11 Jul, 2012

When Your Man Notices Another Woman

Have you ever been jealous or upset because your husband notices beautiful women? Today's post is inspired by a question from a reader....... Q:  "As a woman, I feel that I only have eyes for my husband.  But learning about him, I have realized that for men it is difficult [...]

25 Apr, 2012

Ladies, Let’s Be Better :)

(image) I hope this won't send any bad vibes by me pointing this out so bluntly, but I think some of us women have a problem.  At least a lot of us do.  I've just seen way, way too many of us do stupid things & make bad decisions when [...]

29 Mar, 2012

Vulnerability STEP THREE

Here are the rest of the thoughts I put together on my own journey and how I became more willing to be vulnerable. Oh man, it's a bit tricky to write out, but I am doing my best to make this REAL for you. I met with one of our [...]

12 Mar, 2012

Vulnerability STEP TWO

There is NO way I would have been in a place to meet & marry Danny after my divorce if I had been crippled by fear. There is no way we would have connected as we did if either of us had been holding back.   This post is about [...]

8 Mar, 2012


Photo:  Saydi Eyre Shumway I have thought a lot about how I went from not being vulnerable AT ALL (trust me on that!! :)) to being willing to pour my heart and soul out to people & try to connect with people all the time.  By some miracle, this changed [...]

27 Feb, 2012

HOW to Feel Sexier

As a follow-up to this morning's post, here are a few ideas for what you can do to feel like a desirable woman!! I hope you guys will think of some ideas to add, too...  :)  :)  :)  1. DON'T RELY ON YOUR SPOUSE TO MAKE YOU FEEL CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL, [...]

27 Feb, 2012

In Case You Think You’re Not S-e-x-y….

       Do some of you not exactly feel sexy??  And by that, I mean - - desirable, wanted, worthy! I think it's safe to say that every person wants to feel that way. And I also think a lot of women out there struggle with this in their marriages and [...]

20 Feb, 2012


Have you guys seen the Ted Talk by Brene Brown?  Oh my, it is awesome. I loved it so much, I had to share it here. Brene has researched why there are those that have a deep sense of belonging & a strong sense of feeling worthy to connect with [...]

31 Jan, 2012

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

(image) To all of you dear WOMEN.  Yes, this post is for you!  (And your husbands can read along, too. We are just so glad many of you are reading!) I wanted to address a few requests that have come in regarding a MAJOR, MAJOR TOPIC, I think, for women [...]

17 Jan, 2012

No More Alt Design Summit Butterflies, OK? :)

This is my first year going to Alt Design Summit, of course.  [Alt Design Summit is one of the most sought after conferences for bloggers, taking place in Salt Lake City.]  Last year I never would have even dreamed that I'd be a blogger someday.  I really didn't see it [...]