2 May, 2014

Our Last Date in NYC: The Spotted Pig

Danny's birthday took place during our last week in NYC. We decided to go on a really special date. This one was special because we went on THE EXACT SAME DATE during our first weekend together. Here's what we did: 1.  WE TRIED FOR BROADWAY LOTTERY TICKETS. (Our first weekend [...]

28 Mar, 2014

Thank You to New York

The day has come.  We leave for Ecuador tonight. I really can't believe it. My heart has been bursting with love for New York and for our friends here. I wrote this a couple of nights ago and sobbed all the way through it. New York... Thank you for chewing [...]

14 Feb, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Dear Readers, We LOVE YOU GUYS!  Seriously! All of you! Thank you SO much for reading this little blog about LOVE!  :) :)  It's one of our greatest joys to talk about love, share love, experience love, and inspire others to love more. Today, I just had to share these [...]

30 Dec, 2013

O Holy Night

Christmas in New York this year is one I will never forget.  I've wanted to just hold onto every last drop of it.  The days and moments have felt so meaningful to me that countless times I've wished the whole thing could have been recorded on film.  It has been [...]

30 Oct, 2013

Foliage Therapy

Fall in New York has been so glorious and healing to me this year in the moments I have been able to experience it.  I hope you, too, have been able to feel it's beauty wherever you are.  Today I went walking.  You know how much I love walking.  But [...]

30 Aug, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Some people go to the Hamptons every year and rent gorgeous homes in fancy beach towns. I've been there.  I've stayed in homes that cost tens of millions (thanks to my former boss & his family, for inviting me!)  I've driven his fancy cars, shopped at charming grocery stores that [...]

8 Jul, 2013

An Awesome/Cheap NYC Date

Well, the beauty of "working" here for myself - ha! - is that I take breaks whenever I want to. And that kind of happened last week.  :)  Danny and I had a glorious long weekend together...and it involved one of the best (& cheapest) dates in Manhattan... MINI GOLF [...]

26 Jun, 2013

Working From the Park

Every once in awhile on a late Friday afternoon, Danny and I will head to the park to finish up our day.  I guess that means working on responding to emails (and for me, maybe a little New York Magazine, which is my most favorite magazine ever.  :) And, we take our [...]

11 Jun, 2013

Angel Feet & The Perfect Date in the West Village

Today's post is near and dear.  We got to go to Angel Feet for a date!! You guys, it's such a little NYC gem. This place will sweep you away in minutes. I'm so happy to share it with you... Angel Feet is known as the best reflexology place in the [...]

22 May, 2013

What A Weekend Looks Like in Park Slope

 Pizza! Last weekend we stopped by Luigi's in South Slope to order a ton of pies for a church event for the guys. And this is what I got to stare at (since I'm gluten-free)...  :)  Luckily, this guy is super nice and super handsome.  He can eat a slice [...]