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For the last couple of years, we’ve worked here on the blog to raise some money for some causes with a #HolidayServiceProject. I’ve been SO touched every time one of you joined in with us.

First, we helped an orphanage in Ecuador. Second, refugees in Greece.

And this year, we’d love to raise money for refugees in Rohingya.

Have you heard about this? There is a genocide happening there, and the charity we have supported this year (Lifting Hands International) has gone there and reported it is the worst situation they have EVER encountered (and that is saying a LOT as they have already been entrenched in the Syrian refugee crisis for years and it’s hard to imagine anything worse than that in our lifetime.)

Since A Shop About Love came together while we were working to help refugees, we’d love the Shop to have that spirit always and be a platform for helping humans in great need.

So for today, Giving Tuesday, and every Tuesday between now and the end of the year, we will be highlighting items that will be used to raise money for this refugee crisis.

Today, buy our Forgiveness Rug, and 25% of the purchase price will be given to Lifting Hands International.

This rug has some special qualities:

  • The wool yarn used to make this is literally hand spun by women in Ecuador. Yes, hand spun. As in women on busses and walking down the street are carrying a little bag of wool in one hand and a spool in the other, and they are spinning away everywhere they go. It’s just extraordinary to see.
  • The rug is woven by hand on an antique wooden loom using a backstrap weaving technique.
  • The rug is extremely versatile. Black and white patterns are beautiful in every room!
  • It’s an heirloom-worthy piece.
  • This piece will make you part of a movement of love and world peace.

Might you need a new rug for your kitchen, bathroom, entry, or next to the bed? You can also bind two of them together for a rather affordable larger-sized rug.

We’re hoping to sell 9 of these by the week’s end.

And we hope you’ll think of the shop on Tuesdays and come see how you can join in to help refugees + get a gorgeous item while you’re at it.

Thanks for joining with us to do something for humans in great need this holiday.



P.S. One beautiful idea: buy a few rugs and line your staircase (see DIY stair runner instructions by Jenny Komenda here.)

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