26 Oct, 2016

10 Fresh Ideas for Christmas in New York – – PART 3!

This is the 3rd NYC Christmas post I've done over the years. Because, yes, Christmas in NYC really is that magical.  :)  :) Here are my other two round-ups with some really good nuggets: First Post: 16 Ideas. Second Post: 14 Ideas. And I wanted to get these new ideas to [...]

2 Feb, 2015

Taproot Flowers (A Story From a Blog Reader!)

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I LOVE talking about small businesses! And I absolutely LOVE supporting the creative people behind them and their amazing visions. (It's sometimes all I talk about. I have to watch myself at times.) I basically want anyone and everyone to be bonkers [...]

15 Jan, 2015

Clementine Bakery

I finally got to try Clementine Bakery in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. It's vegan (yay) AND they have many gluten free options (what on earth?). I mean, that combo is hard to come by people. On top of that, I just have to say that their cupcakes are to die for. [...]

30 Dec, 2014

Christmas in B-Town

We have been soaking up the holidays in Brooklyn like crazy. It has been so, so good. This is what we've been up to over the last week or so: Celebrating Hanukkah. This was my first time celebrating Hanukkah. My niece and nephew are half Jewish so we got to [...]

24 Dec, 2014

Peace & Hope on Christmas Eve

Handel's Messiah at Trinity Church on Wall Street was spectacular. It was everything I had hoped it would be. It seems the heavens opened up for a bit while this incredible choir sang lyrics that truly offer so much hope and peace to the world. And you can't beat sitting [...]

15 Dec, 2014

Christmas in New York – PART II

Dear readers, we're back in NYC now!!!! All is good in the world. We're here with my sister and her 3 children and playing Aunt & Uncle until early January. We're doing laundry at the laundromat, washing dishes by hand, moving the car on no parking days, cooing with a [...]

15 Oct, 2014

Get Your Scaredy Cat Buns to Sleepy Hollow, NY

Ohhhhhhhooooohhhhhooooo......... Do you guys like to get freaked out? In a really classy and family friendly way? You absolutely MUST visit the little town of Sleepy Hollow, NY!! It is one of our favorite places to visit this time of year. Here are some pics from a year past. We [...]

19 May, 2014

The Best Days of My Life…

There is NOTHING that makes you feel more loved than 12 dozen balloons and a room packed with your favorite people on earth who have come to wish you farewell after 14 years in Brooklyn. This happened just before we left New York. And it has gone down in history [...]

14 May, 2014

Rainbow in Manhattan

I just happened to come across this photo I have. This was the view from my office window one day. It was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen. We all stood by the windows and just couldn't believe our eyes. I just wanted to share this today [...]

7 May, 2014

The Best NYC Anniversary Ideas – From 8 Brooklyn Women

TODAY is our 4-year anniversary!! Though it feels as though we've been together forever. We are so, so happy to celebrate together, especially when there is supposedly a killer Mexican food restaurant in Cuenca that we haven't tried yet (El Pedregal Azteca). Tonight we'll be dining on tacos and I [...]