26 Oct, 2015

Midwife Reminiscence

I used to walk through the charming streets of Brooklyn to local midwife offices, often on the ground floors of brownstones. It was my dream idea of a prenatal visit and I figured, why not get to know the midwives now, before I get pregnant (so I won't have to [...]

23 Sep, 2015

How To Save Your Marriage – Advice From A 6 Year Old

Have you seen this impassioned plea from a 6 year old girl for her parents to stay together? Oh my goodness! She gives some pretty good advice, and does it with such level-headed calmness and awareness, it's amazing! "Are you ready to be his friend?" "Just try your best." "I'm [...]

15 Sep, 2015

My Love Wall After My Divorce

Hi dear readers! You know how children often draw lots of pictures and give them to people? Well, I was the lucky recipient of many, many drawings during my divorce - from some of my dearest  little Brooklyn friends. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. As I sat [...]

29 Jan, 2015

If Your Child or Sibling is Getting a Divorce…

Artwork by Sandy Welch Often times, Danny and I have been able to speak with dear families who have a son or daughter or a sibling who is going through a divorce. We know how painful and sad this time can be. My #1 advice to family members: Do not spew [...]

11 Sep, 2013

On Changing My Name

I cannot even tell you how mad I was about the hassle of changing my name after the divorce. It was not one of my best moments...haha.  I don't think I was pursuing very many virtues while I sat on the wooden benches for hours at the courthouse.  eeks.  I [...]

22 Mar, 2013

The Work I Did To Be Happy

Work has been such a huge part of my life - in every aspect of the word.  Work as in - at a job.  Work as in - working on goals, investments, endeavors and such.  Work as in - doing the work required to be happy.  Really happy. I [...]

16 Jan, 2013

In Case You Need a Boost

Being newly divorced or fresh from a break-up can often times be when you need a little boost.  Hopefully friends and family are there to support you.  I was so lucky to have that when my first husband left.  My friends and family were amazing.  Even now I can't believe [...]

28 Nov, 2012

One of the Worst Parts About Getting a Divorce: Telling Children

Telling people about the divorce was excruciating. Even after it was not 'new' news to me, it was still sad to tell people who were hearing it for the first time.  A year later, some people still hadn't heard the news.  Perhaps they were old friends returning to Brooklyn for [...]

7 Aug, 2012

Journals & Cobwebs

Do you write in a journal? I was given a journal during my first marriage.  I never once wrote in it.  Not a single word. It's like there were too many cobwebs in the closet.  Writing them down would get messy.  Yet writing without mentioning them would feel artificial.  So [...]

19 Jul, 2012

Being the Second Spouse (Or Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

When I got divorced, I wondered a lot about what it would be like for the guys that I would date.  How would they respond to the fact that I had been married before?  Would they be ok with it?  Would they be uncomfortable or insecure?  Would they be comfortable [...]