2 Jan, 2016

2015: The Obstacle is the Way

2015, THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. I sat on the last day of the year and felt immense gratitude for it all. The year wasn't perfect. It never is, of course. But I love the imperfection, too. The obstacle is the way. (Quote by Ryan Holiday). So all of it is [...]

26 Aug, 2015

Wise Words From Funny Man, Stephen Colbert

Photograph by Sebastian Kim of GQ (By Danny) Have you seen the recent GQ article featuring Stephen Colbert? We had two readers send it our way, and for good reason, too. It shows a side of Colbert most people probably don't know exists. It speaks of deep joy being born out [...]

24 Aug, 2015

A Message by Text

We know firsthand that sometimes life can throw you curveballs. Major ones. I know those times can be really, really hard to face. But I want to say - there is HOPE. For you. And you. And you. It is often in complete darkness that we can begin to see [...]

18 Aug, 2015

In Case Your Partner is Addicted to Porn: How to Heal

Dear Readers, This topic of porn addiction comes up so much. And I say: where else is a better place to discuss it than here? This is one loving and smart community where we attempt to tackle life's problems in the best way. So let's do this. First of all, [...]

14 Aug, 2015

My Current Tightrope

I want to share something I am doing personally RIGHT NOW. TODAY. AND YESTERDAY. to help me thrive more in this current life that we have. I am currently working hard on this, let me tell you. Because I have so much to overcome. We teach that often during a [...]

17 Apr, 2015

When A Baby Passes

  (from Danny) I just learned of a friend's loss. A baby was born, and a short time later passed. There was hope and anticipation...now there is loss. Friends and family are coming together to support, to help, to strengthen, to love. My guess is loving and kind words are [...]

20 Mar, 2015

The Power Of One

What happens when a single person digs deep, pushes through pain and loss and challenge, and overcomes? How does that change their own life, their perspective, their attitude? How is that likely to influence their family, friends, and those closest to them? How often does one person's transformation spread well [...]

12 Mar, 2015

Isn’t Anger Healthy?

from Danny We've been asked this question a number of times. It usually takes the form of "but isn't anger a healthy part of the healing process?" or something like it. We get the question a lot in part because of our stance that love and anger, hope and fear, [...]

24 Feb, 2015

Getting Personal About the State of This Blog

I've been wanting to fill you all in on why I didn't blog for awhile. But you know, after taking a break I just needed to dive in some where, so I did. And I never got back to this post. But today I'd like to share more about my [...]

2 Feb, 2015

Taproot Flowers (A Story From a Blog Reader!)

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I LOVE talking about small businesses! And I absolutely LOVE supporting the creative people behind them and their amazing visions. (It's sometimes all I talk about. I have to watch myself at times.) I basically want anyone and everyone to be bonkers [...]