23 Oct, 2015

The Most Amazing Love Wall Ever

Dear friends, A reader sent this to me. You have to see. It's the mecca of all Love Walls. :) It will make you love humanity so much.  Send me a picture of your own Love Wall if you have one. :) It would be fun to see. (video link) [...]

7 May, 2015

5 Year Anniversary & Untold Details About Our Beginning

(from Danny) Five years ago today, Mara and I got married! Holy Cow! I can't believe how time flies and how so much LIFE can happen in such a short period of time. Our last night in the Galapagos we shared a wonderful meal together as an early celebration of [...]

14 Apr, 2015

One NECESSITY for Thriving Relationships

TRANSPARENCY. Agh, this topic has hit me hard recently. I'm realizing more and more that transparency HUGELY affects our relationships like a ton of bricks. It's impossible to have a balanced relationship without it. Think about it. Let's say a husband has been not doing too well emotionally, mentally, physically, [...]

25 Mar, 2015

When We Have Expectations of Those We Love

By Danny I've been thinking about one of the comments received the other day on Mara's "bra post". An anonymous reader commented on how her husband's porn addiction had altered the way she views herself, feeling a greater need to represent herself in a "desired" fashion, even to the point [...]

17 Mar, 2015

The Second Annual Love Limerick!

from Danny Why is it so fun to write limericks?  There's something about their simple and delightful cadence, so playful and child-like, writing and reading them just makes you smile.  Or at least it does me.   So, following on last year's Love Limerick, I've written a few more:   [...]

16 Mar, 2015

Love Right Now Is…

Love right now is... A husband who makes Mexican black beans and fish tacos like he owned a restaurant. A wife who sometimes doesn't want to sleep because it's more fun to be awake together. A husband who gets up at 5:45 am to buy the best organic tomatoes at [...]

12 Mar, 2015

Isn’t Anger Healthy?

from Danny We've been asked this question a number of times. It usually takes the form of "but isn't anger a healthy part of the healing process?" or something like it. We get the question a lot in part because of our stance that love and anger, hope and fear, [...]

13 Feb, 2015

Dear Valentine’s Day

 (Photos taken on Valentine's Day in Beacon, NY  during a surprise trip to the stunning modern museum, Dia:Beacon.) Valentine's Day is for lovers. And loving. And friendships. And delightful surprises. And it ALL requires the most beautiful acts of vulnerability. Oh, to love is to be vulnerable!  Eeks! Putting yourself [...]

23 Jan, 2015

One Key To Developing Compassion for the Offender

From Danny How does one go about feeling compassion for someone who just offended, ignored, or betrayed them? The most difficult time to enter into a more loving state of being is in the moment of offense, and for that matter every moment thereafter. And yet, for healing to be [...]

14 Oct, 2014

My Best Attempt at Writing About the Retreat

It is hard to even explain how unbelievably beautiful, healing, amazing, and life changing the retreat was. Seriously. It was unreal. It took everybody to a place of complete vulnerability; healing and progress began in ways that we all needed; the face to face human connections were out of this [...]