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Sometimes things come together, and sometimes they don’t. But somehow, we got lucky with A Shop About Love. Overall, things just seemed to fall into place.

I can imagine that part of this is due to my own energy around it. By some miracle, I have been calm about this particular project. Yes, we invested to make this all come together. But the outcome is not weighing on me heavily (as it has with other projects, oh my. stress case.). But with this one, I felt so much joy and purpose in putting it together and executing a vision that even if it failed as a business, I would have still wanted to do it. You could say my identity was more focused on aligning with love and less focused on the outcome. And that makes all the difference in the world. 

(Yes, same thing in marriage, infertility, and divorce. Oh my. Letting go of expectations literally changes everything – and also leads to more success.)

And the other thing that has made this project a pleasure? Every person along the way that helped it all to come to life:

  • Our Design Studio in Brooklyn, owned by two women, who did our branding/photography/website and totally saw our vision and made it even better (what more could you ask for?) Working with them has been a dream.
  • Our clothing model (a florist from Brooklyn) who brought such a feeling of light and love and a feminine spirit to our photographs.
  • Our copywriter in Utah, who is all about female empowerment and fit in so many lines that make me smile.
  • Our production manager in Ecuador who has been the kindest, most professional person to work with and also drove us to little towns all over the place.
  • Our shipping manager in Brooklyn who dove into logistics as we brought the final shipping plans together (including multiple trips to JFK customs! Dashing to printers! Oh my.)
  • And all the crafts women and men who worked with our designs, shared their expertise, and made our beautiful goods, by hand, just for the shop.

Most of all, I’m thankful for DANNY. He helped so much to carry out my vision and has been the manager extraordinaire of this effort – putting together spreadsheets, helping with the technical and logistical end of getting the products made, communicating with our artisans, and preparing shipments for the United States. All in Spanish. 

I feel pretty dang lucky to be able to do any of this – to do something creative, to see a project come to life, to bring a bit of extra beauty and meaning to people’s lives. It truly has been so rewarding and a healing balm for me. And I couldn’t have done it without all of these fine human beings.

And just in time for your holiday shopping, we are celebrating our launch with 20% off the ENTIRE shop now through Black Friday, 11/24. Use code: LOVESHOP.

Thank you so much for the support. And if you feel like sharing our shop with the favorite women in your life, that would be so lovely.

Lots of Love, Mara

P.S. Our Gratitude Baskets are above. Aren’t they delightful? I have some ideas for how to use them here. Though what would you add?



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