9 May, 2012

10 Tips for Dating After a Divorce (Also Helpful for Anyone Single)

Dating after a divorce is nuts.  It just feels naughty.  I swear, for months I just couldn't believe that I could actually think of a guy other than my husband.  Or flirt with a guy.  Let alone go to dinner with one - hold a guy's hand - let him [...]

2 May, 2012

A Unique Experience: Tending to Photos After a Divorce

I thought I'd share with you the (4) photos of Danny that I saw before I met him.  These were the only ones he had on Facebook, and they were this size, too.  :)  (Neither of us really had any on-line presence at all at that time...and it really wasn't [...]

25 Jan, 2012

The Internet & Your Marriage: Another Woman Shares Her Perspective

Dear Readers, we think of you all so much.  You should see Danny & I reading and discussing your thoughts & emails.  Our hearts go out to every single one of you.  We really do feel love for all of you. Today we want to continue the thoughts on "The [...]

16 Jan, 2012

Are You Working Away at a Hard Marriage? Part 2!

Hello dear readers, I have been so anxious to continue the conversation about marriage that got started right before Christmas (Are You Working Away at a Hard Marriage?).  The comments to that post just warmed my heart (and they did again, just now, as I reviewed them).  Thank you so [...]

6 Jan, 2012

Writing a New Normal

Today's post is written by an outstanding woman, Melissa Taylor.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She is a dear friend of ours from Brooklyn and her story is so inspirational to everyone who knows her that we asked if she'd be willing to share her story of divorce & transformation here....  thank [...]

2 Dec, 2011

Facing Divorce – Segment #2

I love this family photo in AZ.  My parents (newly married) are on the right and my grandmother and two uncles are on the left. You ready for another huge list of tips??  Here we go with the rest of the line up.  Again, a lot of these can also [...]

1 Dec, 2011

Facing Divorce – Segment #1

(Photo by Jonathan Canlas) Getting divorced feels like you had the rug ripped out from under you.  Everything you thought your life was, suddenly isn't.  It is the strangest feeling.  I remember feeling like someone had died.  It was the death of a marriage and a life together. There are [...]

23 Nov, 2011

Love Story: Feeling Grateful

(Pictures are from my days as a single woman in 2009.  Myself and two others had just started Harvey & had launched our brand at the D&A tradeshow in Chelsea.  Here's our booth at the trade show.)  Mara, As always I am grateful to you.  Your emails, example, and very [...]

8 Nov, 2011

Love Story & Two Very Happy People

Dear Readers - do you want to hear more of the Love Story? For anyone new here, Danny & I were both divorced and single and longing for companions when a friend set us up by email. Danny lived in Boston, I lived in NYC. We were completely on the [...]

31 Oct, 2011

We’re All in This Together

I love thinking that we're all in this together.  Meaning, we are all here on this earth with the same purpose: to figure out what the heck this life is all about and to work to triumphantly overcome all that we are faced with.  None of us are immune to [...]