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5 May, 2017

Love Announcements

So happy to be back writing up Love Announcements! These are my great finds, things I'm reading or doing, or stuff I would recommend. -This Kenyan fashion line makes only ONE dress. (and I'm obsessed.) -My amazing sister has started the ONLY homebirth gathering on Meet-up- in all of NYC! [...]

3 May, 2017

The Lesson (for us all) in Launching Imperfectly

One of the greatest bits of business inspiration I've received (from a very successful person) is this: "If you're only putting PERFECTION out into the world, you're doing it wrong." In other words, *put stuff out into the world imperfectly!* Because the need for your offering to be PERFECT will only hold [...]

2 May, 2017

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Our New Site

Well, it seriously feels like spring over here with our brand new site. I hope you're all enjoying checking everything out. On my end, I can't stop looking at this page because it just makes me so darn happy. Today I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes to give you an idea of what [...]

2 May, 2017

Gather for Goats

I've been dying to tell you about Gather for Goats. My friend, Linsey, and her friend, Haley, are two women who have been moving heaven and earth to provide for Syrian refugees. Linsey has been spearheading refugee settlements in New York (basically running a moving company and distribution center out of [...]

27 Apr, 2017

We’re Now Live!

Welcome to the new About Love!! Oh my goodness, we're HERE. This is nuts. I've never done anything like this (aside from fiddling with a blog page one night in 2011. haha.) So it's pretty exciting around here! And it's so fun to have so many of you share in our excitement, [...]

27 Apr, 2017

Site Launch Reveals

It's surreal to write this post. The launch should be happening TODAY!!! A few things to do once we launch: Share our new site on your social media feeds! That would mean so much to us!! Subscribe for our blog feed on BLOGLOVIN', FEEDLY, or your favorite reader. Add your email to [...]

27 Apr, 2017

The Desire to Give Birth

Well, this isn't the first time I've desired to give birth.  :) ha. The first time was with a baby in mind. This time it's with the desire to serve the world in the most meaningful way I can. And shoot, I guess I have high standards for myself and [...]

27 Apr, 2017

On the Brink of Our Re-Launch!

I think I forgot how to blog. :) But today I want to try. Because our time in this blog space is almost running out. My friends, I can't believe I just said that. But yes, we will soon have a new on-line home. I know we've been hinting at [...]

12 Dec, 2016

The Time We Ate A Pig In The Andes

One of our favorite people in Ecuador is Rodrigo (above). He is a leader in his indigenous Quechua community. And he's dedicated much of his time and life to continuing traditions among the Quechua people. Rodrigo speaks English perfectly, so he's been able to work as a local guide for [...]

24 Nov, 2016

What I’m Thankful for This Year

What are you thankful for this year? Sending lots of love to all and hope you have a meaningful holiday - one that is good for your soul. Mara