21 Feb, 2014

Icelandic Road Trips, Waterfalls, & A New Sweater

Hello, it's Danny here. While writing this post we were in Malmo, Sweden, waiting to catch a 7 hour bus ride. We had some free wifi, so I figured I'd try to give an update on our last few days in Iceland.   Upon leaving our wonderful inn/converted school building, [...]

12 Feb, 2014

Geysirs & Green Roofs

(Written by Danny.) Our second day in Iceland has been magical…AGAIN. We spent the morning walking around Reykjavik admiring the Scandinavian architecture and color schemes. More than once today, Mara pointed at a house in the city, or on our drive into more remote parts of Iceland, and "Oh my...that [...]

11 Feb, 2014

Writing From Iceland

I love it when I can remain current on this blog. But man, that is HARD sometimes. The last few weeks have been all about seeing friends and wrapping up our lives in America. And this morning after a night flight, we landed in Iceland!! I am writing you now [...]

21 Jan, 2014

My Attempt to Stay Warm in Scandinavia

Would you believe that when I moved to New York from Arizona at age 22, I had never once worn a scarf? I didn't really own a warm coat, so I got my first wool pea coat right before coming. I felt so...east coast.  haha. But over the years, I've [...]

13 Jan, 2014

What to Buy in Ecuador, Part II

Here's the next edition of "What to Buy in Ecuador." (Part I is here.) Baskets. Basket making is huge there. You see women weaving baskets all over the place - in their homes, on the street, on the bus. There were so many varieties, but here's one type that I [...]

8 Jan, 2014

A Twist in Our Plans…

It turns out that I have a bit of unfinished New York business to attend to...  :) I've always wanted to visit ICELAND!! Hahaha.  I just thought of it a few days ago.  I mean - why not go North before we go South?! You should know that it's pretty common [...]

7 Jan, 2014

Clearing Out Our Stuff

My oh my, we just cleared out TONS and tons of stuff from our Brooklyn home in preparation for our move abroad.  I'm so happy that some of you readers were interested in the process as I wanted to write about it.  I wish I had taken more photos of [...]

23 Dec, 2013

It’s Happening…We are Going to Move!

To all the dear people who so kindly follow us here on this blog - I need to tell you that we did decide to go for this big move to Ecuador.  We're actually just finalizing a lease with some renters who would like to rent our home for the [...]

20 Dec, 2013

Part II: Our Favorite Things About Ecuador

Here is a continuation of "Our Favorite Things About Ecuador." (See 1-5 here)... 6.  No need for a car.  Public transportation is very good, so you don't need a car!  The bus system is very reliable and there are taxis everywhere.  The cities and towns are also very walkable.  As [...]

19 Dec, 2013

What To Buy In Ecuador, Part I

Oh me oh my, the goods you can buy in Ecuador are unbelievable.  I wanted to buy more things there  than I have on any of my other travels.  I guess things made by hand - at very good prices - are very hard to resist.  Today I thought I'd [...]