14 Apr, 2015

One NECESSITY for Thriving Relationships

TRANSPARENCY. Agh, this topic has hit me hard recently. I'm realizing more and more that transparency HUGELY affects our relationships like a ton of bricks. It's impossible to have a balanced relationship without it. Think about it. Let's say a husband has been not doing too well emotionally, mentally, physically, [...]

13 Apr, 2015

Love is in the Air: 5 Ideas for Keeping the Spark Alive

In honor of trying to keep things fun and exciting and light hearted in your marriage, here are... 5 MORE IDEAS FOR KEEPING THE SPARK ALIVE: -THINK ABOUT WHEN YOU TURN YOURSELF OFF. Poor performance at work? Not feeling confident in your body? Feeling like a failure? Not having time for yourself? Eating [...]

7 Apr, 2015

Love Is In The Air: 5 Ideas For Keeping the Spark Alive

I found an old post draft that I wrote with some sexy love tips. It turns out I wrote quite a few! I must say, reading them was making me laugh, so I decided to dust off the cob webs. It's spring-time, and love is in the air. So in [...]

11 Mar, 2015

Wanting To Be Wanted

I remember very, very much what it was like to be single. I wanted to be wanted. I wanted a guy to notice me. To single me out. To somehow see something worthwhile or attractive or unique in me. And with that came wanting a guy...I'll just say it...to be [...]

11 Feb, 2015

Why I Couldn’t Wait to Get Married Again

I am such a huge sucker for marriage. It really is one of the greatest blessings of life. After my divorce, I couldn't wait to get married again.  I knew I didn't need to be with someone to have a good life and I was doing all I could to stay out of [...]

20 Jan, 2015

The VERY BEST Day of the Week For A Date Night

You know how Friday and Saturday night are usually designated for dates, city outings, dinners out, movies, gatherings with friends, etc.? And then Monday comes and the weekend never feels long enough. Well, I've got a plan for you and I think it's pretty brilliant. Have your date night on [...]

19 Dec, 2014

Christmas Traditions for Our Little Family of Two

There are some Christmas traditions that I had been holding out for "when we had kids" as it just felt like overkill for two adults. For example, sending Christmas cards (I have never done it once! Not once!), or visiting Santa at ABC Carpet & Home (nope, never), or buying [...]

17 Dec, 2014

A Tip for Lovers

I have a little tip for all you love birds. You know how the night can slip away into nothingness? A.k.a web bull crap? I think the absolute best thing you can do for your hotty partner and yourself is to slip away to bed just a WEE BIT EARLY. [...]

6 Aug, 2014

Our Recommended Anniversary Gift

Danny and I recently celebrated our 4th anniversary. We had such a lovely, lovey day together. I don't ever want to take that for granted for one second. I felt myself beaming all day just to be by this guy's side. One of the highlights of the day was visiting [...]

4 Jun, 2014

Without Fighting, Is There Any Passion?

Whenever Mara and I write about our commitment to seek to embody virtues like love, patience, kindness, calm, forgiveness, and gratitude (instead of anger, impatience, sharpness, agitation, grudge holding, and bitterness) we always get some people expressing disbelief. Especially when we talk about applying it to difficult moments in your [...]