18 Apr, 2013

I Don’t Believe in Work/Life Balance, I Believe in Managing Energy

Here's a post I've been wanting to finish up forever...it's long, but the info. has been life changing, for me.  Do you like reading about work/life balance?  It seems to pop up everywhere.  Do you find that you are able to score a good work/life balance that is truly effective [...]

22 Mar, 2013

The Work I Did To Be Happy

Work has been such a huge part of my life - in every aspect of the word.  Work as in - at a job.  Work as in - working on goals, investments, endeavors and such.  Work as in - doing the work required to be happy.  Really happy. I [...]

3 Jan, 2013

Holding Your Loved Ones Tight

(To our reader, Amy, with love.  And for any parent who has been feeling more fear since Sandy Hook.) In the last few weeks, mothers and fathers all over the world have been holding their children tight.  They're wondering if they could ever move on without their little ones.  Could [...]

2 Jan, 2013

ENJOY the Process

On Christmas night, we saw my cousin and his wonderful wife.  They have done two IVFs that did not work out and since they were veterans, she gave me some WONDERFUL advice as we were going to start our IVF medications the next day.  She said, "I know this sounds [...]

27 Nov, 2012

A Rainy Day

Print Aid NYC is going strong!  They have lots of new prints from some amazing designers/artists/photographers.  Everyday it's so exciting for me to see what new prints are coming in.  (All prints are a steal for $30...they are donating 100% to Sandy relief).  I love this print by Megan Joplin.  [...]

26 Nov, 2012

Counting Blessings

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Danny and I had a great one. And yes, "Steaksgiving" was everything we hoped it would be :) We loved it. I wondered if I might end up missing the turkey even a tiny bit, due to tradition, but I didn't. (Btw, [...]

19 Nov, 2012

The Color Yellow (& A Gift From Me!)

I saw recently that Gabrielle Blair's grandmother loved the color yellow and was known for that.  I thought it was sweet, but I didn't really think about the color yellow again until now... I saw a little tidbit on Oprah that said Gayle King uses the color yellow in her [...]

15 Oct, 2012

Our Weekend: Speaking at a Retreat in Washington D.C.

Sometimes I can't believe our lives.  The situations we find ourselves in kind of take our breath away. This weekend was one of those moments...   We were asked to be the keynote speakers at a retreat for some single women in Washington D.C.  A lot of the women there have [...]

11 Oct, 2012

The Secret to Better Work

We absolutely love you readers.  You guys send us so many great things out there that go along with the message of the blog, which is such a thrill for us.  Today's video here is one of those treasures.  So many of you passed this along and we thank you [...]

11 Sep, 2012

When the Air is Clear…

The earliest hint of fall brings back a flood of memories to me, and I am sure it always will.  It was early fall when my first husband let me know, by text, that he would not be returning to New York, to our 7 year marriage, to our very [...]