29 Nov, 2017

Gifts for Your Female Friends

Here are some gifts to consider for your favorite women in your life. Happy giving! Entrepreneur Sweater, by A Shop About Love I can't imagine a warmer, cozier sweater. This one is extra, extra soft. And the feeling of being cloaked in this thing is simply heavenly. Wear it and let it [...]

27 Nov, 2017

Gifts for High Vibe Giving

Today, sharing some high vibe wellness gift ideas - for others or for yourself. These are some of my favorite things, mostly discovered from the last year. Self-Care Sweater, by A Shop About Love. This sweater is made with thick, cozy, soft wool. High collar. Wooden buttons. And POCKETS. You'll [...]

19 May, 2017

Love Announcements

-GOOD NEWS: We want to keep making our About Love Masterclass better and better...so we've already added (2) additional one-hour classes to it! All purchasers get lifetime access, so anytime we add stuff you'll always get the updates. Purchase HERE (or just read more about it.) Thank you for supporting this work! [...]

12 May, 2017

Love Announcements

On this Mother's Day weekend, may it be what you want it to be, whether that is brunch, flowers, and gifts -or hiding out at home, taking a bath, and buying stuff online until it's over. :) ha. On my end, I sometimes treat myself to something. Because it just [...]

5 May, 2017

Love Announcements

So happy to be back writing up Love Announcements! These are my great finds, things I'm reading or doing, or stuff I would recommend. -This Kenyan fashion line makes only ONE dress. (and I'm obsessed.) -My amazing sister has started the ONLY homebirth gathering on Meet-up- in all of NYC! [...]

2 May, 2017

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Our New Site

Well, it seriously feels like spring over here with our brand new site. I hope you're all enjoying checking everything out. On my end, I can't stop looking at this page because it just makes me so darn happy. Today I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes to give you an idea of what [...]

24 Nov, 2016

What I’m Thankful for This Year

What are you thankful for this year? Sending lots of love to all and hope you have a meaningful holiday - one that is good for your soul. Mara

23 Nov, 2016

Ladies Thanksgiving Football

One year in Brooklyn, some of the church ladies decided to have a "Powder Puff" Ladies Football Game on the day after Thanksgiving..... And it was AWESOME!!! Granted, many of us had never really played football. And most of the women at church weren't into it. But, enough people showed [...]

22 Nov, 2016

Random Thoughts of the Day

                   (Photo by Linsey) 1.  Danny & I have been shopping in Cuenca lately for the Pop-Up Shops for the blog's #HolidayServiceProject. We're hoping to have a few new items soon! Also, I've been super inspired by all the people out there [...]

14 Nov, 2016

Mara’s 2016 Gift Guide

I haven't done one of these in awhile. It feels like the strangest time ever to post a gift guide. blah. But here it is! Ideas for everyone! These are all inspired by things I've thought about getting myself one day. Living without online shopping for 2.5 years leads to [...]