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23 Nov, 2016

Ladies Thanksgiving Football

One year in Brooklyn, some of the church ladies decided to have a "Powder Puff" Ladies Football Game on the day after Thanksgiving..... And it was AWESOME!!! Granted, many of us had never really played football. And most of the women at church weren't into it. But, enough people showed [...]

22 Nov, 2016

Random Thoughts of the Day

                   (Photo by Linsey) 1.  Danny & I have been shopping in Cuenca lately for the Pop-Up Shops for the blog's #HolidayServiceProject. We're hoping to have a few new items soon! Also, I've been super inspired by all the people out there [...]

15 Nov, 2016

2016 #HolidayServiceProject Plan

We Are Small But Mighty This year my heart just wants to split open and help the world. And I'm sure you're all feeling the same! There are so, so many who need love from other humans. Last year, it was humbling to join with you all to help the [...]

14 Nov, 2016

Mara’s 2016 Gift Guide

I haven't done one of these in awhile. It feels like the strangest time ever to post a gift guide. blah. But here it is! Ideas for everyone! These are all inspired by things I've thought about getting myself one day. Living without online shopping for 2.5 years leads to [...]

13 Nov, 2016

We Will Stand Up For You

Always and forever - we send our love to all those who feel victimized by Donald Trump and his words. I'd like to echo the governor of New York here and let you know, too, that we will stand up for you. Andrew Cuomo: "The state of New York has [...]

10 Nov, 2016

Women’s Groups

One of the most treasured things in my life is gathering with women to support each other. Being able to do this in a small way before and after the election was a healing balm. And I long to get back to the Brooklyn sisterhood where we helped each other [...]

10 Nov, 2016

Mourning & Looking for the Light

(photo by Linsey Laidlaw) Dearest friends, I wanted to get this out sooner as I've been wanting to mourn here with those who feel pain. I need you and I know we need each other. Though this morning, I was a mess of pajamas and tears after nightmares and little [...]

7 Nov, 2016

Election Cookie Bake-Off: My Favorite Recipes

TONIGHT:  -Inviting people over to share stories and watch Suffragette, with Meryl Streep & Carey Mulligan. See the trailer HERE. (Thanks for the idea, Kami.) -Wearing ALL WHITE in honor of the women who marched for the right to vote. -Having a Cookie Bake-Off in honor of Hillary Clinton who said: [...]

4 Nov, 2016

My Vote

I know all of our life experiences affect how we vote.   This is what's affecting me: Being physically abused and domineered by men (at times) is affecting how I vote.  Seeing women belittled by men throughout my life is affecting how I vote.  Seeing women being treated as 'less [...]

1 Nov, 2016

The ‘About Love’ Halloween Parade

These are some littles from our blog community here. Gah. Love them to pieces!!! Get ready for cuteness overload and enjoy this 'About Love' Halloween Parade....  Two Madelines. Oh, I could die!! (From Julie in TX.) A Vending Machine! So creative. (From Julie, in TX) Milkshake & Peter Pan. "Big [...]