29 Sep, 2015

Things That I Thought Would Change My Marriage

1/  Looking prettier or being more desirable. 2/  Being cooler or more interesting or engaging. 3/  Encouraging my spouse to get help when at times he wasn't interested. 4/  Finding a way to get him to love me. 5/  Me learning to be silent and engage less because he had [...]

24 Sep, 2015

Feeling Disconnected? 16 Topics to Spark Vulnerability During a Date

Once a reader mentioned that she'd love some ideas for what to talk about or how to connect with her partner while on a date. I think it's totally a worthwhile topic to discuss because it's easy to have all the conversations dominated by topics related to kids, work drama, [...]

23 Sep, 2015

How To Save Your Marriage – Advice From A 6 Year Old

Have you seen this impassioned plea from a 6 year old girl for her parents to stay together? Oh my goodness! She gives some pretty good advice, and does it with such level-headed calmness and awareness, it's amazing! "Are you ready to be his friend?" "Just try your best." "I'm [...]

17 Sep, 2015

A Dating Manifesto For Single Days

(Picture from when I was single and at DUCK BEACH. Yes, I went to Duck Beach. It's known as the Mormon spring break and literally thousands of single people from around the country go. Has anyone heard of it?) To you, my dear single friend, I am sending you some [...]

2 Sep, 2015

Love Is In The Air: 5 Ideas For Keeping The Spark Alive

  I have more of these... :)  -EXERCISE TOGETHER. Sweat. Walk. Run. Time each other running a distance. (This is our new thing.) Race each other. Dance cardio on Youtube. Play frisbee. Train for a 5/10K/+ Yooooga. Let all that good, good energy flow, with your heart pumping, and your [...]

24 Aug, 2015

A Message by Text

We know firsthand that sometimes life can throw you curveballs. Major ones. I know those times can be really, really hard to face. But I want to say - there is HOPE. For you. And you. And you. It is often in complete darkness that we can begin to see [...]

18 Aug, 2015

In Case Your Partner is Addicted to Porn: How to Heal

Dear Readers, This topic of porn addiction comes up so much. And I say: where else is a better place to discuss it than here? This is one loving and smart community where we attempt to tackle life's problems in the best way. So let's do this. First of all, [...]

7 May, 2015

5 Year Anniversary & Untold Details About Our Beginning

(from Danny) Five years ago today, Mara and I got married! Holy Cow! I can't believe how time flies and how so much LIFE can happen in such a short period of time. Our last night in the Galapagos we shared a wonderful meal together as an early celebration of [...]

27 Apr, 2015

Love is in the Air: 5 Ideas for Keeping the Spark Alive

Hello, hello - we're posting this from our room at in the Galapagos. We got here after a long journey through the Andes - up to 14,000 ft. (!) then back down again towards sea level at the coast. We met a dear friend at the airport and made our [...]

23 Apr, 2015

Honeymoon Tips

Cheers and bubbly and flowers and wedding cake! It's wedding season! So freaking fun. I love weddings so much. And, of course, honeymoons are a blast. We have had some requests for honeymoon tips...so I put together this list. Hopefully you'll find something worthwhile here! (And I hope you all [...]