16 May, 2013

Every New Yorker Needs a Driver

OK, every New Yorker would be in HEAVEN with their own personal driver.  But unless you're the CEO of some company, you likely don't have one.  I never thought I'd have one. But we do now. Yep.  Instead of hopping into random cabs at the airport (after standing in huge [...]

1 May, 2013

“Everything Significant in My Adult Life Has Happened in New York”

There is a new book that just came out called Mapping Manhattan: A Love (and Sometimes Hate) Story in Maps by 75 New Yorkers.  (Thanks, Shannon!) Blank maps were handed out to people on the street and they were asked to "fill it with whatever best fits your experience in the [...]

2 Apr, 2013

A Great Shop in NYC: The Meadow

During our recent visit to the West Village for Danny's birthday, I found one little gem of a store...it's called The Meadow. It caught my eye because I saw a bottle of bitters in the window!  And then I saw lots and lots of salts.  Mmm.  It was intriguing enough [...]

11 Mar, 2013

Adventures in Commuting

I saw this map (via Park Slope Stoop) showing the distances that people travel for work.  So fun to imagine what life is like for all these different types of commuters.  You can move around the map or enter your zip code to find out what the average is in [...]

15 Jan, 2013

A Peek Into New York Life: What New Yorkers Are Afraid Of

A lot of people ask me what it's like to be a New Yorker.  I saw an article recently that talked about what New Yorkers are afraid of, and I thought it could give you peek into New York life.  Though that list was incomplete.  After 13 years here, I [...]

19 Dec, 2012

Our Brooklyn Christmas

This year, Christmas snuck upon us.  So did Halloween.  And so did Thanksgiving.  I guess a hurricane can mess up the schedule of things.  And so, even though we don't have one Christmas decoration in our home this year and didn't plan a big party like I've done over the [...]

28 Nov, 2012

A 35-Mile Rainbow Illuminates New York!

Last night we had quite a heartfelt experience.  A dear friend of ours has stage 4 brain and lung cancer.  We picked her up from the hospital last night, moments after she was told that her cycle of chemo was unsuccessful and that the cancer had spread.  :(  Yet this [...]

5 Nov, 2012

Feeling Love For This Place I Call Home

My dear blog readers - We've missed you.  But our time and efforts have been directed towards our beloved city of New York. Our thoughts have been heavy and our muscles sore.  But this week has also been full of more beauty & love than I've hardly ever seen in [...]

25 Oct, 2012

A Love Note to the City by “Humans of New York”

See here this short film, 'The Best of The Humans of New York' with Alicia Keys.  (And you can see where all these photos came from on the amazing blog by Brandon Stanton. I've been itching to try and document more of my life here.  Seeing his work definitely inspires [...]

13 Sep, 2012

Boatlift, an Untold Tale of 9/11

I had no idea half a million people were rescued from Lower Manhattan on 9/11 by BOAT!  This short video, narrated by Tom Hanks, will give you CHILLS!!  It's about the civilian seamen who came in droves to help.  Danny and I both watched it and couldn't believe it.  It's [...]