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We are love-obsessed mentors, retreat hosts, speakers, and bloggers.

And it’s our life’s passion to serve individuals who seek to be happier and have more self-worth – regardless of their relationship status or circumstance. We believe aligning with LOVE in more radical ways is how you do it. And we’d love to teach you how. Because we believe it is the SECRET to healthier relationships and a more radiant life.

We’ve now had over 10 million hits on A Blog About Love, hosted dozens of retreats on 3 continents and in 30 cities, mentored countless people (via Skype) from our home office in the Andes, written nearly 1,000 blog posts, and received over 16,000 blog comments and thousands of emails from people all over the world that have said our message has changed their lives.

After more than a decade of studying love and transformation and learning from many mentors, you could say we’re well versed in talking and teaching about love. It’s our life’s passion to pass on the wisdom we’ve learned.

We have several ways to serve you:

This 10-day program is designed to be a game-changer and it’s completely FREE. We’ve packed it with some of our VERY BEST CONTENT (including an all new video class, written material, and the most healing meditation led by Danny). We’ve just seen such incredible results with what we’ve been teaching at our retreats, that we wanted to get some of this out on a greater scale. This program is designed to help you have your first experience with transformation. People report again and again that it is life-changing. And we hope that you’ll experience it for yourself and share it with your favorite people.


We started the blog in 2011. And there’s seriously some dang good stuff in there. I can tell you every word felt inspired. That blog is what started this entire movement that we now humbly do our best to carry forward. Here are some of our very favorite posts, to get you started:


We curate an entire day to help you experience transformation, to help you step into an empowered role in your life and relationships with more self-worth and mad love skills. Ultimately, we want to help you heal of your suffering—and Love is the way.


Friends, I’ll be really straight up here: this retreat is as good as it gets. You’ll be nestled in a gorgeous hacienda style eco-lodge in the Andes (with lush views that are so good you’ll feel it in your chest). You’ll be taught non-stop by Danny & Mara regarding all things LOVE. And you’ll also experience one of Ecuador’s most extraordinary teachers of yoga, meditation, and healing at an emotional level. Not to mention: 7-days of detoxing foods to assist your body and soul in re-setting itself (and to help your skin to GLOW), hikes in the Andes, soaks in a Japanese hot tub, new found friendships that will feel bonded for life, and more, more, more. I could talk about this retreat all day, but even better: read what our guests have said about it. These testimonials say it all.


Get One-On-One Support:

Book a Mentorship with Danny & Mara

There’s nothing like getting all of our principles customized exactly for YOU and your very individual circumstances. One woman said, “It was like Super Soul Sunday, but exactly for me.” Coaching takes place via Skype or phone.


Join us for rich conversations and meaningful content on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels (and yes, fun stuff on Pinterest, too.)



Hand-crafted Products

Yes! We have curated and even designed some beautiful products for you. Our actual shop will open soon, but in the meantime, watch for some pop-up shops in our newsletter!


The Reason We Do What We Do…

I once was completely miserable, unempowered, and had no self-worth.

That was a combination that lead to poor choices, not using my voice, finding myself in plenty of less than ideal circumstances & relationships (including a marriage), and subsequently going to bed every night with a sting in my heart.

I had zero skills for how to face all the unwanted circumstances on my plate (a loveless marriage, years of infertility, no ability to feel comfortable or confident in my own skin). But living that way is not sustainable. I was so sick of the drama and pain in my life that I could barely take it.

I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be happy or to truly feel worthy as a woman—or to truly feel loved in a marriage. And one night I found myself leaving my apartment in Brooklyn to literally go to my car and SCREAM at 3 in the morning…

But, miracles do happen.

I am living proof. No, I never could have guessed that I would experience a miracle such as this. But, it happened. I found a way out of that deep pain and despair.

I used to think that complete and utter JOY and peace in my bones would only come if I had a baby or felt adored by my husband. But get this: I learned how to feel peace and happiness even though my actual circumstances did not improve. In fact, they got worse (my husband chose divorce and I’m now going on 13 years of infertility.) And yet, I learned to experience happiness in the midst of those experiences.

And it was real. It was so real I was getting stopped on the streets of New York and people were telling me I looked RADIANT and GLOWING – all the while there were divorce docs in my bag and unused fertility drugs in my fridge.

Fast Forward

I’m now married to Danny—the most loving man I’ve ever met in my life—and it turns out he had a transformation of his own (due to divorce and infidelity). And now, we’ve dedicated our lives to teaching others how to feel an abundant level of happiness, too. We kinda can’t stop teaching what we know, because we’ve just seen too many people have success with what we’ve taught them.

Why do we believe it’s possible to turn things around? Because we’ve done it and we’ve seen countless others do it. But change doesn’t just fall in our laps. It’s a choice we have to make sooner or later, when we’re ready; when we’ve had enough of the old way; when we stop suppressing that feeling that we need to do some healing; when we have enough hope or desire or desperation built up to try something different.

We know it’s not easy (at all) to actually take the steps to try and do things differently.

And that’s why we’ve all got to be in this together. Because everyone needs a support system of some kind. I had a mentor who helped me. And I hope I can be that for you. Know that we are in this with you. We want to do all we can to coach you and help you have a transformational experience of your own. Believe me when I say that you have a power within you. Perhaps it hasn’t been tapped yet fully. But it’s there. And we want to help you harness it.

So what helped me to become a new woman?

I got better and better at returning to Love—instead of waiting for my circumstances to change. That healed me. And I now believe it’s the only way to truly end our suffering. It’s the way to be free, to be at peace, to feel joy, to not be ashamed of ourselves. The alternative: The suffering and dysfunction will just continue and continue.

So when you are ready, we’ll be here to teach you about healing with love. Because we know firsthand how much suffering can be avoided (mountains of it)—with some new love skills in place. And we want to help you do that.

Our goal is to help you have a transformational experience of YOUR VERY OWN.

Everything we do is centered around supporting you and coaching you all the way to having your own shift, your own miracle, your own experiential transformation.

We’ve been there. We know pain. And so we bring deep compassion and love to the people we work with. In fact, we dish out that love pretty unabashedly. 🙂 Because we know that is the most powerful healing tool we all possess.

We believe in the human capacity to overcome.
We believe in change.
We believe true happiness is possible.
Choosing Love is the way.

Thank you with all our hearts for joining us in this movement of love. It’s the greatest honor of our lives to carry forward this work.

With All Our Love,

Mara & Danny

Mara & Danny are long-time New Yorkers who moved to Ecuador for 3 years where they continued to develop their love movement. Along the way they rescued 3 Ecuadorian pups and the whole family will soon be relocating to their home of Brooklyn, NY.