21 Dec, 2012

The Christmas Story

The story of Christmas, as told by the children of St. Paul's Church in Auckland, New Zealand.  Cutie, cute, cute.  :) Follow A BLOG ABOUT LOVE on: Twitter @ablogaboutlove  Pinterest   Facebook (We so appreciate all the "likes"!  thank you.) ABAL Book Club Babble Voices & The Equals Record

18 Oct, 2012

An Ordinary Person…Trying to Do Something Extraordinary

  I just saw this video on Design Mom (it's from the "I'm a Mormon" video series) and I just melted.  It's the perfect example of what can happen when you try to do something extraordinary. Oh man, I think it can be really difficult to figure out how and [...]

5 Jul, 2012

I Didn’t Used to Know if I Believed in God…

This topic tormented me my whole life.  I just didn't know.  And I wanted to know. But then I got really desperate for some hope and healing.  And so I thought I'd give God's way a try (100%) to see what would happen (yes, I was that desperate that I [...]

11 Jan, 2012

Something For You

  Well....um....I'll just say it.  Today is my birthday!  And so, I thought it would be fun to just share with you one of the greatest things I enjoy... so that you can enjoy it, too.  :)  Really, I posted it today because I guess I just want you to [...]

29 Dec, 2011

“I Couldn’t Help But Smile”

Dear readers - we miss you and we're thinking of you!  We're in Salt Lake City enjoying time with family and friends (getting our butts kicked in board games, playing with our nephews' awesome light sabers, going Rambo in nerf gun wars with all the boys, and eating a whole [...]

15 Dec, 2011

What Are You Without?

(From Danny:) This weekend I was glancing through the dog-eared pages of Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" to remind myself of some of the wisdom I found in that book when I was reading it two years ago.  I kind of like that back then I dog-eared the pages instead [...]

9 Dec, 2011

How to Keep a Marriage GLUED

  Attn. Every Married Person :) You may already know that prayer is on my list of tips for a lovely marriage. Am I really going to talk about prayer?  Yes - I kind of have to... :).  You see, at this point in my life, I've seen what a [...]

18 Nov, 2011

Peace is Closer Than We Think

(From Danny...) We all struggle at various times to feel real peace and love, especially when life gets a little tough.  Hopefully we've noticed at least a few times in our lives where the Divine has stepped in and helped us, either temporally or spiritually.  Many of us are more [...]

15 Nov, 2011

Best Beauty Secret in the World

Anyone who knew me in high school, college or during my first 6 years of my 7 year marriage knows that I am not the same woman I was back then. People say I even look different and those that knew me before and after know what I am talking [...]

11 Nov, 2011

Become Your Best Self

(A Month of Sunday Walks, by Leanne Shapton, former Art Director of the NY Times.) I believe EACH & EVERY ONE of you has the potential to become more spiritual / conscious / full of light, on any level you desire.  As promised... Here are a few things I recommend [...]