23 Oct, 2013

Our Egg Retrieval

It was a dream to get to the stage where we could do the egg retrieval.  PROGRESS! During the drive in, Danny played some of our favorite love songs.  Like this one.  My heart was so full.  My gratitude for my dear partner has consumed me each day of this [...]

22 Oct, 2013


To the dear people of this blog community, I feel as though I've neglected a good friend.  And it hasn't been a good feeling.  I'm so glad I can write something today! If you might be a little surprised that I just stopped blogging over 4 weeks ago, I can [...]

10 Sep, 2013

My Goals for This IVF

We haven't started the hard core IVF drugs just yet.  They first have me take birth control for a bit.  It's all a part of the process. But as we anticipate what is to come, I have been thinking of a few goals I have with this next cycle... 1. [...]

20 Aug, 2013

A Block in Bloggging

I've had several days recently where blogging was a bit hard for me.  It was like I didn't have it in me to tackle any of my big posts I have upcoming.  And so I've skipped a few days or wrote about Turkish towels or shoes instead of how to [...]

3 Jul, 2013

12 Tips for IVF

I made a list here of a few practical things that might be helpful for anyone going through an IVF... (and do you like the photo?  She looks strong & brave!) 1. If at all possible, do not plan any trips, beach outings, parties, or major work projects while doing [...]

28 Jun, 2013

Healing from IVF

I knew that we'd be OK no matter how the IVF turned out.  I've had enough big blows in my life to know that...and I trust the process of healing that I have utilized in my life time and time again. But bad news is still not fun.I thought I'd [...]

19 Jun, 2013

Feeling Loved

To the most lovely & kind readers on the web (I mean that!!), I can't tell you how grateful we are for all of your notes.  They have been so meaningful to us these last few days as we've been healing.  We have felt your love and care - every [...]

18 Jun, 2013

We Found Out The Results Of The IVF…

(by Danny) Just before six o'clock in the evening we received a phone call from our doctor. As the phone was ringing and Mara prepared to put her phone on speaker, she asked if I wanted to grab my phone to record the call that we hoped would be good [...]

14 Jun, 2013

One Thing That Helped Me To Be At Peace With Infertility…

Many years ago, when I first began to heal emotionally/spiritually, I was seeing a fertility acupuncturist in Manhattan. Little did I know that my time with her would change my life for good.  (Sometimes I still can't believe it happened...I remember so clearly the days when it seemed it might be [...]

13 Jun, 2013

Today’s Topic: What Will Happen if Our IVF Doesn’t Work…

A few have worried that if the IVF doesn't work, that it will be incredibly devastating to us. Here are my thoughts... I feel I'll be ok. Each consistent month of the last 9 years, things have not turned out the way I had hoped. I've learned so much about [...]