10 Mar, 2015

No Time, Worn Out, Feeling Stuck

I'm writing today for the mothers and fathers who have young children and are completely worn out. The husbands and wives who work until late at night and have no time for each other. The families who are at their wits end with trying to keep everything together. My heart [...]

26 Feb, 2015

Start Again…

The photos here were taken in a yurt during the retreat! We had a class here and it was actually profoundly powerful to be in there with everyone. Talk about a lot of love and good energy and empowerment in that room! (by Danny) Mara and I keep thinking about [...]

25 Feb, 2015

A Post About Comparing: The Message is Greater Than We Are

from Danny (photos taken from a hike with Danny's parents and nephew in the Cajas Mountains outside Cuenca, Ecuador) I’ve said this: “The Message is Greater Than We Are”, over and over, nearly every time we’ve had an opportunity to address a group. And if ever I haven’t said it, [...]

9 Feb, 2015

Tapping Into Your TRUEST Identity

(Photos taken at Storm King in the Hudson Valley, north of Manhattan.  This is one of my most favorite places on earth.) Today's post is one I can't wait to share with you. It applies to women, men, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, single adults, professionals of any kind, designers, activists, feminists, political [...]

30 Jan, 2015

A Heart at Peace

By Danny Last week on the post One Key To Developing Compassion for the Offender, somebody had a great question/comment. You can read the full comment here, but it can be summed up as follows: "If we don't call people out on bad, rude, unkind behavior, then I feel like [...]

26 Jan, 2015

Happy Winter Tips From Brooklyn Women

Guys, we are hanging out in 75 degree weather over here in Ecuador. It is NUTS. Especially when we see MAJOR SNOW (NY!!!) and FREEZING TEMPS popping up everywhere on line.  So in honor of the WINTER we are missing, here are some pics from our magical winter in Norway last [...]

3 Sep, 2013

Gathering Strength for a New Season

I heard these words (below) over the weekend and I just thought they were beautiful.  They made me think of so many of you.  I thought of friends of mine who are going through tough times right now.  I thought of this new season and the desire that it can [...]

6 Aug, 2013

Making Time For Myself

Today I wanted to touch on another HUGE thing that made my transformation possible... Making time to care for myself. Doing a food diary, making healthy foods available, eating healthy meals, and going to my acupuncture sessions once a week (back in the day) was one huge feat for me, [...]

16 Jun, 2013

Choosing Happiness: A Sunday Sermon

A few months ago, Mara had a post titled The Work I Did To Be Happy.  It's one of my favorite posts on a topic I find most interesting.  It just so happened that when Mara was writing that post, that same week I was asked to speak in church [...]

13 Jun, 2013

Today’s Topic: What Will Happen if Our IVF Doesn’t Work…

A few have worried that if the IVF doesn't work, that it will be incredibly devastating to us. Here are my thoughts... I feel I'll be ok. Each consistent month of the last 9 years, things have not turned out the way I had hoped. I've learned so much about [...]