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There was never a time I was more blissful than when I started to take care of my body+soul…

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Becoming a natural maven & learning to honor myself through self-care / self-love.

healed my life.

Today, I honor that liberation by sharing my journey with you…with the hopes that maybe it will give you enough hope + love + belief to start your OWN journey of radiance & transformation.

The Self-Love Manifesto is full of tips, ideas, resources, & links to help you elevate your life.

It is a calling to honor your soul,
to bring your unique essence to the
world in bigger, brighter ways.

This is for goddesses-in-the-making.

Feeling FREE/ WHOLE/ WORTHY/ LIBERATED is our birthright.

Let’s rise in radiance together.

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To enhance your self-love journey, may
I suggest anointing daily with essential oils…

Because Self-Care, Natural Living, Healing Spiritual Practices & Self-Love are ALL heightened by these gifts from Mother Nature.

To get you started, we have curated a
Love Blends Bundle:

These are 8 glorious oils for self-love!

The bundle includes:

  • Bergamot – 15 ml
  • Roman Chamomile – 5 ml
  • Wild Orange – 15 ml
  • Arborvitae – 5 ml
  • Balance – 15 ml
  • Passion – 10 ml Touch
  • Serenity – 15 ml
  • Elevation – 15 ml

Price: $292.67 retail or $219 WHOLESALE if you get a dōTERRA membership. Purchase HERE.

And yes, they smell amazing, they help you smile or feel comfort, they are a link to the feminine divine.

Free Gems:

The first (40) purchasers who buy an order of 200 pv or more will also receive our

Happiness-to-Go Clutch for FREE.

It’s the perfect clutch for carrying your oils!

Now, let’s talk about this clutch! The fabric is woven by hand on a wooden loom in Ecuador; the leather piece is crafted by a saddle maker in Cuenca; and the hardware is from a female-owned hardware store in Cuenca (a rarity!) The clutch also comes with an insert to hold (4) oils. (Striped fabric will vary.)

OK, Let’s get started…

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dōTERRA Customer

(this is for those who want to buy essential oils):

Yay! More Self-care is coming your way.

FYI, ordering & shipping of the oils is done directly through dōTERRA. There are some options, so I’ll fill you in…

To buy Retail, shop HERE on our dōTERRA page.

To buy Wholesale at 25% off, go HERE and to become a customer with a dōTERRA membership. More info. below.


Certainly, getting a membership account is the most saavy way to go as you’ll be able to build up your essential oil collection over time. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to. 🙂

Plus, you get to enjoy:

  • A welcome chat with Danny + Mara.
  • Deeper community with Danny + Mara.
  • A private Facebook group for About Love oil mavens.
  • Ongoing education and offers from us & dōTERRA.
  • Hopefully new friendships in our community.
  • A Loyalty Rewards Program which gives you product points as you stock your home with holistic products – plus access to a free product each month.
  • The option to join our dōTERRA Mastermind, if that interests you anytime in the future.


To get a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership:

**Go to our dōTERRA page HERE.**

Cost: $35 for a year (this is waived if you buy a pre-made Enrollment Kit below. Check out the sweet bonuses Danny and Mara are offering as well.)

Reward: 25% off all your oil purchases for one year. Renewal the next year is $25, but that comes with a FREE $27.33 Peppermint Essential Oil every year. Renewal fee is not charged automatically unless you continue purchasing into the 2nd year. No need to sell or meet a minimum monthly purchase.


Enrollment Kit Options & About Love Bonuses:

$35 – Basic Intro. Packet + ANY OILS of your choice.

(If you wanted the Love Blends Bundle, for example, you would add Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Wild Orange, Arborvitae, Passion, Balance, Serenity, Elevation to this Intro Packet.)

BONUS: Any order 200 pv and above will get you the FREE Happiness-to-Go Clutch.

NOTE: If you buy a pre-made Enrollment Kit below, dōTERRA *WAIVES* the $35 fee

$2,500 – Diamond Kit. Well, you can imagine that this kit is would help a home TRANSFORM. In addition to every oil, you get every product from the company! Most of these products you are likely buying already (supplements, shampoo, toothpaste & laundry detergent) – so if you buy all the products in bulk within this kit, you get a discounted rate for everything. (AND, this kit would hands down be the smartest choice for those you want to build a business.) Experiencing the products is key to being able to share them. So this kit would give you the fastest start. PLUS you get 400 free product points! And you start accruing free points at 20% of every future order. So in the end, this kit makes a lot of financial sense. Kit Savings: $794 + 400 product points.

BONUS: Get ready (!)…you’ll also get from us…

$1,825 – Every Oil Kit. This is the kit I got. Because I already knew I loved oils and wanted to go ALL IN with adding oils to our business. To do so, I knew I needed to have experiences myself with all the oils (and I hadn’t yet tried them all). And I just LOVE the idea of having every oil on hand in my home for any purpose. You could say I like the variety. Plus, I love the idea of being able to let others smell and experience all these oils as well. With this kit, you also get an Aroma Lite diffuser (I prefer this more minimalist style) and 200 pv in product points if you order a 100 pv LRP order the following month. You also start accruing free points at 20% of every order. Literally, this is a dream kit to start with. Plus, you’ll likely find that you want to buy all the oils anyway, so it saves you a lot of money to buy them all at once in this kit. Kit Savings: $311.15 + 200 product points.

BONUS:  You’ll also get from us…

$800 – Oil Sharing Kit. Maybe you already have some oils – and you want to dive right into starting your oil business… if so, this kit is awesome as it allows you to get a load of samples at a very good price. Also, if you place an LRP order of 100 pv the following month, you’ll get 100 free points to use + 15% of your future LRP orders will be returned to you in free product. Kit Savings: $253 + 100 in product points.

BONUS:  You’ll also get from us……

$550 – Natural Solutions Kit. This kit is for people who want to totally clean up their home and personal product routine. Sometimes the ticket is to just do it all at once! I had that strategy myself when I was clearing out my home of toxic chemicals. This kit comes with an additional 100 pv (product points) to use the following month if you also set up a Loyalty Rewards order (LRP) of 100 pv. Also, you get 15% of your future LRP orders back in points for free product. Kit Savings: $220 + 100 in product points.

BONUS: You’ll get the Happiness-to-Go Clutch FOR FREE.

$275 – Home Essentials Kit. Here you get large bottles (15 ml) of the most popular household oils, plus the diffuser. Such a great value here as these large must-haves will last a very long time! Kit Savings: $86.25

BONUS: You’ll get the Happiness-to-Go Clutch FOR FREE.

$275 – Family Wellness Kit. Great for families with kids. You get some of the most popular family oils diluted in roller balls – which makes them safe for kiddos. Also, I hear those kids’ vitamins and probiotics are very much enjoyed by little ones (not gonna lie, I’m tempted to try them.) Kit Savings: $99

BONUS: You’ll get the Happiness-to-Go Clutch FOR FREE.

$245 – Cleanse & Restore Kit. This power kit is where it’s at if you are in need of a periodic cleanse. I especially love doing a cleanse in January or in the spring time – and then about once a quarter. Here you get some of doTERRA’s #1 selling supplements (multi vitamins + omegas) as well as supplements to cleanse your gut and liver. Kit Savings: $79.05

$195 – Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit. Self-care mavens, these oil blends are a must, whether now or as you build your collection. Each blend offers uplifting and mood boosting properties. I love using them as mantra oils and also take these to the spa. Plus, you get the most popular diffuser which comes with a 1-year warranty.

$150 – Family Essentials Kit. This kit has the 10 most popular oils – and it’s like a natural first-aid kit. These are great for every household to have on hand, whether it’s now or later. We use all of these for different things throughout the week. Kit Savings: $37

$150 – Aromatouch Diffused Kit. Love, love this kit because of all the self-care options in here (hello, massage!). Also, this Petal Diffuser is a popular one and comes with a 1-year warranty! Kit Savings: $32

Are you ready?

Become a Customer HERE.
If you feel stuck or have questions, please write us at essentials@dannyandmara.com or set up a 15-minute chat.

Oh my goodness, you are in for a treat. Oils are so lovely to work into your lifestyle.

These oils below are truly some of our all-time favorites!! I don’t ever want to be without them.

Bergamot – This citrus oil is known for it’s calming properties (and it smells amazing). I anoint it on my wrists or add a drop to my face oil on days when I’m letting my stress levels get the better of me. (It also lightens dark spots on the face.)

Roman Chamomile – Hands down, my all-time favorite for heavenly sleep. It just smells so comforting to me. Many baby products are made with Roman Chamomile, and I think subconsciously the smell makes me feel secure and content. I anoint it on my temples each night and also just rub it in my palms and smell away.

Wild Orange – Oh my. One of the best smells on the planet earth. This orange aroma is the most energizing, vibrant scent on earth. Pure zest! I wear it on my wrists, put a drop in my water bottle, or diffuse it all the day long. It encourages playfulness and creativity.

Arborvitae – This is a tree bark oil from The Tree of Life and of course it’s super woodsy. Danny and I both are completely in love with the smell. We use it for grounding purposes during meditation. Or for sitting in the Turkish bath or sauna. Danny even wears it as cologne and beard oil (and it’s so good- I love it.) The smell also lasts a particularly long time.

Balance – This is dōTERRA’s official grounding blend and I just adore it. “The magic is in the blends,” my friend says. Balance is a mix of woodsy and floral and contains Spruce, Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, Blue Tansy, and Ho Wood. I wear this as a perfume nearly every day! I especially reach for it if I’m in need of returning to a peaceful state.

Passion – This blend is spicy and conducive to passion or romance (think cinnamon and clove with some jasmine, vanilla, and sandalwood). I love to diffuse this – or wear on my wrists as a perfume for a date night. It rekindles feelings of excitement, passion, and joy. I also love to wear it when I’m working on something creative.

Serenity – Get ready to melt away into relaxation. This blend is great for resting, sleeping, nesting, and overall calming comfort. It’s purpose is to lessen feelings of tension and calm emotions. It’s great to diffuse as the evening is slowing down.

Elevate – I can’t get enough of this joyful blend. I use this as a mantra blend: “All is well. I am full of joy and my life is a gift.” Doing this while smelling the oil is a wonderful ritual and really does help to create a little shift. The oil is meant to elevate your mood, promote feelings of confidence, and increase your energy.

My self-love journey began with infertility, long hours working in NYC, and eating bakery goods and chocolate all the day long. (And let’s not forget the Junior’s Cheesecake delivered to my desk.)

My infertility was a wake up call –
and the greatest blessing of my life. Because I was forced to start taking care of my body. My mentor told me that it’s impossible to truly mother another, unless you know how to mother yourself.

And so, I got to work. I changed my diet to whole foods, eliminated inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, sugar), I worked less or at least more consciously, I made time for myself, and I eliminated toxins from my skincare, perfumes, haircare, kitchen, and home. I also learned how to love in healthier ways, how to heal my emotions and choose happiness, and how to cultivate my self-worth from within.

And this is the miracle that unfolded:

I eliminated severe PMS 100%, excruciating migraines, mood swings galore, anxiety, adult acne, major bloating, 14-year chronic rashes, severe fatigue & lack of energy, the desire for naps everyday, chronic yeast infections/UTIs, and thyroid imbalances.

I never did get a baby. *
But I got a new life.* And I consider this transformation the greatest blessing of my life.

My new health and love skills even led to healing the pain of infertility and a later divorce. I felt total empowerment to respond to life in healthy ways and have self-worth – even though my life circumstances had fallen apart. 
And the best gifts of it all? Meeting a man I only once dreamed of and having the best relationship I could imagine. And now doing our life’s work together with this movement we call About Love.

Of course, this all-natural revolution of mine was bound to get me to essential oils eventually. 🙂  
And it did.

-In an effort to clear out toxic cleaning products, I started using Lemon and Melaleuca in some homemade vinegar sprays and baking soda scrubs.
(The added aroma in the home was soooo nice.)

-While going all natural with my natural skincare routine, I added Frankincense, Myrrh, and Helichrysum to my face oils.

-I then used oils like Arborvitae, Lavender and Balance for self-care practices like grounding, spa days, and meditation.

-For immune support and natural remedies, we started using Oregano, On Guard, Melissa, and Thyme.

-To satisfy my obsession with aromas, I started diffusing Wild Orange, Lemongrass, or Cassia (similar to cinnamon, but even better!) all day everyday.

-And don’t even get me started on the cologne blends Danny now makes!

I love honoring our planet (and our bodies) by using these oils to replace unnatural products.

For nearly 3 years now, we’ve even been using essential oils at our retreats. We use them for grounding activities, meditation, and to create memories of empowering or loving moments.

And so, we finally realized that selling oils through our business as an additional service to you all
had to happen! We love finding more ways to serve this audience! And you already know we love sharing our favorite things anyway. 😉 We also love creating community around a healthy lifestyle – as it fills us with new ideas and inspiration as well.

Now this makes our hearts soar…

dōTERRA started the Healing Hands Foundation, which brings hope to millions around the world through an IMMENSE amount of humanitarian work.

Their focuses are:

escuing children around the world from sex trafficking and slavery (in partnership with Operation Underground Railroad). They do this by utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts. OUR Rescue’s Jump Team, consisting of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives, lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts to rescue children being trafficked for sex. To ensure perpetuity and sustainability of these extraction efforts, OUR Rescue works with law enforcement in the countries where they rescue children to ensure that everything is done legally and with the support of the local authorities.The children rescued from these extraction efforts are then rehabilitated by OUR Rescue’s aftercare program, and the perpetrators are arrested, tried, and convicted to ensure that they don’t traffic children again.

-Days for Girls – a program that works to provide every girl in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits
. They do this by partnering with nonprofits, groups, and organizations; by raising awareness; and by helping communities around the world start their own programs. Thanks to a global grassroots network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on six continents, Days for Girls has reached women and girls in over 100 countries.

-Providing microlending programs for small business owners who do not have access to financing opportunities
or whose only lending options are with unethical and even dangerous lending. They also provide education and mentoring so that business owners can elevate their communities through economic development. (This is in partnership with Mentors International).

-Co-Impact Sourcing – a responsible method for sourcing oils which goes to areas of the world that are most able to sustain plants for essential oils, but it also elevates communities out of poverty and desperate need.
Humanitarian programs with dōTERRA have been set up in Bulgaria, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, and Somaliland. The cycle of poverty has been alleviated for many in these areas.

Do you have additional questions? We are here to help.

Schedule a 15-minute call

Join our Wellness Maven
dōTERRA Mastermind

(for creatives, influencers, entrepreneurs, wellness mavens, those wanting an untraditional lifestyle or wanting to work remotely like us, those wanting to financially support your greatest passions.)

Many of you may know we have taken an extremely unconventional path…

We’re talking quitting corporate jobs, living abroad, traveling the world, working from anywhere, developing our retreats, running our online business, writing a blog about love! ha.)

I love this life we’ve created. And we’re constantly designing our lives more and more to fit our future desired future. 
I mean, I’ve got books to write, people! 🙂 And 2.0 retreats to develop and classes to teach. Gatherings to host in NYC and around the world. And so many humanitarian efforts I would love to support in bigger ways. Above all, I desire to continue our life’s work: helping people to heal with love in whatever way I can. That is my purpose. And it is my dream to be able to do it always. Adding dōTERRA to our business is a way to support our work.

But also:
I crave communities, sisterhood, personal development, and mentorship. And I love the collaborative nature of working together as women and rising together. dōTERRA offers all of this to me tenfold. In fact, they say they are actually a personal development company that happens to sell oils. 🙂 I love that. And it’s true that the mentorship offered is off the charts.

Also, I know what it feels like to be financially and professionally vulnerable. Yes, I’ve always worked my butt off and have been the breadwinner for most of my life. But even then, I have been at the mercy of companies getting bought out, toxic work environments, no potential for a work leave (like for IVF or a sabbatical), jobs so soul-sucking it felt like I was pouring my life down the drain, hours and expectations so high that I put my health at risk. (I’ve had some jobs I loved, too.)

So, I love the idea of having a back-up (even when things are going great) – so that all my eggs are not in one basket. So that my life and creativity and freedom is not hinging on one source of income.
So that I can feel financially empowered in my life – and never feel “stuck” doing something I’d rather not do – but truly living the life of my dreams.

Also, I should add that this part of our journey surprises me! I didn’t see it coming necessarily. But it also brings a lot of joy as I realized it aligns so perfectly with so many things I love. Most of all, I believe in all of us living the lives we’ve dreamed of living – whether that is traveling the world, working remotely from anywhere, writing your book, working on your creative passions, spending more time with loved ones, learning new skills, or serving the world in bigger ways.

Do you have a desire for a creative outlet, a new purpose, a tangible opportunity for personal growth, a way to create income, a chance to hone your leadership/marketing/business skills, a community of women rising up together?

Do you have an entrepreneurial soul?

Well, you may know that I LOVE these things. ha.

So we are now leading a dōTERRA Mastermind so we can do this stuff all the day long.

What is a Mastermind, you say?

It is “the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” Our Mastermind offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting  – so that you can sharpen your business and personal skills. We have a business meeting online once a week. And the goal is to work together so that all our beloved group members achieve success! We challenge each other to set powerful goals and to have accountability so we can make stuff happen. We engage in brainstorming and collective creative thinking (the best!). Our Mastermind requires a willingness to both give and receive advice, ideas, and encouragement – and to return to love again and again as we interact with each other. We desire our Mastermind to be a vehicle for rising together!

Our Speciality:

We put a strong emphasis on using online strategies to share dōTERRA with your existing audience (or to one you will create.) As your mentors, we utilize our training from Marie Forleo’s B-School and training from our own business strategists and mentors (one of which is also on our dōTERRA team). We have invested heavily in learning as much as we can about online strategies. We pull from experiences from running a blog for 7 years and building our online business.


dōTERRA’s compensation plan is generous. You can read about it here or watch this explanatory video.

  • Our purpose is LOVE. Cultivating love in our community, returning to love among our team in response to our strengths and weaknesses, developing self-love for ourselves-so that we can exude more love to the world.
  • We value independence, self-reliance, and autonomy to live your desired life.
  • We value pursuing our passions and bringing our unique essence to the world in the way that only we individually can do.
  • We choose to relish in gratitude for every ounce of abundance in this life and gratitude for what this community offers.
  • We seek to cultivate light from WITHIN – so that we can lead with light.
  • We accept failure as a part of life – and desire to learn how to fail and be okay with it.
  • We desire to have our self-worth NOT ATTACHED to our income, our work, our success, our family or relationship circumstances. We believe our self-worth comes from within and is not dependent on others.
  • We believe in leaving ego out of our work. So that we can thrive. So that we can offer our wholeness to others and rise up together.
  • We believe in the body’s potential to heal itself when we take ownership of our health, wellness, and self-care! And we lovingly honor the health journey each person is on.
  • We value women. We desire women to have financial security in this patriarchal world. We value the feminine divine qualities of collaboration, wisdom, community, friendship, creativity, and being in service to Mother Earth. Together we can harness those attributes.

Are you ready for a new chapter, a new purposeful project?

Do you love a holistic lifestyle?

Is it your goal to be a little or a lot more financially free?

Do you love a VERY flexible way to earn income, that does not require you to be at the desk all hours of the day?

Do you enjoy having a mentor and developing new skills?

Are you sick of feeling “stuck” in life without a lot of options?

If so, this may be a wonderful fit for you!

We seek people who are willing to contribute to the whole. We seek people who are committed and willing to be consistent – whether that is 2-3 hours a week, or 10-20-30 hours a week, depending on your goals.

Bonus: Perhaps you have some online skills (or want to develop them); you have a social media presence or an online audience already; you have experience with creating a list, sending a newsletter, and creating webinars… (if not, we’ll teach you how if this is of interest!)

Also: I’ve been divorced, infertile for 13 years, and unexpectedly single with a mortgage in NYC. I’ve been a multiple six figure earner AND I’ve been on unemployment before. I’ve had jobs I’ve loved and jobs that sucked my soul dry. I know firsthand that life is truly a roller coaster. And I’m excited about the possibility of all of us growing together in personal development and income, no matter the unexpected turns of life.

Do I have to place a monthly order as a Wellness Advocate?

In order to earn commissions and bonuses, you will need to place a 100 pv monthly order. You can change the order at any time and you can cancel this order at any time, though your commissions would be paused during that time.

The goal is, however, that if you take action in the first month, your product will be paid for by your commissions and you can stock your home with toxic free products.


Isn’t the market saturated with people selling oils?

Well – even if it feels that way, consider this: the essential oil business is projected to double in the next 5 years as the holistic market is growing rapidly.
And what’s cool about a model like dōTERRA is this: each person who sells gets to reach their desired audience through their tailored branding and outreach. So even if you had 6 people selling oils on the same block (a raw food chef, a midwife, an athlete, a family with young children, or a self-care maven), each person could reach a totally different audience, depending on the identity they are seeking to serve. It’s all about finding a specific audience that is meaningful to you, and serving them (of course, the internet brings those communities even closer). And isn’t it more fun to buy from someone that is looking to serve you specifically?

Also, arriving at essential oils is a journey. Someone may not be interested in a holistic lifestyle at all until they find out they are infertile. Or they develop sleep anxiety or a thyroid disorder. Or their daughter/son is born with eczema or allergies or any other health issue. It is usually then, out of necessity, that people start cleaning toxins out of their home and learning how to take care of their bodies in a more holistic way.

Likewise, people grow up everyday – and come into the market as adults who begin making decisions for their health and home. So there is never an end to new people who will one day be interested in a holistic lifestyle.

Aren’t MLM companies scams or pyramid schemes?

Ha. I know, I know… that is a common idea out there. But a pyramid scheme is when there is a lot of recruiting going on without an exchange of a product or service – and only the promise of financial gain. Likewise, these models are unsustainable and often illegal.

With dōTERRA, the heart of the business is sharing a very high quality product. And instead of paying for massive advertising efforts (like most companies add into their budgets), dōTERRA pays their Wellness Advocates a commission for sharing the oils.  

What is the success rate of dōTERRA?

dōTERRA has an 68% retention rate in their business, which is unprecedented in the industry. In other words, 68% of their customers are placing an order once every few months – because that is how much people love the products and love the company.

Is it true that only the people at the top will make money?

No. Actually, that kind of top-down model is the model of business prevalent in just about every U.S. company. Traditionally, there is 1 CEO and a large or small group of employees below her/him who have next to zero chances of becoming the CEO or making that level of income. Even a small raise is often a challenge.

With dōTERRA, each person has an equal opportunity to rise up as high as anybody else, and it all depends on your commitment and consistent action. You don’t earn a high income only if you “got in in the beginning,” for example. Each person has the opportunity to earn more than the people who came before.

What is the compensation plan?

dōTERRA’s compensation plan is generous compared to any other online affiliate program out there (which pay pennies in comparison). You can read about the compensation plan here or watch this explanatory video.

How can I sell dōTERRA?

You can sell dōTERRA by holding essential oil classes in your home, at a place of business aligned with your audience, or in the home of someone wanting to host. You can also share the oils 1-on-1 with contacts, set up a booth at a market, or sell to businesses who want to sell retail. And, one of the most effective ways is to sell a lifestyle online via a blog, social feed, webinar, newsletter, and email series – and include the oils as part that brand.

Do you want to chat about this more? We’d love to!

Schedule a 15-minute call

We are here to serve.

With Love,
Danny + Mara