17 Jan, 2014

Adoption, Stamina, & Desire

This post is hard for me to write. It's hard to pinpoint exactly how I feel or how to explain it. But this is my best shot... Most people are very, very shocked - and saddened - because we don't currently have plans to adopt or do more medical treatments. [...]

29 Oct, 2013

Our IVF Results

Last Friday evening, Danny and I received the results of our IVF. Unfortunately, I did not get pregnant.  :( No child or twins or triplets will be coming our way. When the phone rang, I let Danny answer it this time. The call was on speaker. At first the doctor's [...]

6 Sep, 2013

If You’re Feeling Sick About A Relationship…

(I took this photo in Prospect Park.) To any of our dear readers who are dating - I'm guessing that most of you have or will at some point be in a relationship that just makes you feel unsettled. But let's throw this in there to make things tricky...perhaps your [...]

22 Jul, 2013

Q&A With Danny + Mara

Dear friends (can we be friends?), It feels as though we've gotten to know so many of you, and we just love that. Today, there isn't a post.  But I thought I'd just open the floor for you to ask us some questions. Is there anything you'd love to know? [...]

28 Jun, 2013

Healing from IVF

I knew that we'd be OK no matter how the IVF turned out.  I've had enough big blows in my life to know that...and I trust the process of healing that I have utilized in my life time and time again. But bad news is still not fun.I thought I'd [...]

18 Jun, 2013

We Found Out The Results Of The IVF…

(by Danny) Just before six o'clock in the evening we received a phone call from our doctor. As the phone was ringing and Mara prepared to put her phone on speaker, she asked if I wanted to grab my phone to record the call that we hoped would be good [...]

16 Jun, 2013

Choosing Happiness: A Sunday Sermon

A few months ago, Mara had a post titled The Work I Did To Be Happy.  It's one of my favorite posts on a topic I find most interesting.  It just so happened that when Mara was writing that post, that same week I was asked to speak in church [...]

14 Jun, 2013

One Thing That Helped Me To Be At Peace With Infertility…

Many years ago, when I first began to heal emotionally/spiritually, I was seeing a fertility acupuncturist in Manhattan. Little did I know that my time with her would change my life for good.  (Sometimes I still can't believe it happened...I remember so clearly the days when it seemed it might be [...]

18 Apr, 2013

I Don’t Believe in Work/Life Balance, I Believe in Managing Energy

Here's a post I've been wanting to finish up forever...it's long, but the info. has been life changing, for me.  Do you like reading about work/life balance?  It seems to pop up everywhere.  Do you find that you are able to score a good work/life balance that is truly effective [...]

8 Apr, 2013

Don’t FIND a Soulmate, BECOME a Soulmate!

Hello Everyone! I've been doing some spring home projects (like a crazy person) to make this place a little more efficient.  Anyway, it has been so ridiculously fun.  I may actually write a post about a few organizational tips for small apartments.  Because I guess as a New Yorker, we [...]