26 May, 2014

Photo Shoot by Chris Cammock

I've been wanting to share with you these photos we had taken by Chris Cammock at Snapdragon Inn. It was kinda cool to have one of the owners of the Inn just whip out her camera and have this shoot, on top of everything else. I'm telling you, those women [...]

15 May, 2014

Colombia: This is the Life!

  Our trip to Colombia (to see family) took place right after we moved to Ecuador. It was a WHIRLWIND, to say the least. But it was completely worth it to go there. It was our first taste of life in South America and...we liked it. A lot. I feel [...]

5 May, 2014

Our Stay at La Mirage Hotel: The Best of Luxury in Ecuador

One of the MUST DOs in Ecuador is to stay at one of the country's beautiful hacienda hotels. I had been wanting to do that ever since I started reading about Ecuador. So, on our way back from Colombia, we made that little dream happen by staying at one of [...]

7 Apr, 2014

On The Other Side: Our First Week in Cuenca

We are freaking in Ecuador. I can't believe we're here!! No regrets. It's feeling good, exciting, and just...fun. We've spent the week just soaking up the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Cuenca, our new city. We've said to each other more than once, "We're going to have a really [...]

24 Mar, 2014

Our Copenhagen Scrapbook

Copenhagen is the land of... -The most massive baby carriages I've ever seen (many parked in front of cafes with sleeping children inside!) -Chic urban dwellers on handsome bikes -One-piece zip-up snow suits worn by EVERY child you see -Ridiculous amounts of well designed signage, branding, and home goods.  -Delicious [...]

13 Mar, 2014

Finding My Kofoed Roots on a Small Island in Denmark

(By Danny) Mara and I write and speak a lot about the concept of Identity. For both of us, understanding Identity is the starting point for applying and embodying any of the other principles we try to elaborate on.  Perhaps the shortest quote that explains why we think it’s so [...]

11 Mar, 2014

The Romance of Amtrak is REAL

Riding through New England on the "Vermonter" felt magical and lovely. It was the first time Danny and I had been on Amtrak together. The American scenes - the farms, small towns, and churches - and the gentle sway of the train felt so comforting and rejuvenating. There wasn't a [...]

5 Mar, 2014

Vermont, Part II – Maple Cream & Covered Bridges

We had local gift items for our guests while in Vermont for our event. Snapdragon Inn surprised us by making up these darling gift bags. Photo by Chris Cammock Photo by Chris Cammock A huge, heartfelt thanks to local Raymond's Sugarhouse. They are a small, all natural maple farmer and provided 100% pure maple [...]

5 Mar, 2014

A Weekend of LOVE in Vermont

We went out on a limb. The Innkeepers of Snapdragon Inn (Michelle Larson and Chris Cammock, two of my new favorite women on earth) graciously invited us to their boutique property in Vermont. This invitation was very, very easy to accept. The place is gorgeous and I had been dying forever to [...]

24 Feb, 2014

Our 13 Best Travel Tips

Danny and I have been so lucky to travel quite a bit since we've been married. We've gotten into a groove with how we like to do things, and these are 13 (!) of our top tips… 1. Space Bags Travel Set. These travel bags are LIFE CHANGING and our #1 tip!! [...]