10 May, 2017

Our 10 Principles of a Happy Life & Marriage

Actually, it's hard to narrow it down to 10. :) But here's a solid start in summarizing what has made a massive difference to us as we've worked to live with more peace and happiness over the last 10+ years. It's all about learning to be happy individually.  And a bonus: [...]

6 May, 2016

Mother Your Center

When I was in my twenties, new to infertility and barely learning how to make myself a priority, a mentor taught me this: You must mother yourself. If you think you want to be a mother, you must learn to mother yourself first.  That advice stopped me cold in my [...]

11 Apr, 2016

How I Went from Feeling Dead (for Years) to Feeling Alive

Oh man, the title of this post gets me. To think that I used to feel dead... And now to know that there was a way out. Oh my heart.  THIS is why I started this blog. I figured someone out there might feel stuck, too. And I wanted to [...]

26 Dec, 2015

I Honor Your Messy Life

I know extremely well that sometimes you're sitting on a holiday going, "How did I get here?" Maybe it's like this: -no kids -or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 kids that require energy you don't have -no home -no job -no date to hold hands with under the table -no [...]

30 Sep, 2015

What I Do About Pending DOOM

Oh goodness, do you all feel DOOM creeping up on you sometimes? I don't mean to speak lightly of this - as I know in life there are so, so many life-and-death situations out there that are truly difficult to face. But I'm talking about all those smaller issues in [...]

29 Sep, 2015

Things That I Thought Would Change My Marriage

1/  Looking prettier or being more desirable. 2/  Being cooler or more interesting or engaging. 3/  Encouraging my spouse to get help when at times he wasn't interested. 4/  Finding a way to get him to love me. 5/  Me learning to be silent and engage less because he had [...]

14 Sep, 2015

6 Happiness Tips From the Founder of Positive Psychology

 (Highlighting photos again today from Russ Moorehead on Instagram) I recently read a wonderful book by Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology. The discipline studies HAPPINESS. (Can we get an amen?) There is a part I think you will like. 25 years of research says there's a way to kiss good-bye [...]

14 Aug, 2015

My Current Tightrope

I want to share something I am doing personally RIGHT NOW. TODAY. AND YESTERDAY. to help me thrive more in this current life that we have. I am currently working hard on this, let me tell you. Because I have so much to overcome. We teach that often during a [...]

13 Aug, 2015

Learning How To Live This New Life

A new family has just moved into our apartment in Brooklyn. They have a child and a dog. That once was going to be me. They'll meet friends for playdates at Prospect Park. They'll sleep with a wall between them and the magic of Brooklyn all around. They'll sit by [...]

10 Apr, 2015

Getting To The Heart Of Who We Are

(By Danny) Ignorance is bliss. At least that's what we've all heard a number of times. I'm not sure any of us would mistake ignorance for a state of sublime happiness...but there is something envious about that childlike innocence of not having to be aware of something, of not being [...]