22 Jan, 2015

Sexy Small Breasts Explained

(Editor's Note: Google apparently has difficulty telling the difference between content that is actually lewd, and content designed to have a helpful/healthy discussion on body image. Because of a warning we received for this post, we've gone through and edited a word repeatedly used that I'm sure you'll still recognize.) [...]

20 May, 2014

Is Social Media Infringing Upon Your Worth?

(by Danny) Recently a study was released that took a look at the effects of social media use and social media validation on an individual's self-worth and sense of purpose and meaning. The study consisted of two different parts and had as its participants a group of undergraduate university students. [...]

12 May, 2014

To Mothers and Mothers in the Making

Dear Mothers - and those who seek to become a Mother someday, I hope you had the loveliest day. I thought I'd share with you the most important thing I ever learned about motherhood... It is to remember to mother yourself; nurture yourself; take care of your health and your [...]

17 Feb, 2014

Romance & Wholeness

It turns out that I used to get totally sucked into Valentine's Day. Yes, all of it. Chocolates. Small gifts. Romantic gestures. Surprise overnight trips. Deliveries to my work. A nice dinner. Lingerie.  The day seemed to symbolize what I always wanted deep down - to be noticed, to be [...]

1 Aug, 2013


I've heard from many people that say they have to be careful when it comes to trying to eat healthy food or recording food as they can be overcome with guilt (if they make an unhealthy choice) or they can get completely obsessed with trying to be healthy or they [...]

4 Mar, 2013


We get letters daily from readers, which we never expected - but has turned out to be one of our favorite things about this blog.  I would love to start sharing some of these letters with you from time to time - solely to help inspire you on your path.  Miracles [...]

23 Oct, 2012


One of the hardest things to ever do is let go of any baggage that we feel we might have.  It can be hard to shake those voices in our head that say there is something wrong with us or that there is something in our history to be ashamed [...]

25 Sep, 2012

Have You Gotten Any Crazy Advice About Your Appearance?

It seems some people in marriages or while dating somehow focus a lot of attention on looks.  And sometimes people actually seem obsessed with trying to change your look...(yikes!) I've had a bit of experience with this - on all ends of the spectrum.  And, I must say that if [...]

6 Sep, 2012

Not Cute Days

OK - this is a topic that I am guessing just about every woman faces at some point or another:  not cute days.  You know what I'm talking about.  Days when you just don't feel cute. Here's my strategy for how to handle days like that, if they come around....(see [...]

10 Aug, 2012

The Fruits of Vulnerability

  You guys, I had the best day on Thursday.  And I realized it all happened because of the fruits of vulnerability...the willingness to be exposed and to share.  As in, the stuff that normally scares the crap out of us. 1.  I got to hear Brene Brown speak all [...]