10 Nov, 2016

Women’s Groups

One of the most treasured things in my life is gathering with women to support each other. Being able to do this in a small way before and after the election was a healing balm. And I long to get back to the Brooklyn sisterhood where we helped each other [...]

7 Nov, 2016

Election Cookie Bake-Off: My Favorite Recipes

TONIGHT:  -Inviting people over to share stories and watch Suffragette, with Meryl Streep & Carey Mulligan. See the trailer HERE. (Thanks for the idea, Kami.) -Wearing ALL WHITE in honor of the women who marched for the right to vote. -Having a Cookie Bake-Off in honor of Hillary Clinton who said: [...]

4 Nov, 2016

My Vote

I know all of our life experiences affect how we vote.   This is what's affecting me: Being physically abused and domineered by men (at times) is affecting how I vote.  Seeing women belittled by men throughout my life is affecting how I vote.  Seeing women being treated as 'less [...]

1 Nov, 2016

The ‘About Love’ Halloween Parade

These are some littles from our blog community here. Gah. Love them to pieces!!! Get ready for cuteness overload and enjoy this 'About Love' Halloween Parade....  Two Madelines. Oh, I could die!! (From Julie in TX.) A Vending Machine! So creative. (From Julie, in TX) Milkshake & Peter Pan. "Big [...]

21 Oct, 2016

Love Announcements

Oh, I love writing these Love Announcements for you when I have something especially good to share. Today, these recommendations come from our amazing guests at the recent Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador. You know what happens when like minded people get together?? You meet people that you want to just be best [...]

26 Aug, 2016

Our Family Update

It makes me happy to connect with you and write a few posts lately. Nothing major today. But here are few things we've been up to: Danny: -Burning incense (this one is a favorite) while researching, studying, and planning our upcoming speaking engagements. -Cooking up a storm: Garden Rice Pilaf, Sea Bass & [...]

19 May, 2016

Supporting Some Favorite Women

I can't help myself. I so want to support women out there doing something huge, using their talents, using their voice. Having this blog does let me indulge in things near to my heart... So, may I introduce to you (7) incredible women I'd love to support: ----------------------------- Erin Loechner, Design [...]

9 May, 2016

7 Things On My Spring Wish List

-Hobes Shoes... Because they look so dang comfortable- "supremely comfortable", says the company. And I love the idea of a handmade shoe. And they also have some booties with a shearling lining, which I'm determined will be my new house shoe (since my puppies destroyed my other house shoes- oye.). [...]

28 Apr, 2016

Random Thoughts of the Day

Dearest readers, Hope you all are doing great and having a fulfilling or meaningful week so far! Here are few things I've been thinking about... 1.  Being vulnerable with loved ones and showing our true selves is an ACT OF LOVE. Yessss! And yet, too often we don't want to [...]

6 Apr, 2016

Highlights From Our March Retreats

Dearest friends, We are back in Cuenca. We are getting ourselves back in gear after a very busy March in the states. Sometimes I go through a slump when we return to Ecuador. Blah. Things are beautiful and good here, but it's a drastic transition every time to leave family, [...]