22 Mar, 2013

The Work I Did To Be Happy

Work has been such a huge part of my life - in every aspect of the word.  Work as in - at a job.  Work as in - working on goals, investments, endeavors and such.  Work as in - doing the work required to be happy.  Really happy. I [...]

8 Jan, 2013

A Wonderful, Exciting, Romantic Weekend – Egg Retrieval Included

Here I am in Dr. Braverman's office....he's the best infertility doctor I've ever been to.  I used to think being infertile was one of the worst things that could ever happen to me.  It was like I thought I would be less of a woman or less of a wife [...]

2 Jan, 2013

ENJOY the Process

On Christmas night, we saw my cousin and his wonderful wife.  They have done two IVFs that did not work out and since they were veterans, she gave me some WONDERFUL advice as we were going to start our IVF medications the next day.  She said, "I know this sounds [...]

9 Oct, 2012

Dirty Socks & Smacking Lips

A few people want to know how Danny and I handle things that are annoying about each other...and why I don't write posts about that.  ha! Well, here's the deal...... Danny doesn't annoy me. You guys.  I know.  This is not the norm.  I fear writing about this a bit [...]

4 Oct, 2012

Perfect & Flawless

Comment from a Reader: I sometimes feel that your marriage is always presented as PERFECT and FLAWLESS...and therefore unattainable.  I know you want to help people feel empowered and to feel better about themselves or at least to have the tools to improve...but sometimes I just walk away feeling like [...]

11 Sep, 2012

When the Air is Clear…

The earliest hint of fall brings back a flood of memories to me, and I am sure it always will.  It was early fall when my first husband let me know, by text, that he would not be returning to New York, to our 7 year marriage, to our very [...]

11 Jul, 2012

When Your Man Notices Another Woman

Have you ever been jealous or upset because your husband notices beautiful women? Today's post is inspired by a question from a reader....... Q:  "As a woman, I feel that I only have eyes for my husband.  But learning about him, I have realized that for men it is difficult [...]

21 May, 2012

When To Announce a Pregnancy or IVF? (No, not pregnant)

(photo by one of my favorite bloggers & one of the very first I ever knew about, Kelly McCaleb) Today, I'm very curious about how you all feel about something...... What are your thoughts on announcing a pregnancy or an IVF cycle? Did you tell anyone early on?  Just a [...]

11 May, 2012

To Birth a Soul

Today I will write about one of my favorite days of the year........ Mother's Day. And I will attempt to do my feelings on this subject justice. I have not yet been able to birth another soul, but in the process of learning how to be at peace with this [...]

25 Apr, 2012

Ladies, Let’s Be Better :)

(image) I hope this won't send any bad vibes by me pointing this out so bluntly, but I think some of us women have a problem.  At least a lot of us do.  I've just seen way, way too many of us do stupid things & make bad decisions when [...]