11 Jun, 2014

The Best Vacation We Can Think Of

We are half way through our 8 day detox retreat at the beach and I tell ya, this feels like PARADISE. It is unbelievable to have an entire 8 days to focus 100% on your well being and health. It just feels like a gift, much better than any vacation we've experienced. Here [...]

7 Jun, 2014

A Post IVF Detox…

Tomorrow morning we leave for the BEACH! This will be our first time on Ecuador's coast. We signed up for an 8 day retreat where we will do yoga, meditation, and a week long raw juice cleanse/detox. I'm both excited and scared. But mostly I'm thinking it should be amazing [...]

5 Jun, 2014

Sharing a Tip for the Ladies

You guys know I've been trying to go all natural. And so I decided to just go for it and try some of those washable cloth pads sold at The Period Store. Sounds like something I would try, right? Well... Trust me, I was a bit skeptical. Would they be [...]

2 Jun, 2014

5 More Healthy Habits

Awhile back I wrote about 5 Healthy Habits, and today I have 5 more for you. I share these because well - I think we all need as much healthy inspiration as we can get (I know I do). I think a healthy/balanced body is LIFE CHANGING and it is [...]

8 May, 2014

The Best Natural Cleaning You’ve Never Heard Of

For awhile now I have been super passionate about getting the toxic chemicals out of my home. I probably drove Danny a bit crazy when I took the plunge and threw out our ENTIRE stock of cleaners. :) He actually got a little disappointed over loosing his favorite glass cleaner. [...]

19 Mar, 2014

Regarding Questions About My Weight

Dear Readers, I just want to send some love out there today to all of you. I know we may be biased, but we're convinced we have THE MOST compassionate and kind community ever. Today is a bit of a sensitive subject. And it has been brought up due to [...]

27 Feb, 2014

Glutenfritt Brød, Gluten-Free Bread

Hello, hello! We just got back to New York, did laundry, and had a meal at our favorite Thai restaurant. It feels amazing to be here, even though we're camping out at our friends' home. Now we're headed to Vermont for our workshops! What an adventure our lives have been lately. [...]

26 Feb, 2014

The Birth Control Pill

I guess I'm in the mood for a good discussion today! I know this could be a sensitive topic. Not sure. But here goes... You guys, I hate the birth control pill. I mean, I really, really hate it. I know it's "supposed" to be liberating to women, but I am [...]

15 Jan, 2014

5 Healthy Habit Recommendations for the New Year

Friends!  I hope you don't mind my health related posts. I'm hugely passionate about trying to be healthy, which I feel grateful for as I know that desire doesn't come easy for many. I guess infertility has made it impossible to ignore the health of my body, which has been [...]

24 Aug, 2013

Wool Dryer Balls & A Thank You To…

Hi!!! Hope you all have great weekends!! Today we're excited to share a thank you gift with one of our commenters this week: Sage! Sage happens to be a long-time commenter and supporter here.  Ahh....thank you so much for that, Sage.  It's amazing how connected we feel with some of [...]