5 Aug, 2015

What to Pack for the Galapagos (And Also A Few Little Warnings)

Another post about the Galapagos! All of the photos today are by our friend, Melissa Hope. While in the Galapagos, it seemed every traveler there was well equipped with GEAR. And for good reason. Trust me, you will want to be prepared for salt water, terrain, boats, mosquitos, rain, and sun. It's no joke. [...]

31 Jul, 2015

City Girl & Country Boy

(Prospect Park, Brooklyn) Hello to you dear, dear people. Happy late summer!! I thought about writing another post while we were on the U.S. Tour and really, the only word that seemed appropriate to write was "PRESENCE." Ha. That was all. You could say we had been working to be [...]

12 May, 2015

Lots of Love in the Galapagos

(Photo by Melissa Hope) Our trip to the Galapagos was really such a treat.  I was especially so excited to just BE with my husband. Even though, admittedly, we get to be with each other all the time. But there is something so, so nice about being together without other routines, [...]

6 May, 2015

Friendship & Sea Lions in the Galapagos

(photo by Melissa Hope) By far one of the BEST parts of having this blog is meeting new friends. It's so, so lovely when that happens-when our lives cross and connect with someone new. (Gosh, just thinking about this makes my heart feel so huge. Sending love to all of [...]

10 Feb, 2015

Our Favorite Area of Ecuador

(by Danny) Mara and I LOVE the northern Andes region of Ecuador near Cotacachi and Otavalo. Every time we visit we get to experience the beautiful scenery of the "Volcano Alley", the lush green countryside, and the rich culture of the local Quechua people. This is why we decided to [...]

14 Jan, 2015

How Real Estate Makes Our Sabbatical Possible

Many readers have wanted to know how we're able to just up and leave traditional jobs and travel the world, live abroad, etc. The answer is real estate ownership. I once had a goal to buy a piece of real estate every year and I did it for 5 years, [...]

13 Oct, 2014

Our Dog Adoption at Hacienda Cusin

Here's the story of our dog adoption aka one of our greatest little blessings. --- I never thought I'd ever have a dog. Danny loves them to pieces (which started to rub off on me a bit, I'll admit.) But in New York, a dog just wasn't an option we [...]

26 Aug, 2014

Hacienda Rumiloma in Quito

(by Danny) One really fun thing about having a blog is it gives you an opportunity to connect with passionate business owners who are out there doing amazing things and to help promote one of their life's passions. Such is the case with our visit over a month ago to [...]

4 Aug, 2014

Our 10 Day Summer in NYC

People have been signing up for the Retreat, and my heart is about to BURST!! Soooo excited for anyone who will be able to make this trip. It's an investment in your HEALTH and your life and your happiness, but it's one that I feel is worth taking. Years ago, [...]

26 Jun, 2014

The World Cup in South America!

The last couple of weeks have absolutely been a blast here in Ecuador. People have been obsessed with the World Cup, as you can imagine. Everywhere we go, every mother, father, son, daughter, grandma, newborn, and dog on a leash is wearing an Ecuadorian soccer jersey. We don't currently have [...]