the West Coast, too. A guest from Asia and a guest from Switzerland also attended. We’ve had people who are experienced in healthy practices, some that don’t eat vegetables at all, and a few who use their Vitamix to make margaritas instead of green smoothies. We’ve had gender equality lawyers, environmental engineers, entrepreneurs, housekeepers, designers, stay-at-home moms, lobbyists, social workers, future yoga instructors, and people in transition attend. But one thing is clear: no matter who attends, they are there for a good reason. They are there because they want to offer the best of themselves to the world.

Do I need to be spiritual or religious to attend and participate?

Not at all! We love, love welcoming people from any and all backgrounds. These events are not religious whatsoever and we prefer to speak in a way that is applicable to anyone. We will be talking about spiritual traditions that can enhance your life whether you are religious or not. And we often mention great leaders and teachers in history (including some associated with various religions) simply because of the impact they’ve had and the truth they share. We also welcome fully all comments, discussions, experiences, blessings, words of religious faith (or not) from all of our guests. We’ve had people with so many belief systems attend whether that is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Catholic, Mormon, Buddhist, Agnostic, formerly religious, or not religious at all. We want the environment to feel safe- and for it to be a place where people can be just what they are – and be celebrated and accepted for that! 

What if I have food allergies or I’m on a specific diet? Can I bring my own food?

We are happy to accommodate allergies or needs that you might have (you’ll have the opportunity to let us know your needs when you register). The cooks at Body+Soul Camp are accustomed to catering to needs, as necessary. The raw portions of our meals will include ingredients like fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, sun dried tomatoes, dates, sprouted quinoa, sprouted legumes, raw honey, raw cacao, coconut oil, herbs, spices, and nutritional yeast. Dinner will be vegetarian and will also include grains such as brown rice and quinoa. No gluten, dairy, meat, or refined sugar will be served throughout the retreat.

Is there any financial aid or payment options available?

There is no financial aid at this time. Though from time to time, we do have donors donate funds for people to attend a retreat. Please write us if you have a financial aid request in case that opportunity becomes available again.

Also, payment is due in full at the time of your booking. Though please reach out to us if you have a request for a different arrangement.

What do I do if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you find that you can’t attend, please let us know as soon as possible. If a new person fills your spot before the start of the retreat, we will return what you paid for the event, minus a $150 handling fee. Otherwise there will be no refunds given. Thank you for understanding!

Can I bring my child to an event?

Our events are not automatically set up for children to attend, but it can be arranged, and we are happy to try and accommodate your needs! In the past, we have hired the most wonderful, trusted, local baby-sitter to be on site to care for a child while the parents were attending the classes. You may also bring your own nanny. In the past, a husband and wife also chose to alternate classes so they could take turns caring for their child. Just let us know in advance and we can help accommodate your needs in anyway we can.

Can you tell me about the staff?

We aim to work with people who are loving, full of light, and full of a desire to help people transform their lives.

Our retreat staff includes a very professional, extremely experienced and loving individual, Alexandra Molina. Alexandra is a Gestalt psychologist, yoga teacher, and an Ayurveda educator. She has had specialized training in Argentina, India, New Mexico, and Ecuador and has ran many, many retreats for people wanting to change their lives. Many at our retreats have said she is “the best yoga teacher they’ve had.”

We also have a chef, Tony, who is often able to attend our retreats, depending on availability. He’s spent the last few retreats training an incredible, professional kitchen staff at Casa Mojanda.

We will also have a masseuse attending to our guests during the week.

And, we are grateful for the incredible and kind staff at Casa Mojanda. The owner of the property moved from the U.S. to Ecuador 20 years ago to open the lodge and he has an incredible team, many who have been with him since the beginning.

What changes can I hope to notice during/after the retreat?

Most people experience a noticeable rise in energy due to the nutrient rich foods, yoga, meditation and the breathing techniques. It’s almost guaranteed that your skin and countenance will GLOW more than ever! You may likely find that any skin issues (acne or rashes) clear up or improve. It is amazing to us to see the faces of all the people at the retreat. You will look and feel more alive than ever! You may also notice any aches, pains, and stresses improving due to the meditation and yoga. Your body will feel stronger, more balanced and coordinated as the days go by. You may feel a greater connection to your body, spirit, life, the world, nature, and those around you. Your mind may feel clearer and sharper. You will feel more capable of love and healing.

How do I know if this is the right thing for me to do?

How many times have you told yourself that there is always something more important than YOU? It’s time to care for yourself! And if you are going to take one week of your life to do something out of the ordinary, you better make it GOOD. This retreat will offer a COMPLETE experience for the mind, body, and your soul. You can never ever get this experience by laying on the beach or eating crap foods on a vacation. Instead, make THIS your vacation! Traveling with the purpose of self-care is about as good as it gets. 


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