2 Mar, 2016

Random Thoughts of the Day

I thought I'd share a few things I'm thinking about - because I love staying in touch with you, even if I don't have one of my big posts ready! (Also, I'm loving Design Mom's Collection of Random Thoughts. It's good old-fashioned blogging at it's best. ;) Thinking about... 1. [...]

15 Jan, 2016

Love Announcements

Yes, a few Love Announcements, too! Here's a list of things I'd love to share with you... We were interviewed on a podcast - Here's a really thorough interview with Bill Reel of Mormon Discussions. After I wrote my post on shifting away from Mormonism, Bill said he'd love to [...]

8 Jan, 2016

My Goals & Dreams for 2016

So here they are...my goals for this current phase of my life. And this is what I'm feeling about 2016 so far: It feels exciting. I feel hope. It feels rewarding. It's fulfilling. I feel grateful to feel passionate about something and I don't take that for granted. I feel [...]

5 Jan, 2016

6 Goals That Truly Changed My Life

Since this is the season for making goals, I thought I'd share 6 PIVOTAL goals I've had in my life. My life would truly look so different without these goals. So I thought I'd write these up and send them out to you. Perhaps these will inspire your 2016...? If not, no [...]

22 Oct, 2015

On a High After Our TENTH Retreat

Deep, deep beauty and connection is out there, my friends. Deep healing at the root is available. Connecting unforgettably and being vulnerable with near strangers, let alone loved ones, is possible. Feeling more self contentment (and even JOY) is possible, no matter what your conditioning. Forgiving and releasing anger and [...]

9 Oct, 2015

Love Announcements

(We took this photo from the plane last time we went north for our retreat. It's the Cotopaxi volcano!) Wow. We are heading now (by plane) to host our last Body+Soul Camp of the year here in Ecuador. It's our TENTH retreat!! I can't believe it. As these retreats approach. [...]

25 Sep, 2015

Love Announcements

Introducing the names of these sweet rescued puppy girls! Pip & Rue. Can you tell which one is which? We love having them here. And they're doing so, so well. We haven't been able to find them permanent homes, so for now they're part of the family. Can you just [...]

22 Sep, 2015

No Regret in the Andes

Hello to those thinking of our retreats... Big Announcement: This October 11-17 retreat is likely to be our LAST Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador.  There is a chance we might do another in 2016. But we need to put all our energy towards some other big projects (for all of you) before we [...]

18 Sep, 2015

A Cause For Celebration & Before/After Pics

This week we celebrated our one-year anniversary with our beloved Sila :) Holy cow, how time flies! We decided to honor the moment by recreating a few of our favorite photos so you could have some "Before/After" shots. I guess she's all grown up now. She's no longer that tiny [...]

11 Sep, 2015

Love Announcements

It's been lovely blogging for you all this week! I've loved it. This blog is such a huge part of our lives and I've loved connecting with you. I've loved feeling the community here again. THANK YOU!! XOXO Also, September 11. Wow. This day is so close to my heart. [...]