28 Nov, 2017

Giving Tuesday 1 of 5

For the last couple of years, we've worked here on the blog to raise some money for some causes with a #HolidayServiceProject. I've been SO touched every time one of you joined in with us. First, we helped an orphanage in Ecuador. Second, refugees in Greece. And this year, we'd [...]

24 Nov, 2017

About Love Friday Specials!

So thankful to each and every one who knows us in this space. We're forever humbled to have been able to connect with you in various ways over the years. To celebrate the beginning of the Christmas/Holiday season: A Shop About Love has 20% off the ENTIRE store. Use code LOVESHOP until Midnight tonight only.And, [...]

22 Nov, 2017

Shop Talk

Sometimes things come together, and sometimes they don't. But somehow, we got lucky with A Shop About Love. Overall, things just seemed to fall into place. I can imagine that part of this is due to my own energy around it. By some miracle, I have been calm about this particular project. [...]

21 Nov, 2017

Introducing: A Shop About Love!

Dear Women, I created a shop for you. And it just launched.  I’ve been working on this creative endeavor for a year. And it’s purpose is near and dear to me. It’s purpose is to remind us what matters the most: cultivating more love for ourselves and love for others.  To me, there is nothing [...]

13 Jul, 2017

Body+Soul Swoon

Souls nurtured. Bodies enlivened from the inside out. Hope restored. Empowerment on fire. ahhhhhh..... This is the essence of Body+Soul Camp. And we are so, so pleased to announce that we are at it again. :) Our next 7-day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador will be: November 26 - December 2, [...]

2 May, 2017

Gather for Goats

I've been dying to tell you about Gather for Goats. My friend, Linsey, and her friend, Haley, are two women who have been moving heaven and earth to provide for Syrian refugees. Linsey has been spearheading refugee settlements in New York (basically running a moving company and distribution center out of [...]

27 Apr, 2017

We’re Now Live!

Welcome to the new About Love!! Oh my goodness, we're HERE. This is nuts. I've never done anything like this (aside from fiddling with a blog page one night in 2011. haha.) So it's pretty exciting around here! And it's so fun to have so many of you share in our excitement, [...]

27 Apr, 2017

Site Launch Reveals

It's surreal to write this post. The launch should be happening TODAY!!! A few things to do once we launch: Share our new site on your social media feeds! That would mean so much to us!! Subscribe for our blog feed on BLOGLOVIN', FEEDLY, or your favorite reader. Add your email to [...]

27 Apr, 2017

On the Brink of Our Re-Launch!

I think I forgot how to blog. :) But today I want to try. Because our time in this blog space is almost running out. My friends, I can't believe I just said that. But yes, we will soon have a new on-line home. I know we've been hinting at [...]

15 Nov, 2016

2016 #HolidayServiceProject Plan

We Are Small But Mighty This year my heart just wants to split open and help the world. And I'm sure you're all feeling the same! There are so, so many who need love from other humans. Last year, it was humbling to join with you all to help the [...]