28 Oct, 2011

My Personal Ground Zero

When I learned some of these concepts I've been writing about on this blog, it was like I got hit over the head with a frying pan.  Until then, I had not been living in the way I do now.  I always thought I was a decent person & was [...]

24 Oct, 2011

Love Story & Dreams of a Great Marriage

In the first 3 weeks before we met face to face, the emails between Danny and I continued non-stop. I'd lay in bed with my iPhone and just smile from ear to ear writing Danny and also rereading all of his emails over and over before falling asleep with the [...]

21 Oct, 2011

Q & A- What to Do if You’re in an Unhappy Marriage

(From Danny....) So I guess it's my turn to post.  By way of introduction, it now goes without saying that I have married a truly remarkable woman.  Whatever praise or gratitude many of you have expressed in your comments and private emails is only exceeded by the praise and love [...]

12 Oct, 2011

First Night in Manhattan as a Single Woman

Luckily, I only had to date about 9 months (after my first marriage) before I met Danny. But before that, I was dating like crazy in New York, hoping to meet someone wonderful.  I am such a fan of marriage and knew by then what a blessing marriage is... it [...]

11 Oct, 2011

What to Do for a Person Going Through a Divorce or Trial

Surrounding me here are some of the best women there ever could be. Really, these Brooklyn women should write this post.  Because they (& many others) did everything and more for me.  They were my life line.  To this day I am blown away by the love that came my [...]

8 Oct, 2011

The Sock Animals That Saved My Life

When my first husband very resolutely told me that he no longer loved me & started voicing his more-determined-than-ever desire to end our marriage, it was a very strange time in our household!  I knew this time it was different than I'd ever seen before.  I knew it really, really was coming [...]

3 Oct, 2011

The Most Important Things I’ve Ever Learned (About Love) – #2

(Photos by the photographer, Rachel Thurston.)   Here are some more notes on what I've learned about love.  This stuff has changed my life (!) and if applied very literally, I am confident it can change yours, too.    You ready for this?  It's a lot to absorb.  But in [...]

29 Sep, 2011

The Most Important Things I’ve Ever Learned (About Love) – #1

This is some graffiti art in Park Slope.  One of these tags used to be across the street from my apt.  Photos of us, above, by photographer, Saydi Eyre Shumway. Part 1 of a series.  Click to read Part 2 and Part 3 OK, I'll be pouring my heart out to you [...]